Tuesday, May 31, 2005

SptBlog eye-on-Shreveport stickers have arrived: reads "shreveport.blogspot.com" and they're free

New from ShreveportBlog: a 2.5 inch circular eye sticker.

Local? Pick them up at Artspace or Lil Joes Tavern.

Out-o-town? Please send me a self-addressed, stamped envelope with the number of stickers you'd like. That's Trudeau, 912 Monrovia St, Shreveport, LA, 71106.

For you, they're free.

Black pool bag not included.

Paul Davids' " Moon Over Bay" at East Bank Gallery through June 30

Paintings by playwright Paul Davids, Los Angeles, are on exhibit at East Bank Gallery, Bossier Arts Council, through June 30.

Davids' play on Vincent van Gogh, Starry Night, was given its premier by director Richard Folmer on April 28, 2005, at East Bank Theater. See a retrospective on Starry Night at ShreveportTwo.

Theatre Eclectic, Bossier Arts Council, presents Ma Rainey, Albert Einstein, CS Lewis and a 19th century physician Fri, June 3, and Sat, June 4, at 8

Theater Eclectic offers a dramatic visit with these historic characters Friday, June 3, and Saturday, June 4, at 8 pm: a nineteenth century physician, played by Eugene Crook, blues singer Ma Rainey, portrayed by Thelma Harrison, Albert Einstein, actor Robin Jenkins, and author CS Lewis, brought to life by director Richard Folmer.

Narnia and the CS Lewis classic The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, are being brought to the screen, as they say, by Disney this year. Thus fresh readings of Lewis' enchanting prose should commence. And a visit with the author would be in order, would it not?

Call the Bossier Arts Council at 741-8310 for tickets.

In April the East Bank Theater presented Starry Night, the debut of a play by Los Angeles screenwriter Paul Davids. Directed by Richard Folmer and starring Jamie Sanders, the play was about the life of Vincent van Gogh. See a retrospective on Starry Night at Shreveport Two.

Monday, May 30, 2005

MarsVegas unplugged: Artspace, Sat, June 11

Not like, Totally unplugged. The rock trio Mars Vegas will play coolspace, the Artspace basement, in an all-ages show Saturday, June 11. They are part of a 3-ring circus called Cirque du Trudeau.

Ron Hardy's music and dancing kids from Hope St. will open the evening. Following a video visit to the Hope St. site of Playaz and Playettes Inc, the dancers and singers will perform.

Following a 5-song performance by MarsVegas there will be another group of dancers.

Rebecca Nesbitt and Kathy Johnson, adept at Middle Eastern dance, use the name Port Belly Project. There will be a video of Nesbitt and Johnson followed by a performance featuring an array of costumes and colorful variations on the theme of belly dance.

Tuesday, May 31, there will be a video shoot of MarsVegas at Lil Joes Tavern. For about one hour they will perform for the sake of a camera and a small group of fans. If you would like to watch, meet us at Lil Joes at 7 pm.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Louisiana blue-eyed soul: the Boogie Kings at Mudbug Madness, Sunday, 8 to 11 pm

Sunday at Mudbug Madness you can see a phenomenon that the Rolling Stones would adore: a love feast for a group of entertainers who have been blowing hard for 4 decades. If it's Louisiana, that gang of performers would be the Boogie Kings.

The Boogie Kings are an underground sensation, even if their music is simply blue-eyed soul. They never charted a hit. But they've packed large clubs across Louisiana and Texas for decades, and their albums, released on regional labels, are still in print.

"Hold on, I'm coming," and "Harlem Shuffle" are the anthems for blue-eyed soul fans. And filling the dance floor is their business.

If Diane Arbus were alive she'd grab her Leica and head to the big tent at Mudbug Madness tonight to see the Boogie Kings and their legion. Their fans' fluent dancing and adoration of the band is authentic and unselfconscious. It is a Dionysian ritual of Deep South baby boomers.

Something about the power of their massed saxophones and trumpets grabs listeners and, suddenly, arms are in the air and the pelvis is sliding and pumping in marvelous ways. It is a time-tested phenom and, frankly, better than Pilates.

Long live the Boogie Kings.

Also, hard-working storyteller/actress/writer Joanna Ballard writes: "You can catch me spinning a yarn or two Sunday, May 29th, 11:45pm - 12:15pm and again at 3:30pm-4:15pm at the children's stage at the festival! Come on down and enjoy the fun-ness and the awesome delectable crawfish!!!!"

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Mudbug Madness headliners, Sat eve: Zydeco Force and Terrence Simien

European countries, according to Zydeco Force, are places where "zydeco is still a fascination for many people. They may not understand the language, but the music is what fascinates their curiosity and keeps them asking for more." Lol. That sounds like Shreveport.

A couple of years ago Zydeco Force played the Krewe of Highland Ball. The band was like an armored tank of rhythmic power, all guns blazing. We jerked and bumped spasmodically about the dance floor, helpless victims of their percussive attack. We danced until our turbans were unwound and we sopped our sweaty faces with the fabric.

