Thursday, April 30, 2009

Conchita Iglesias-McElwee & David Nelson bring the Love / Hate Show, the Peekers and new film from Darrin Martin to 846 Tex on Fri, May 1, 8 pm

minicine? & Conchita Iglesias McElwee host a night of film, music and art, downtown Shreveport. Beginning at 8PM, Friday May 1st, 846 Texas Avenue, $5.

Film: New works by Darrin Martin (more info: )

Art: The Love / Hate Show

Sara Hebert, Chris Jay, Conchita McElwee, Michael Moore, Tara Streetman, Robert Rodgers, Shane Thompson, Micah Harold, Brandon Jenkins, Courtney Harold, Shannon Palmer, Chad O' Kenievel, Chris Stripling, Jen Wasson, Sizer Yerger, John Bentrup, Aubre Bauer, Venus Sheets, Mallori Brandon, Megan Cardenes, Kandi Kane, Jamie Anderson, Shawna Atkins, Mimi and Donnie Webb, Bregon Webb, Alison Wonderland, Jeremy Hayes, BJ Wheless, Kathryn Usher, Dylan Hillman, Chris Beale, Amy Lynn Scott + more...

Music: The Peekers vs. Power Pellut

What more can we say!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gang most of the artistic entertainment entities downtown to create a powerful Cultural Trust district and build the audience

Major Brock, Jr, Shreveport
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Writes Alex Kent in the Times on Ap 29:

A former Pittsburgh mayor spoke to local leaders Tuesday about the goal of transforming the region's identity by building stronger partnerships among arts organizations, elected officials and private investors.

"You can make that happen," said Tom Murphy, now a senior research fellow with the Urban Land Institute. He led Pittsburgh between 1994 and 2005. "If we did it in a rundown, rustbelt city, you can do it here."

Murphy spoke at the Strand Theatre as a guest of the Shreveport-Bossier City Regional Arts Congress. The roughly 3-year-old effort has pushed local arts organizations to work together and support economic development, among other goals.

Murphy spoke about how Pittsburgh lost 150,000 jobs between 1978 and 1985, after which community leaders — elected officials, private investors and arts organizations — decided to establish, build and, in part, publicly fund a Cultural Trust district dedicated to the arts.

He even described how tax dollars can help to rebuild the symphony's funding. Please see more of Kent's report here.

Manon Lescaut, a saga of passion which travels upon its voices from France to Louisiana; see Shreveport Opera's performance on Sat, May 2, 7:30 pm, Riverview Theater

To gather round Puccini's feet listening to the tale of a fiery and fated woman, Manon Lescaut, is an entertainment that has endured over a century.

A young, vibrant and well-schooled troupe of entertainers, singers and musicians and directors and costumers, have encamped in Shreveport for lo, these weeks, hoping to entice the classic-loving populace to their tale.

They seem a worthy gang, in perusing the site. And the tale by Puccini has certainly proven itself.

Their ancient rite of song and orchestra-based melody will unfold Sat, May 2, at Riverview Theater. At 7:30 pm. Manon!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Arts Mean Business talk and discussion at the Strand at 5:30 pm, Tues, Ap 28

The Arts Congress speaker at the Strand Theater, Tues, Ap 28, 5:30 pm: Tom Murphy, former mayor of Pittsburgh.

More info: SRAC. 673-6500, or Bruce Allen, Steering Committee of the Shreveport/Bossier City Regional Arts Congress,

Monday, April 27, 2009

Book signing at St Mark's on Sat, May 2, 11 am: Jacques Lasseigne's book Email Connections: the tragedy and triumph of The Terms

The Terms in Shreveport
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Author Jacques Lasseigne's son, Scott, was drummer for a promising rock band called The Terms. Formed in Baton Rouge and looking at national success, The Terms career was cut short with a horrendous car crash on September 30, 2006.

Three of the band members were seriously injured. Brandon Young, their bass player, suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Lasseigne tells the story - primarily of the miraculous recovery of Young - in his book, Email Connections: tragedy and triumph of The Terms.

The book signing at St. Mark's Cathedral's Ministry Center is Sat, May 2, from 11 AM - 1 PM.

See more at

Review: Minicine? presented phantasmagoric evening called Sound & Space Experiments at McNeil St Pumping Station

The baroque innards of the historic McNeil St Pumping Station were explored by some 150 people during David Nelson's presentation of Sound & Space Experiments on Sat night.

New York sonic artist Ikue Mori calmly coaxed organic and synthetic sounds from her laptop in the principal performance. Zeena Parkins, Mori's partner in the duo Phantom Orchard, adeptly played harp. She made it apparent that the best accompaniment to digital images and sounds is the intelligent human performance on a classic instrument.

