Thursday, October 18, 2007

KSCL 91.3, alt music and interviews: Nadine Kaskas, Tyler Davis and John Schleuss on the radio and blog

John Schleuss, KSCL
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"Heading to NYC for the BIG CMJ music marathon, where names from the music industry meet to discuss the current and future happenings in music," says KSCL's John Schleuss. "I hope to use this space to post blogs from each day of the event. That way you guys can get an inside peek at what we'll be seeing from inside NYC."

Schleuss interviewed Conchita McElwee this week on her Dia de Los Muertos show coming up Nov 2 at Jackrabbit Lounge (see links). New staff member Nadine Kaskas is producing political interviews. Also, Tyler Davis is using some of his air time to play radio documentaries, such as one I heard on Sly Stone.

All in all, it's a humming reed in the wind. Never know what kind of music you'll get from the student dj's. But last week I found 2 of them airing the entire Radiohead album.

A fair amount of it lies upon their blog, which I reach via

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