But they couldn't understand the audience in basic conversation. And the audience literally could not understand a word the band uttered. It's a Louisiana thing. People from deep in the bayou, Creole people, they got patois, a beautiful French-Spanish-African inflected speech that is often unintelligible to outsiders. And North Louisianians are among the outsiders.

Tonight you can listen to, dance to, Zydeco Force at Mudbug Madness from 6 to 8:30 pm. What I also recommend is chatting with them before or after the show. Creole patois and the accent that accompanies it make a beautiful sounding, colorful way of speaking. And these guys are charming.

Zydeco Force is led by Robby "Mann" Robinson, bass player, vocalist, and keyboard player, along with Jeffery Broussard, the accordionist, vocalist, and bass player. On drums is Jonathan "Papoose" August. Faran Broussard is guitarist and vocalist and Herbert "Broom Stick" Broussard is on scrub-board and vocals.

Two food recommendations from our visit to the fest last night: Fried eggplant topped with crawfish, as raved about by correspondent Paula O'Neal, and the Crawfish etouffee.

Terrance Simien and Zydeco Experience are also an amazing group of entertainers. Terrance sings both your standard, punchy zydeco style as well as a beautiful falsetto that is strongly reminscent of Aaron Neville. if you can stay late, you will be enormously happy to ogle this zydeco star.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

On the Bayou State art of consuming the entire peppery, salty, boiled red crawfish

Killy Chavez, a friend living in Houston, asked, "Do you suck the heads, Mr. Trudeau?"

"Simply trying to *suck the head* gets you nowhere, amigo," I answered. "You might get a dribble of the peppery, salty water in which he was boiled. To get the mudbug's pancreas and liver - a golden lump of goodness referred to as the *crawfish fat* - you need to dig into the thorax with your finger."

Having learned to eat crawdads from the Toups family of Napoeonville, I replied, "And that's what I do every time. Do you?"

"The mere thought of it sends a shudder down my spine," responded the black-bearded Texan. "Put their meaty little bodies in a sauce poured over a swordfish steak, however ... yum!"

See more on the use of crawfish fat, "the little yellow glob that's worth its weight in gold," at gumbopages.com.

Rockin' Cajun and Zydeco: get your groove on with Mudbug Madness, Festival Plaza

The Friday, May 27, Mudbug Madness schedule, big stage, brings us lunch with the Lightnin' Bugs (11am-2pm). They are an entirely enjoyable jazzy-raggae band, mellow as ice cream.

Happy hour (4:30 - 6:30) brings us a Florida group called Zydeco Zoo. The band's leader describes their music as "high energy, rockin'ly-rhythmic Zydeco in the vein of Beau Jocque, Clifton Chenier, C.J. Chenier, Rockin' Dopsie and Buckwheat Zydeco." He's talking the right talk, eh?

At the early part of the crawfish hour, 6:30 pm - 7 pm, there's a Cajun Dance Demo. Sounds like a good way to get the guys, ladies, into the groove and on the dance floor.

The Bluerunners are rockin' Cajun eclectic wild men. A zydeco 'zine review of a recent album says "Lafayette's Blue Runners may be one of the uniquest Cajun ensembles ever. Instead of solely being traditionalists or modernists mixing popular
rock influences the Blue Runners are a one-of-a-kind combination of traditionalism and the twangy fuzzy sounds of today's alt-country. Though a handful of songs are English sung they still maintain a Cajun identity especially given Adrian Huval's adaptive accordion playing."

From 9:30 pm to midnight let the crazy zydeco beat take hold of your system. Chubby Carrier & the Bayou Swamp Band may stun you with rhythmic power.

"Chubby was born in Lafayette, raised in Church Point, and is a third generation zydeco artist. As a child, he learned the music by listening to his father Roy Carrier and his grandfather Warren Carrier. He also learned tips from his cousins' BeBe and Calvin Carriere. His family and the King of Zydeco, Clifton Chenier, inspired Chubby," says his Swampadelic Records site.

Allons danser: Mudbug Madness features zydeco and cajun rock all weekend at Festival Plaza

Papa Mali, former Shreveporter and co-founder of the Killer Bees, opens the entertainment at Mudbug Madness Thursday, May 26, from 5 to 7 pm.

From 8 to 11 pm the squeezebox-playin, big-voiced Wayne Toups will roam the stage. His band, Zydecajun, pumps out Cajun arena rock.

Let's talk about seeing a whole lot of dance-minded people in one place at one time. Sweating goes with the territory, cher. Allons danser!

One mo' t'ing: for those of you who want to learn more about How We Dance the festival schedule says "Cajun Dance Demo, 6:30 to 7 pm, Friday, May 27."

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Education and fountains and America and Shreveport

"A metro’s income grows 1 percentage point for every 2-percentage point growth in adults with a bachelor’s degree." From a speech by Bruce Katz, director of the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program, quoted by architect Kim Mitchell in his Shreveport-relevant urban studies blog.

Mitchell is a thoughtful, inquisitive architect who brings important voices into the discussion about what Shreveport should do next. He is part of the group that designed the stylized roses and poppy fountains of Shreveport's Riverside Park.