Indeed, the regional acts which preceded the Phantom Orchard show also laid warm hands atop their digitalia. Generic Air percussionist Peter Fetterman used mallets and bows to bring sounds from pipes, cymbals, a saw and the guts of a piano. He noted, "I had to learn to weld to make a frame for the piano soundboard. So we could transport it to this site." Arc welding or oxyacetylene? "Both." Fetterman performed with electrified violinist Destiny Toro.

Also performing in the labyrinthine spaces of the water works was Jon Mackey, laptop computer explorer, Ian Quiet, a space music and industrial sounds creator, and ambient environmentalists The Occidentalists: Jordan West and Allison Dickson West.

Additional sounds were provided by in-and-outist Chris Alexander.

Nelson and Alexander spent a week designing and assembling 5 mini-stages for the compartmentalized site's minuscule spaces. Each performance area was provided with lighting and complemented by video projections.

On a wall high above Phantom Orchard was a projection that seemed to be an open window on an upstairs apartment. A man's silhouette paused to peer out through curtains being gently blown by a breeze. The figure paced and returned to the window over and over. Twas an eerie image, somehow emblematic of the minicine? night of urban entertainment.

Another film and art show will vastee at the minicine? site at 846 Tex on Fri, May 1. Please see more at

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sound & Space Experiments at McNeil St Pumping Station; NYC duo Phantom Orchard plus four regional ambient acts on Sat, Ap 25, 8 pm

Phantom Orchard
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Sound & Space Experiments + Phantom Orchard will open to simultaneous music performances by Shreveport sound artists Jon Mackey, Ian Quiet, Generic Air and The Occidentalist in the voluminous and diverse spaces of our city's historic waterworks.

The evening will culminate with a special performance by New York based Phantom Orchard which features Zeena Parkins and Ikue Mori, says host David Nelson.

Phantom Orchard combines Parkins' exploratory and inventive use of the classical acoustic harp and Mori's digital sound and video manipulations using a laptop computer. In addition to their duo work as Phantom Orchard, Parkins and Mori have performed with bands as diverse as DNA, Skeleton Crew, Electric Masada, Hemophiliac and Bjork.

Doors will open for Sound & Space Experiments + Phantom Orchard at 8pm, this Saturday, at the McNeill Street Pumping Station, 142 N. Common St., just past Big D's Bar-B-Cue.

Tickets $10 at the door....

The parking lot at the McNeill Street Pumping Station is limited, says Nelson. He explains, "Please feel free to park along Common Street on the grass completely off the street or across Common on the service road... Also, parking at Big D's Bar-b-Que and walking up to McNeill may be an option for some attendees."

ArtBreak: a truly amazing vortex of art and performances in the Shreveport Convention Center Fri, Ap 24, 4 to 8 pm, Sat, Ap 25, 10 am to 10 pm and Sun, Ap 26, noon to 6 pm

ArtBreak Festival Performance Highlights
Friday, April 24:
4:00 pm ArtBreak opens with a performance by the Arklatex Youth Symphony, directed by Chris Allen
5:00 pm KTBS-3 hosts their first Spelling Bee at ArtBreak for Caddo and Bossier Parish Middle School students.
6:00 pm STYLAMANDERS Concert on the Chase Bank Stage, the highly energetic Canadian Duo known around the country for their family oriented interactive musical performances bring the excitement to Shreveport.
7:00 pm The Caddo-Bossier CAPITAL ONE Talent Show spotlights another year of talented youth performances featuring the top 18 selected acts out of over eighty auditions. Talented students compete for cash prizes, the “People’s Choice” award and the RIVER CITIES JUBILEE Barbershop Harmony Society’s “Best Singer” award. Again this year will be Webster Parish’s Annual Talent Show winners performing during the judges’ intermission.

