Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blue bins: let city council members know you support Shreveport's single-stream recycling program

Writes Michael Corbin, "I encourage you, your class and those who read your blog to email EACH MEMBER of the Shreveport City Council supporting our current single-stream recycling program. We all recognize the importance of recycling and it is important at this time to let our City leaders know it is important to the citizens."

Monday, January 17, 2011

Birthplace of Boogie Woogie? Title has been taken by Marshall, Tx; hear NPR's online All Things Considered

"Marshall, Texas, The Birthplace of Boogie Woogie, will be featured on National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered" says Nancy Barr Canson. "The program will be broadcast on NPR stations across the nation, and locally on 89.9 FM, Red River Radio."

And here it is online.

Shreveport Blog's response to the news:
We congratulate the numerous people in Marshall - the Cansons and John Tennison have won public plaudits - who have developed this media signature for a charming East Texas town. It takes a lot of work to produce an institutionalized brand like The Birthplace of Boogie Woogie and to keep it rolling.

Shreveporters should take note of this success in Marshall and do our best to imitate it. At the least, Shreveport should emphasize links to the landmark events in Marshall. Since both towns are on I-20, there would be a natural connection for visitors who love Americana and music.

In the book A Left Hand Like God, A History of Boogie Woogie Piano, readers will see several references to Shreveport. The connections revolve around the lumber camps developed in this region in the 1890's. In the timber camps black piano-pounders would entertain the mostly-black work force with a bit of melody and a heavy rhythm. Leadbelly often said he developed his guitar technique by listening to boogie-woogie pianists on Fannin St.

One way for Shreveport to exploit the connection would be to develop a Boogie Woogie Piano Place. I envision a downtown storefront with an animated display offering a lively, musical 5-minute history session.
I believe the display could be automated, too.

Such a center would connect with 3 important Shreveport-Bossier tourism themes: African-American culture, America's Musical Roots and the - yet to developed - Timber Rush.

If you like the idea, send your thoughts and encouragements to trudeau11@gmail.com.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Cast of 60 on Riverview Theater stage with rocking musical Hairspray on Jan 14, 15, 7 pm, Jan 16, 2 pm

Alisha Munds, Dejah Holden, Christian Dantes and Thomas Keys are among the teens leading a romping, stomping cast of 60 in the Academy of Children's Theater production of the classic rock musical Hairspray.

In assembling the huge cast for Hairspray, ACT has partnered with the Theater of the Performing Arts' Yazzy group and the Mahogany Theater Ensemble. The result is a marvelously successful confluence of dancing, singing youngsters.

Three performances remain:
* Friday, January 14, 2011 @ 7:00 pm
* Saturday, January 15, 2011 @ 7:00 pm
* Sunday, January 16, 2011 @ 2:00 pm
Tickets are $15 and $25.

See video highlights from opening night here.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

United Way, Centenary College support Shreveport MLK Day Service projects at Creswell Elem, Stoner Hill Elem and Querbes Park from 7:30 am to noon

MLK Service Day, Shreveport
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Centenary College and United Way of Northwest Louisiana are sponsoring a service day on January 17th, 2011, says Loren Demerath.

In honor of the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, students at Centenary College and members of the Shreveport/Bossier community will get together to help improve two schools and promote health and fitness to students in Shreveport.

Click here to see more.

7:15 AM Volunteer Check-in at Kilpatrick Auditorium (Centenary Campus, 2911 Centenary Boulevard)
Check in conducted by Office of Community, United Way & Big Event Board. Volunteers given Service Day site assignment.
Volunteers fill out registration forms and receive T-shirts.

Breakfast is served
8:00 AM Opening and Welcome.