While SaveShreveport.com is in no discernable way connected to anyone above, it comes to mind. If you care about the state of local sanity and how politicos impact our lives, you'll want to visit this blog and explore local issues. Once upon a time this kind of material was barbershop gossip. Or lunch-at-the-club material. Today blogs like SaveShreveport.com offer us the opportunity to pool our background vis-a-vis the powermongers.

West Virginia, Chicago, Detroit: short films by Brown & Comerford at Tipitina's Foundation, Th, May 26, 8 pm

Originally uploaded by trudeau.
"Films about the space of history and the history of spaces," is how peripatetic filmmakers Bill Brown and Thomas Comerford describe their 16 mm work. "These films explore how historical text becomes physical texture, and how filmmaking itself is memory recovered from landscape's amnesia."

Brown and Comerford will screen their recent work at Tipitina's Foundation, 710 Texas, Th, May 26, says David Nelson via his art production entity, minicne?. The time is 8 pm (total running time of 3 movies about 1 hour, says Nelson) and the tariff $5. Tip's is 934-0000.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

2 Hours, 2 models: Life Drawing Session at Artspace Th, May 26, 7 to 9 pm

The human form on canvas is an eternal supper. Own a nude and never go hungry, is what they say on the Rive Gauche. And where does the creation of this feast begin? With a model and an artist and a few brushes and, one imagines, some paint. Or it may begin with large slices of bread-like paper and a few coals retrieved from the eternal fire.

At any rate, the artists of this burg may go back to the roots of the business of art this week. Artspace offers a Life Drawing Session Thursday, from 7 to 9 pm.

"It's $7 for the 2 hour/2 model session," says Noma Fowler-Sandlin. "If you have questions, you can call me at 349-1568 or 673-6535. Bring your own supplies and turn off your cell phones." Then, the wry Noma adds, "Draw draw draw."

The nude above is by young artist Bethia Bundrick. See more of her work at NadersGallery.com. The instructor for Thursday's session is Kathy Brodnax, of the Meadows Museum staff. Brodnax is also a teacher of drawing at Centenary College.

Monday, May 23, 2005

The art of Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead, coming to Artspace in October

Coming to Artspace in October: a major exploration of the Mexican celebration called Dia de los Muertos. Planning of the exhibit is being led by Pam Atchison, director of Shreveport regional Arts Council, and Artspace artistic director Bill Joyce.

Above is "Dia Madre," a piece of Day of the Dead art by Shreveport-based artist Conchita Iglesias.

Cello concert Sunday, May 29, 3 pm, Hurley, features performance by Paul Christopher and Ruth Drummond

Cellists Paul Christopher and Ruth Drummond will perform five cello duos by Jacques Offenbach from their current record and soon-to-be released recordings on Sunday, May 29 at 3:00 PM at the Hurley School of Music on the Centenary College campus. "An entertaining and informative lecture by Mr. Christopher will accompany the program," says Helen H. Wood, their producer.

Says Drummond, "There is an Offenbach society in Germany who has reviewed our CD and has asked permission to publish Paul's lecture in their journal. Pretty neat. Helen Wood has received the review but it is in German, of course."

Editor's note:
Their first album is delightful. Offenbach's melodies are easy to enjoy and the performance is excellent.
Bought my copy of their CD at Tower Books, my favorite book store in the city.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Picnic Pops performance ends the SSO season and draws audience of some 2000

"Did you see the spread the Times gave us in the Preview section?"

Jennifer Akers, Shreveport Symphony Orchestra development director and member of the small SSO production team, gave much of the credit for the large audience Saturday night at the Picnic Pops performance to the Times' coverage.

"We pulled out all the extra tables and all of the extra chairs as the crowd continued to grow," said Janice Nelson, SSO general manager. "We've estimated the crowd at about 2000," said executive director Marty Albritton.

Tables were groaning with food and drinks. Ice chests were almost as numerous as the audience. Many tables were festooned with festive toonery.
"We've got to do much better table decorations next year," said Lisa Smith Kuzmanov. As she and Helen Taylor left the Expo hall in the late group they vowed that their table next year would go only in one direction: "Over the top!"

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Science in Art competition on display at SciPort Sat, May 21, from 10 to noon

The Sforza Award for clever thinking this week goes to SciPort for inaugurating the Science In Art Competition. The event takes place from 10 to noon, Saturday, May 21, at SciPort's river front emporium.

Criteria include
* any art media
* no larger than 24 X 30
* must represent a concept in math or science
* artist must be ready to discuss the concept seen in the art.

In the illustration above Nick the Potter, guest artist, teaches pottery students at Caddo Magnet High School how he gives his raku pottery an alcohol bath in order to get an unusual glaze. "Now that's a great example of science in art," said CMHS art teacher Holli Hennessy.

Bring your own to SSO's Picnic Pops production Saturday evening, May 21, at 7 pm, Expo Hall

Eight year-olds from Montessori of Shreveport were on the front row - attentively making airplanes from their programs - at the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra Picnic Pops 04.