Saturday, April 25:
10:00 am ArtBreak Opens
10:00 am – 3:00 pm: Caddo’s All-Parish Honor’s Orchestra and Choir performances on the Chase Bank Stage.
3:00 pm –
5:00 pm: Bossier Parish presents their top performing programs of Elementary through High School on the Chase Bank Stage.
10:00 am – 6:00 pm: Showcase of school performances from Caddo and Bossier Parish Schools and Community Groups on the McDonald’s Stage.
12 noon – 4:00 pm Five High Schools’ students compete for the title of the ultimate ArtBreak Survivor through a rigorous competition including dance, theatre, music, visual and literary arts. See performances every hour on the Creative Dramatics Stage.
5:00 pm –
6:00 pm Special performance by ArtBreak’s Honorary Chairman, Kenny Wayne Shepherd with select Caddo and Bossier Parish Students.
7:00 pm The Bossier Arts Council presents ARTBREAK IDOL’s “Broadway Night” Semi-finals! This show stopper will feature performances by the top 25 singers chosen from among hundreds who auditioned, who will then vie for a place among the top 3 singers in Sunday’s finals as they compete for the grand prize.
8:00 pm Hands-On Activities close
9:00 pm ArtBreak Hands on Activities closes
10:00 pm ArtBreak Festival Closes

Sunday, April 26:
12:00 Noon ArtBreak opens
2:00 pm ArtBreak Awards Ceremony – presenting cash awards and savings bonds to the outstanding Literary, Music, and Visual Artists in Caddo and Bossier Parish Schools followed by the announcement of the ArtBreak Idol Award winner.
6:00 pm ArtBreak Festival Closes.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Day to be followed this weekend by World Tai Chi & Qi Gong Day in Betty Virginia Park on Sat from 9 to 11 am

Writes Sifu Janis Gabriel, " The 22nd is Earth Day; let's show some serious love for our dear mother earth. Who knows? It just might become a habit. And then this coming Saturday, 25 April, is World T'ai Chi and Qi Gong Day. Quite the earth rhythm, if you think about it. Over 700 cities in 60 or more countries all moving to the rhythms of t'ai chi in a continuous flow.

Shreveport will celebrate on Sat in Betty Virginia Park, 9 am to 11 am.

Info: Sifu Gabriel at: or telephone at (318) 834-0445 / 227-0744.
In case of rain, this ‘happening’ will move indoors at Phoenix Virtue Temple, 2601 Highland Avenue (corner of Highland and Robinson).

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Arklatex Youth Symphony performs side-by-side with orchestra players Mon, May 11, 7 pm, Byrd HS Auditorium under conductors Todd Gabriel, Beverly Houston, Christopher Allen

One of the highlights for the students of the Ark-La-Tex Youth Symphony Orchestra (ALTYSO), writes Dorothy Rivette, has been an end of the year side-by-side concert with the professional musicians, and this year will be no exception. The group is planning a concert for Mon, May 11, at Byrd High School Auditorium at 7:00 p.m.

The ALTYSO would like to encourage music supporters to make donations to this event to help cover the cost of hiring the professional musicians, says Rivette. Participating musicians have agreed to perform this concert for whatever funds the ALTYSO can come up with, because they feel that this educational experience is very important for the young musicians.

Dr. Todd Gabriel will be conducting the professional orchestra and the side-by-side, and there will also be a short presentation by ALTYSO’s Advanced Orchestra conducted by Christopher Allen, and Sinfonia String Orchestra conducted by Beverly Houston.

Donations for this event can be made to ALTYSO at 10015 Norris Ferry, Shreveport, LA 71106, or on-site at the concert. All donations are tax-deductible.

The concert is free and open to the public.
Info at the ALTYSO website:

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Craig Baldwin, experimental filmmaker from San Francisco, presents thoughts and work at Robinson Film Center on Sat, Ap 18, 2 pm and 7:30 pm; see him at minicine?, 846 Texas, at 9:30 pm

Craig Baldwin
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Says David Nelson, "minicine? & The Robinson Film Center join up for a night of film, art and music... @ two locations on Sat, Ap 18."

2:00 pm - Lecture on Copyright Law, Culture Jamming, Mash Ups & Other Cinema by Experimental Filmmaker Craig Baldwin (San Francisco) @ Robinson Film Center (Upstairs) - 617 Texas Street, Downtown Shreveport... - FREE...

7:30 PM - screening of Mock Up On Mu!, Craig Baldwin's newest film. Mr. Baldwin will be present to discuss and answer questions after the screening @ Robinson Film Center (Grand Theater) - 617 Texas Street, Downtown Shreveport... - $5...

9:30 PM - Reception for Visiting Filmmaker, Craig Baldwin
Opening for New Artwork by Vanessa Boyd (NYC)
Music by A.J. Haynes (Shreveport) & The RiverWolves (Monroe) @ minicine? - 846 Texas Avenue, Downtown Shreveport.
No charge.


Multi-media artist Vanessa Boyd, Centenary grad now in NYC, presents art at minicine? on Sat, Ap 18, at 8 pm

Originally uploaded by Always Tokyo
Over a burdling oud the uptown voice of artist and singer Vanessa Boyd opens the tune "Good for January" with a simple spoken word phrase,"You know I want to have sex with you, right?"