Mr Chris Lavan (Director of Intercultural Engagement & Community)
- Dr. David Rowe (Centenary College President)
Introduction of Mayor Glover
- Mayor Cedric Glover
- Dr. Bruce Willson (CEO of United Way)

8:30 AM Volunteers transported to assigned service sites
Three service sites:
1. Creswell Elementary
2. Stoner Hill Elementary
3. Querbes Park & Community Center
(Centenary Athletes & Mudbug players)

- 8:30 AM -11:30 AM Volunteers work at sites
1. Beautification
Planting/Yard work (supplies provided by schools)
Cleaning/Organizing of classrooms
2. LEAP kits
Decorating LEAP Survival Kits
Packing LEAP Survival Kits
- 11:45 AM Volunteers travel back to campus
- 12:00 PM Lunch and closing remarks (lunch provided by Cane's)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

William Joyce presents Gone with the Wind at the RFC on Sat, Jan 15, 12:30 pm

The Estimable Host
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"I'm probably one of the last generations that has grown up with this movie -one that has been culturally significant to me as a southerner," says William Joyce.

"I saw this in the theater when I was a kid, even though my parents told me that this movie was just filled with grown-ups, it was really long and would be boring. My reply to my parents was 'well, the poster looks cool and everybody talks about it.'"

Joyce adds, "When you go see this movie it is a completely dream logic, child friendly, crazily entertaining movie with the old style of film making that completely wraps you in its spell. There is some stuff in this movie that will make you cringe politically and even acting-wise. However, this movie seems to transcend all of its flaws and the changing times. So, if you want to see something that has made such a cultural impact with great and powerful characters, then Gone With The Wind is the movie to see."

The Robinson Film Center will hold a 12:30 pm introduction by William Joyce followed by the 1 pm screening of Gone With The Wind. There's a 5 pm reception for members,too.

More at Robinsonfilmcenter.org or call (318) 459-4122

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tracey Laird, author of Louisiana Hayride: Radio and Roots Music Along the Red, speaks at RW Norton on Sat, Jan 15, 2 pm

Still Within Earshot: Musical Moments in Shreveport History will be presented at RW Norton Art Foundation as part of the Saturday Speaker Series, says Jennifer DeFratis.

The speaker is former Shreveporter Tracy Laird. She is an ethnomusicologist who chairs the Music department and directs the First-Year Seminar program at Agnes Scott College. Her scholarship includes Louisiana Hayride: Radio and Roots Music Along the Red River (NY: OUP, 2004); Shreveport Sounds in Black & White (Jackson, MS: UPress Mississippi, 2008), co-edited with Kip Lornell; and a current book-in-progress on Austin City Limits (NY: OUP). She hosts the “Long Drive Home,” Tuesdays, 5:00-7:00 pm, on Atlanta radio station AM1690 (http://1690wmlb.com/).

Laird will explore significant moments in Shreveport's musical history, says DeFratis.

Saturday January 15 @ 2 p.m.
A booksigning will follow.

The latest exhumation of historic tunes associated with Shreveport: historian Chris Brown on KSCL Tues, Jan 11, 8 pm

"Shreveport Twist" is the title that music historian Chris Brown has given to his most recent collection of historic songs associated with the Port City.

From ragtime to rock, Brown has made copies of over a score of songs that evidence a local connection. Brown, a veteran dj as well as professional archivist, will air the songs and explain their connection and significance on his Tues night (8 pm to 9 pm) show on KSCL.

Listeners can tune in at 91.3 fm or stream the broadcast from their computers. Find the streaming button at KSCL.fm.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Postponed a week: Celebrate 12th Night with Blanc et Noir Marching Society on Sun, Jan 16, 1 pm, at Brother's Seafood, Monkhouse

It's what we do in Louisiana. Especially those with who care about keeping New Orleans culture alive. Begin the season of Carnival with some kind of Twelfth Night conge.'

The Blanc et Noir Marching Society will fait its annual Twelfth Night Brunch at Brother's Seafood on Monkhouse on Sun, Jan 16, 1 pm.

Brother's (318) 675-2703

Pay independently ($9 - &16).

Please send me your reservation asap at trudeau@earthlink.net.

Photo above was from a few years ago, when the Chapman's were in the Red River District. Had some garlic and oniony times there.