Kermit Poling, Music Director of the SSO, will conduct the '05 performance. The Youth Symphony will take the stage first and perform Hoe Down, from Rodeo by Copland as well as Broadway tunes arranged by Chase. The SSO will take the stage next and perform favorites including Raiders March from Raiders of the Lost Ark, Pink Panther Theme, Highlights from Annie and selected music from the movie Star Wars. Finally, the two orchestras will merge and perform a Salute to That's Entertainment, Sousa's rousing Washington Post March, Tchaikovsky's famous 1812 Overture as well as a special Armed Forces Salute.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Kids Movie Marathon at Artspace all day Saturday, May 21

Absorption and stimulation are waiting you and the kids at Artspace, 710 Texas. While there are several art stations that can be used anytime, on the weekend there are hands-on guides and additional art construction sites upstairs.

A Kid's Movie Marathon is happening all day Saturday, as well. More info: 673-6535.

The Vidrines somehow find their way back to Lil Joes Tavern, Sat, May 21

"One first timer at a show told us it was like Ween, Tom Waits, and Bright Eyes were all having s*x with each other on the stage." So it reads on the band's myspace.com poop page. Listen to their smytopian tunes and you will know whether you are among the chosen - to witness such miscegnation.

That would be, according to correspondent Brett Roman, Saturday night at LilJoes.net. Info, 868-6628.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

CD release parties: Systolic's new melodic crunch at 516 Soundstage, Fr, and Sully's Tavern, Sat

Jimmy Wooten, leader of Systolic, is a red-headed musician of major capabilities. Put a Strat in his hands and you will hear all the tough stuff you can imagine. Put him behind a drum kit and you will not be able to sit down - he has been playing drums since age 4 and he's rock solid. And he sings well, too.

His parents, James and Tammy, raised him on rock 'n roll. They've had a group called the Gator-Dilla Band for many a swamp moon.

Systolic features some of the hot young guns of the area: Jonathan Machen, Cody Lowery and Ryan Dougherty. They write and play songs that remind me of King's X. "We've been told we sound like Nickelback, too," said Wooten.

Wooten is more than a multi-talented rocker. He's a gentleman and a hard-working, do-it-all guy. I've known him for 6 years and watched him grow. More info at their myspace.com/systolic site.

Catch them
Fr, May at 516 Soundstage
Sat, May 21, Sully's Tavern
Fr, June 3, Red River Entertainment District (RRED)
Sat, July 4, RRED

Project Talent, LSUS gallery: paintings & pottery by top Caddo students

Project Talent students showing at LSUS gallery decided to create an illustrated food pyramid, said teacher Shirlene Alexander. Each artist painted a small triangular canvas. Fitted together one gets the giant form which guides our nutritional lives. Anna Hauser, Caddo Magnet High student and Shreveport Symphony Orchestra volunteer, painted this rather enticing red beauty.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Prima Tazza: reception Fr, May 20, 6 to 8 pm, for paintings by Ray Holt

Fresh paintings from the humid humanitorium that is the Crescent City. Ray Holt is like a lot of us; can't give up on New Orleans.

See his paintings at Prima Tazza Coffee, more or less behind Outback Steakhouse, and plan to attend the reception Friday, May 20 from 6-8 PM.

Curator Michael G Moore says "Come say hi to Ray, and enjoy the art on display. Please see his page on NorthwestLaArtGallery.com. It includes his Q&A with Jennifer Flowers of the Shreveport Times."

Louisiana Dance Theater to present dinner theater performance Tues, May 31, at S'port Country Club

Carol Anglin and the Louisiana Dance Foundation will present the Stars of Tomorrow Dinner Theatre Performance Tuesday, May 31st, at the Shreveport Country Club. The annual performance will feature Louisiana Dance Theatre performing highlights from its 2004-05 season..
The evening will include:
6:00 pm cocktail party & silent auction
7:00 pm dinner
7:30 - 8:30 pm performance by Louisiana Dance Theatre.

Individual tickets are $25; patron tables for 8 people are available for $500.00. All tickets can be purchased in advance at Carol Anglin Dancenter at Pierremont Mall (318) 861-3006.

Editor's note: the LDT performance at the Strand was phenomenal. This is an unusually talented and well-trained group of dancers.

Musical oasis in Highland: performances every night at Columbia Cafe

Columbia Cafe diners enjoyed musical dessert Tuesday as Tim Marshall, singer-songwriter with a CD to be released soon, performed in the early part of the evening. When pianist Hassell Teekell had eaten supper, a jam ensued. In the photo Marshall adds his protean voice to Teekell's jazzy piano. In fact, Marshall asked Teekell to play on his next recording session.

Columbia proprietor Matthew Linn said of the musicians and their exuberant jamming, "It's like that here every night."

Monday, May 16, 2005

SSO Picnic Pops Concert at Expo Hall, Saturday, May 21, 7 pm; bring your own comestibles and your choice of libations

Time to tuck the chips, sandwiches and spirits into a basket, and pack the kids in a sturdy hamper. It's the Saturday of the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra's Picnic Pops concert.

Held at Expo Hall, 7 pm, Sat, May 21, the SSO show resembles a sparkling fermented beverage. There are checked table cloths, concessions and a stage full of the best musicians in the state. And the SSO is joined by the ArkLaTex Youth Symphony, to great effect.

