Friday, October 05, 2007

What there is to sea at RW Norton Art Foundation Gallery, Shreveport: a century of paintings about ship and shore, through Oct 28

Rivers, Sea and Shore is an exhibition of 50 dramatic paintings exploring a century of American life on the water, from 1830 to 1945. It was organized from the collection of Arthur J. Phelan and sent to tour by the Trust for Museum Exhibitions.

Thereupon a viewer will find ships and seascapes, rivers and boats and seaside towns.

"After impressionism crossed the Atlantic, artist colonies were established on the Northeast Coast. Many notable artists working near Old Lyme, Connecticut, are represented in this exhibition. Many Connecticut artists painted seaside towns that had long been associated with whaling or commerce, reflecting nostalgia for a pre-industrial time," says the Trust.

Also, "By the 1930s, artistic subjects began to turn to industrialization. Concerns about joblessness created greater respect for industrial waterfronts, ferry boats, iron ships, bridges, and cars – all seen in this exhibition."

R.W. Norton Art Gallery - Shreveport (see links)
August 14 - October 28

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