Hairspray at Riverview Theater, Shreveport: 60 singing, dancing teens with orchestra shake the stage over 2 hours

Friday, January 07, 2011

Steam engine route might run from Dallas to Baton Rouge and pass through Shreveport

Train bridge, Shreveport
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"Here is a way we can help bring the Historic trip of a Steam Engine Train back through Shreveport, and it costs us nothing but the time to vote and get others to vote," writes Marcus. "We will also be spotlighted in national news if our route wins ( the Dallas to Shreveport to Baton Rouge). Unfortunately we are behind by 3k votes and voting will end soon. We may not all be interested in steam engines but this would be a very good cultural city wide event if we can pull out a win. You can read more about it in the Thurs Shreveport Times. Please vote, confirm your email address, and pass it on."

Union Pacific wants reader input to route their steam excursion. This is a chance to help the UP Steam Team decide where these steam giants will travel.

Vote for the route called Baton Rouge Rambler.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Review: The movie Howl brings the young Ginsberg to life at the RFC; mostly recommended

Howl at the RFC, Shreveport
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The movie Howl may may work best for English teachers. It has arrived to remind us why we went into the business of teaching literature.

Howl is a brief (86 mins), straightforward (all the dialogue is from the people being played) chronicle about how a long, Whitman-like poem became a shot heard round the world: the authorities in San Francisco tried to ban it on grounds of obscenity.

That said, the poem Howl is also a rolling and tumbling masterwork.

James Franco seems perfect as the 1955 Ginsberg. But the 2010 Howl is buggered by lengthy animated sequences. They are entirely literal-minded explanations of the reading; they spiral about in a contemporary CGI style. This miscalculation almost screws the movie.

But the paean to the life of outsiders and to the poetic spirit rises above this painful imposition. To artists and liberals, Howl is a beloved work. To the young, the spoken imagery of Howl will be a worthy discovery.

And I vow that that the poem, which begins "I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked, dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix," stands the test of time.

It shows through Jan 6, says RFC.org.

Precision pianistics: Jannie Sing-Yen Lo, Ko-Eun Lee, Soyeon Park perform with the Shreveport Symphony on Sat, Jan 8, 7:30 pm, First Baptist

Jannie Sing-Yen Lo
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Go for the Gold is the title of the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra's piano concert featuring three of the world's most-accomplished young performers. It is part of the Wideman Piano Competition, Shreveport's world-class musical event.

Three of the world’s most exciting young pianists, says Leah Escude, test their mettle as they compete for Gold in the finals of the prestigious Nena Plant Wideman Piano Competition.

They are
* Ko-Eun Lee (The Juilliard School)
* Jannie Sing-Yen Lo (San Francisco Conservatory)
* Soyeon Park (Manhattan School of Music)

Hear the stars of tomorrow with the backing of the full Shreveport Symphony Orchestra, says Escude. As a member of the audience, you’ll be able to vote for your own favorite. Exciting camera work will bring you into the action as up-close images of the musicians are projected on the walls of First Baptist.

It is Sat, Jan 8, at 7:30 PM at
First Baptist Church of Shreveport

Tickets and additional SSO events at Shreveportsymphony.com
Info at Widemanpiano.com

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Evoking Allen Ginsberg's epic and epochal poem, "Howl": the eponymous movie at RFC this week

HOWL and other poems
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Adrienne Critcher writes, "There are going to be two highly-anticipated gay-themed movies showing at the Robinson Film Center soon. PACE is in fact sponsoring the RFC during the run of "I Love You Phillip Morris". I want to encourage everyone to see both these movies at the RFC to show them how much we appreciate their support of our community."

"The RFC," she continues, "has faced criticism and funding challenges from both the City of Shreveport and the City of Bossier City for simply hosting PACE's Gay & Lesbian Film Festival for the past two years, yet they have been steadfast in their support of our film festival and outside the film festival, in consistently bringing excellent gay-themed movies and movies with strong gay characters to the RFC (e.g., "Milk", "A Single Man", "Valentino: The Last Emperor", "I Am Love").

You can find out the times when "Howl" and "I Love You Phillip Morris" (and others) will be showing by visiting the RFC's web site.

and you can read the New York Times' reviews of both movies."