See the program and more at the SSO's festive site.
Your tickets, by the way, were paid for the Community Foundation of Shreveport-Bossier.

Outlaw Nation's Christian Simeon performs solo at Philabuster's, Louisiana Boardwalk

Christian Simeon is one third of Outlaw Nation, a country-rock act driving up a career across the region. Between dates with Outlaw Nation, fans can find Christian doing solo appearances, says Bruce Cambron of Stickman Management.

5-16-05 - Philabusters, S'port (Christian solo).
5-17-05 - Smoltz Beer garden, Austin. With The Gourds (Christian solo)
5-19-05 - La Bdwalk, Bossier.
5-20-05 - Sticky Fingerz, Little Rock, w/ Cowboy Mouth
5-21-05 - Hotfest/Living Room - Texarkana, w/ The Sweet Baby Arms.

Pottery & painting: Art Camp 2005 at Caddo Magnet High School, June 20 - 24, 9 am to 3 pm

Caddo Magnet High School art teachers Shirlene Alexander and Holli Hennessy will teach marvelous lessons from 9 to 3 the week of June 20 - 24. They call it Art Camp 2005; they will take students from 1st through 8th grades.

The cost is $200, says Alexander. The fee includes all supplies, but kids will have to pack their own lunch.

"Each student will complete a clay pasta bowl, tile painting, mosaic, Majolica platter, Venetian glass slump bowl, still life painting, drawing in colored pastel & oil pastel, and a project in printmaking and batik," says Hennessy.

Registration: call Holli at 869-1417 or Shirlene at 938-7283. Watching their programs unfold at a close distance I must say this represents a splendid opportunity.

Times recognizes blog community as alternative news source

Now that Times reporter Jennifer Flowers has written about Shreveport-based bloggers, I would like to address the question Why I'm a Blogger and offer readers more personal background ...

* Independent journalist since the 1980's. I wrote regularly for UpState Weekly - music columnist, features - and related publications, such as S'port Business. Wrote a weekly entertainment column for the S'port Journal. Landed articles in downbeat and Southern Living. Enjoyed stints at KTBS TV and KDAQ radio as arts reporter.
* Was a principal writer for Forum News when it was established by Jay Covington & Dennis Harckom.
* Self published How To Mardi Gras. Have sold some 5000 copies through low-key distribution.
* When Times editor Ronnie Ramos killed arts criticism 2 years ago I got angry as well as concerned.
* Realized that Michael G Moore had an outlet for writing in his NorthwestLaArtgallery.com. Moore and I established the Critical Thinking section.
* Rebecca Hudsmith and Noma Fowler-Sandlin joined me in writing about art & culture in the Critical Thinking section.
* Realized that Blogger.com and Flickr.com had made publishing oneself an easy and affordable gig.
* Ideas about what to do with the blog have evolved. I see a niche in people's lives for an online arts & entertainment chronicle. I know that the active community needs to see photos of themselves at events.
* As a Caddo teacher and parent have decided to make my sites family oriented (though links I offer may lead to sites with adult language). Would rather build circulation via the use of elevated vocabulary and post-Monty Python silliness rather than common expletives and French photos.
* Would like to be considered a credible and valuable resource. Would like the blogs to be profitable.
* Want to see arts organizations and other artists establish their own blogs as an alternative to cumbersome traditional web sites.
* Am interested in your evaluation of my work. Am delighted when you send me press releases, photos, descriptions and commentary.
* SptBlog is really more of a 'zine than a blog, isn't it?

Saturday, May 14, 2005

350 attend coolspace opening; 40 pieces of new art downstairs at Artspace

Some 350 people crowded Artspace for the opening of the basement, says SRAC's Pam Atchison. It is a cleanly re-done basement/gallery that has the moniker *coolspace.* In fact, it is a center for local artists' paintings and performances, says coolspace manager Noma Fowler-Sandlin.

Among the gang enjoying the art was hard-working Times writer Jennifer Flowers and new Times staffer James Ramage.

Project Talent, LSUS gallery: self-portrait by award-winning artist Molly Brau

The work produced by Caddo students in Project Talent, taught by Shirlene Alexander and Marabella Dunn, is on display at LSUS gallery. Here is a self-portrait by award-winning (Sweepstakes at ArtBreak, etc) painter Molly Brau, a graduating Caddo Magnet High student. See more of Molly on ShreveportTwo.

Museum, a play by Tina Howe, Fr, May 20, Sat, May 21, at Artspace / photoMichaelGMoore

Artspace in the West Edge will present Museum, a one-act play by Tina Howe, on May 20 and 21.

Directed by John F. Daniel, the script exploits the comic characters that frequent a museum. It will be staged with actors wandering about the audience in the Mainspace of Artspace.

Actors taking on the multiple roles in Museum are: Mike Knutson, Kenny Loggins, Amber Landrum, Porter Gandy, Dawn Landrum, Barbara Hill, Paula Brown, Tonya Free, Monica Dollar, Jody McInnis, Betty Baker, Rachel Munro, Dale Phillips, John F. Daniel, Josh Gutierrez and Leland Strebeck.

Alicia Smith is Assistant Director. Special art is being designed and constructed by Donna Strebeck, John F. Daniel and Alicia Smith.

Reservations are not necessary due to the nature of the play, says Artspace. For more details, call 673-6535. The show is free to the public. But $5 for friends of the cast.

RW Norton Art Foundation Gallery: The Art of the Stamp

The Art of the Stamp is the new exhibit at RW Norton Art Foundation Gallery. To be viewed are 100 illustrations by America's top graphic artists.

From the Smithsonian's site: "For this controversial first stamp in the Legends of Hollywood series, eight artists were commissioned to produce color concept sketches. To create the final oil painting, Michael J. Deas used a studio photo from the early 1950s, although he made some modifications: Monroe's hand and shoulder are composites based on other photographs."

Project Talent show at LSUS Gallery: self-portrait Whitney Newsom

Canvasses by highly-capable high schoolers went on display at the LSUS Gallery this week. Students in Caddo schools' Project Talent have witty, competent paintings to show after completing a year's instruction.

The Project talent artists are taught by Shirlene Alexander and Marabella Dunn. The display continues through May 24.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Shreveport Opera Sat, May 14, 7:30 pm, Civic Theater

Is there a better deal on the market than Shreveport Opera? Uptown singing, the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra, glowing sets, pretty women and dashing dudes?

In a word, "No."

"Well, let's go!"

"Mm. What do I wear?!"

Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Times says Check it out: new musical blood flowing at Lil Joes and Sharpies

Two of the boites most frequently fingered by this blog were profiled today in an enthusiastic feature by Times writer Alex Kent. Hats off to Benedict Chatelain at Lil Joes and to Robbie Buhl at Sharpies for their spirit of musical adventure.

Also recognized for in-kind contributions to Lil Joes were Dangerous P, aka Rob Peterson, and David Swampland.org Nelson. Cheers to all.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Aprils Love Affair CD release beuverie Fr, May 13, 516 Soundstage

Aprils Love Affair (ALA) is releasing a new CD.
Celebrate new product with this high-tension quintet at 516 Soundstage Friday, May 13.

Mosh 'til you reach emancipation from ignorance and the extinction of all attachment.

Also sharing the stage:
tyler read
Down in the Park
after the tragedy

Doors, 6 pm. Show, 7 pm. Admission, $7.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Columbia Cafe pianist Wed & Sun: Lisa Daye

Songs from the 30's and 40's, classical music and originals are what you will hear when Lisa Daye plays piano. She performs at Columbia Cafe Wed evenings and Sun at lunch.

Lisa spent nine years studying voice and piano through the Royal Conservatory of Canada. She places a high emphasis on what she calls "the expressive touch." She teaches piano for the Talented Arts Program (TAP) in Caddo schools and also teaches privately.

Artspace/Coolspace party Th, May 12, at 7 pm; Dirtfoot Fr at 8, Quiz Night Sat at 7 pm

Events are ratcheting at Artspace, the Shreveport Regional Arts Council's art center at 710 Texas Street.

Thurs, May 12, at 7 pm: a reception for artists in the Opening Group Show of coolspace, the room for regional artists.

Fri, May 13: art-rockers Dirtfoot; 8:00 to 11 pm; $5.

Sat, May 14: Quiz Night, with questons robotically-themed. Adam Giblin of KDAQ Public Radio will host the event. Reservations are required for teams of 4 to 8 and may be made by calling 673-6535.

Quiz Night is $15.00 per and includes snacks, drinks, a light meal at intermission and prizes. Questions will test teams' knowledge of robots, science fiction, inventors and culture.

Info on these events or The Art of Robots: 673-6535.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Dirtfoot plays all-ages show at Artspace, 710 Texas St, Friday, May 13, at 8 pm

Dirtfoot will play the ArtSpace basement, called Coolspace, Friday, May 13. Admission is $5.

Dirtfoot, whose unusual sounds are based in banjos and horns and pot-and-pan lids, will take the stage at 8:00 p.m. and play until 11 p.m. Dirtfoot engages their audiences to play along on percussion instruments they sometimes provide. All their etudes are original compositions. Members of the group are Matt Hazelton, singer and guitarist, Jay Bratlie on banjo, Eric Gardner on bass, Scott Gerardy on saxophone, Trey Jacobs on percussion, Lane Bayliss on drums, and Kathleen Carpenter on trumpet.

"Dirtfoot was invited to play Coolspace based on a jurying process similar to the one in place for the selection of visual art exhibited there. All acts submitting a proposal to play in Coolspace are judged by a panel composed of artist-peers from the SRAC Artist Roster," says Noma Fowler-Sandlin.

For more information on the Dirtfoot Concert or submitting a proposal to play or show at Coolspace or Artspace, please contact Noma, Coolspace Manager, at Artspace, 673-6535.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Eric Taylor at Fairfield Studios, Th, May 12

Folk singer Eric Taylor - Austin City Limits, etc - performs at Fairfield Studios, Shreveport, Th, May 12. Taylor plays a dobro-type guitar made by Pete Granata.

Austin City Limits Music Festival, Mudbug Madness Fest: Papa Mali and the Instagators

Papa Mali, co-founder of the Killer Bees and a former Shreveporter, is pictured on the stage at the 2004 Austin City Limits Music Fest. The ACLMF will take place in Zilker Park Sept. 23 - 25, 2005. The lineup is a music fan's dream, pointed out ramblin' Ken Berg, who added, "Got my tickets today. Hell yeah!"

Mali would be better known here as Mal Welbourne. He has been based in Austin since the Killer Bees and the late Michael Johnson moved there in the 1970's.

Mali plays the Joshua Tree Festival (California) next week. He reports, "I am so excited to play this festival - the lineup is incredible, the location sublime and I get to see my dear friend, singer/songwriter Victoria Williams who I grew up w/in Shreveport!" On May 26 he returns to Shreveport. With band the Instagators he plays the Mudbug Madness Festival. His comment? "You can take the boy out of the bayou but you can't take the bayou out of the boy."

From Mali's Fog City Records website:

Bandleader MALCOLM WELBOURNE's personification "PAPA MALI" is a salute to his home territory of north Louisiana. Malcolm was born in Mississippi and raised in Shreveport, where absorbing the blues along Bayou Pierre was just as much a matter of course as chasing the mosquito fogging truck with friends -- and equally intoxicating. He spent his summers with grandparents in New Orleans digging that city's rhythm (and blues) and after hearing the Wild Tchoupitoulas and the Meters on the streets of New Orleans at age eleven, he developed an early and ongoing attachment to Crescent City funk.

Movie Sauce Film Fest created by CMHS students

Some 150 people attended the MovieSauceFilmFest Saturday afternoon at Fairfield Studios. The fest was a two-hour show of filmmaking by Caddo Magnet High students. This phenomenon arrives with a question: what's the origin of all this video energy?

"There's been a paradigm shift in student expression," opined CMHS teacher Danny Gayer 4 years ago. Quite a few of the students showing craftily edited videos yesterday were seniors; Gayer spotted the trend when they were freshmen. Instead of putting on a skit during a Fall festival, the Class of 2005 leadership group offered an MTV-style video.

Additional reasons why Caddo Magnet HS is beginning to be a catalyst for future filmmakers:

* a strong drama department; many of the actors in the student shorts are learning acting from the vigorous program led by teacher Betty Walker.
* English teachers encourage video production as a project. Chief among these teachers is Jeremy Jinks, teacher of English 4. His students' Shakespearean film projects have been popular. Students with no video background often team with experienced classmates. Hours are expended outside of class in writing, filming and editing. Additional teachers encouraging video projects are Ayasha Combest and William Knox.
* Picasso Digital Arts Club has weekly meetings at school. The meetings give students an opportunity to show their works in progress and get feedback. They have time to mull script and production ideas and make plans. Hunter Carter and Evan Falbaum have been mainstays, often offering their recent work as an instructional session. The club was formed by Robert Trudeau and Neill Normand and has been aided by Danny Gayer and William Knox.
* Maecenas Society is a group of parents who have made significant contributions to the school's technology tools inventory. They've bought computers for classrooms, library and special programs. The eMacs they bought for Trudeau's classroom have seen steady use as editing centers.
* CMTV, the school's in-house video news and entertainment group, is a daily class. Students with the most dynamic film energy vie for spots on the CMTV team. The entertainers and journalists of the future are developing their skills on CMTV's Maecenas-supplied Macintosh computers and Sony cameras.

On the subject of the student-made, independent Movie Sauce Film Fest, Hunter Carter replies:

We plan to make this happen twice a year -- once in fall, once in the spring -- because we think we'll have enough content to warrant that. We had to cut a lot of entries out for time and redundancy, and there were a slew of high-quality movies that my online filmmaker friends wanted to enter but didn't have enough time to get a DVD together to ship it here. We actually had some people who would've flown in from all accross the country (and one guy in Germany) to see their movies play at this -- that's how much support and energy there was surrounding this. Had we only had more than 3 weeks' notice, we could've pulled that off. We'll just save those entries for the next one. So sure, yes, we plan to make this an ongoing event. Most of us will be only a few hours away - at SMU, LSU, and Tech, mainly. More plans will be made about future iterations of MSFF on 2ManShows.com, and eventaully posted on MovieSauce.org.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Trudeau's Top Five for Saturday, May 7

Ta dah! Hereby, the editor's considered recommendations:

1. Coffee at ArtSpace: hands-on art activities & guides are standing by.
2. Movie Sauce Film Fest at Fairfield Studios, 4:30: a ganglia of entertaining videos by students from Caddo Magnet High School.
3. Ron Hardy's musical From the Heart of the Port City at First Methodist PAC, 7 pm.
4. Shreveport Symphony Orchestra final Masterworks concert: 7:30 pm.
5. The jazzy-reggae-funky Lightnin Bugs at Lil Joes, late.

Please see more on each of these by scrolling through the week, s'il vous plait.

Robinson Film Center benefit at Bossier's Louisiana Boardwalk Regal Cinema Monday, May 9

Fund raising for the Robinson Film Center is being aided by the Regal Cinema on the Louisiana Boardwalk, Bossier City.

On Monday, May 9th, all day and all evening, there will be special incentives to preview the Regal.
* admission to films is $1.00.
* popcorn and sodas are $1.00 each.
* every dollar they collect will be donated to the Robinson Film Center.

The RFC's Chris Jay says, "As surreal and ironic as all of this may be, it still helps raise awareness and funds, both of which we are very much in need of." Talk to the RFC at 424-9090 or

More info on the Regal Cinema schedule here.

Friday, May 06, 2005

New work by Greg Hornbeak at Nader's Gallery

Greg Hornbeak is a classic and savvy painter. He has a down-home air. There's a disarmingly charming lack of pretension to his discussions of image making. But Hornbeak knows the history of art, the business of art, the psychology of clients. He cares about the metaphysical side of art and of an artful life.

For years we have owned a small Greg Hornbeak oil painted on a tile for a show at ArtPort. An exploration of Native American design motifs, it has endured as an appealing piece of work. Nader's Gallery on King's Highway has sold quite a bit of his work, says Missy Hornbeak, the artist's wife. The Naders' shop might be a good place to get acquainted with this talented artist's work.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Not hip-hop: Outlaw Nation at Noble Savage

If you are looking for something different on your musical plate in Shreveport Friday night, try the Noble Savage, Texas St. There you'll find the alt country rock trio Outlaw Nation. The band's new cd, Tripping Wire, is being released in June by New Orleans label Ralph Records.

Outlaw Nation is touring, says Ralph Records, with ferocious country rockers Cowboy Mouth and the legendary punk/funk rockers Fishbone.

Still trippin over "What are these hip-hop guys doin' with this Neil Young and Cross Canadian Ragweed sound?" Read their explanation (you won't be surprised that these guys can play the fire out of reggae or jazz) on outlawnationmusic.net.

The Friday show starts at 9:00 pm.

As far as I can tell the Ralph Records above is not connected with the legendary label founded in San Francisco by the Residents. That said, be aware that the underground band the Residents originated in Louisiana (were all of them from Shreveport?) and are jokesters of the highest water.

Brigham Young Folk Dance Troupe at the Strand Thursday, May 5, 7:30

With a steady array of ethnic costumes the International Folk Dance Ensemble will present a concert program of dances from more than a dozen nations, including Ukraine, Russia, Korea, Poland, Mexico, and the United States, says Brigham Young University. And at the World Dance at BYU web site there is convincing evidence that the show will be smashingly colorful and energetic.

The concert is Thursday, May 5, at the Strand Theater. The curtain rises at 7:30. Box office: 226-8555.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Robot Quiz Night at Artspace Sat, May 14; register now at 673-6535

Quiz Night returns to Artspace with metalloid roboticals as the theme. Adam Giblin of KDAQ, Public Radio, will host the event on Saturday, May 14.

It is time to form teams of 4 to 8 and register them at 673-6535, says Chris Fowler-Sandlin. Quiz Night admission is $15.00 per person and includes snacks, drinks, a light meal at intermission and prizes.

Fun follows function as teams pool their knowledge of robots, science fiction, inventors and nuts-and-bolts culture.

In the photo are Susan Reeks, Dawn Banks, Dr. Steve Banks, Dr. Helen Taylor, Adam Giblin, and Diane Boyd at the first Artspace Quiz Night. The questions they faced were about Peter Pan and British culture. They laughed, squealed, pondered. In the end they topped the 7 other teams.

Lightnin' Bugs swarm King's Hwy Sat, May 7

The Lightnin' Bugs are a six-piece dance band from Shreveport and Ruston. Find them Saturday night at Lil Joe's Tavern.

Their style has been called "Louisiana World Beat." The Bugs' music draws on reggae, salsa, blues, second-line and Cajun. They play originals and covers, although the covers are often played non-traditionally. This and their unique horn section consisting of a violin and trombone make them an unforgettable band, says musician Alfred Mercer on his herohog web site.

Bruce Gay, Doonie Gilyard, Randy Guynes and Tim Brogan of the Bugs are long-time friends of mine. They are journeyman musicians and deep souls. I highly recommend them.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Russ Brabham & Hominy Ranch: Thursdays at Sharpie's, 5:30

Thursday at Sharpie's Clubhouse (King's at Youree), at 5:15 pm: singer Greg Williams walks in with his bass and a cake-eating grin. He knows everyone in East Shreveport and will prove it hour after hour. Russ Brabham slips in with his guitars. This is the kind of attorney who works hard so he can pay for his music habit. Their sidemen are already in place, being top local professionals.

The group is called Russ Brabham & Hominy Ranch. They're proud of their version of the '70's Austin sound. It's something they know well. And it includes Buffet, Chapin and Dylan.

They call themselves "The finest singalong party band in the Ark-La-Tex since 1978." Lol.

What I like about this loose-shoe band is the video you can watch at Greg's Separate Branches Publishing site. Wish every gang of entertainers had a video like this one.

Sharpie's is 219-7400.