Getting the issues upfront seems appropriate for a former Shreveporter who attended Centenary College (BA, '99) before rambling across Europe (Universite Catholique de Lille, '98) and Afrique (L'Institut Francais; Rabat, Morocco) before settling in NYC (Borough of Manhattan Community College, '06).

Find her songs at

See her drawings at minicine? on Sat, Ap 18, at 8 pm. "Boyd’s work is primitive yet sophisticated in that she is self-taught but educated," says Wanda Rahm, of Greenville, TN, on the extensive web site of the multi-media artist.

At her myspace Boyd allows that
"I perform, write, create, spurt, expunge, generate, expand, renew and decline things musical.
Then there's the visual side of things.
And ideas."

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Peekers and Louisiana Haywire add sonic salt to the downtown Shreveport pub and culture crawl, Th, Ap 16, 5 to 11 pm

Peekers, Shreveport
Originally uploaded by trudeau
The new group Louisiana Haywire, featuring familiar performers such as Dan Garner and Lane Bayliss, plays from 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm in front of Tipitina's, says

The Peekers are performing 6:00 pm -to 10:00 pm upon the Red River District Stage outside of Fatty Arbuckles Pub.

* You may walk around with drinks in your commemorative go cup to hear the bands.

Pub Crawl Registrants are permitted to walk the route or use the TNT trolley with an open container, provided that the beverage is bought at a participating bar and is in the commemorative go cup obtained at the bar.

Each location will stamp your passport. Members who complete the route will be entered in a drawing for a private party hosted by at Stray Cats and a $100 dollar bar tab, says TJ St Denis.

* The Commemorative go cup is to be used between locations.
* Open Containers are only allowed in the commemorative go cup within downtown Shreveport.

AVEI, the rapidly growing digital workshop at LSUS, rolling out multiple projects and welcoming the public

Barnyard Shreveport
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Three stimulating events coming up from John Miralles, the hard-charging digierailleur at LSUS:

* Animation and Visual Effects Introductory Workshop
Sat, Ap 25 10 am to 3 pm
Introduces students to the Animation and Visual Effects program (AVEP) at LSU. Raffaele Scaduto‐Mendola, AVEP instructor, will teach the workshop and answer any questions students may have about the industry and the program. For details and registration visit e‐registration required.

* AVEP Welcomes Story Artist and Illustrator, Joe Bluhm
Mon, April 27, 11 am
Joe Bluhm will talk about his career in the fields of caricature, illustration, and character design. Joe is currently doing concept work and storyboards for the new William Joyce CG short

* AVEP Movie Night: Barnyard
Wed, April 29, 6:30 pm – LSU Shreveport UC Theater
Raffaele Scaduto‐Mendola, Character Set‐Up Supervisor for Barnyard, will be giving a brief presentation about the work he did on the film. Barnyard will be shown in HD. Meet Raffaele, learn more about the animation industry.

Details at

Friends of Shreve Memorial Library Book Sale Sat, April 18, 9 am - 5 pm

Enjoy the Friends of Shreve Memorial Library Book Sale, says Carlos Colon:

Sale to the Public
Sat, Ap 18, noon - 5 p.m.
and Sunday, April 19, 1- 4 p.m.
Basement of Main Library
424 Texas Street downtown

Preview Sale for Members Only
9 a.m. - noon
No advance memberships; Join at the door only, $5 annual dues.

Bestsellers, $1, Paperbacks, 25¢, Books on CD, $1.00/CD

Friday, April 10, 2009

So you've always wanted to onstage and a part of an opera? Please see Shreveport Opera, pdq, to be an extra in Manon Lescaut on May 2

Shreveport Opera
Originally uploaded by trudeau

Shreveport Opera is currently looking for extras for our upcoming opera, Manon Lescaut, on May 2nd, says Sumer Cooner.

We currently need 4 men to play “soldiers” and 2 women to be “prisoners.” The men will be needed in rehearsal the following dates and times: Friday, April 17th, 7pm, Saturday April 18th, 10am, Monday, April 20th, 7pm, Tuesday, April 21st, 7pm, Wednesday, April 22nd, 7pm, Thursday, April 23rd, 7pm, Friday, April 24th, 7pm, Saturday, April 25th, 2pm, Monday, April 27th, 7:30 pm, Wednesday, April 29th, 7:30p, Thursday, April 30th, 7:30pm

Women will be needed in rehearsal the following dates and times:
Monday, April 20th, 7pm, Tuesday, April 21st, 7pm, Friday, April 24th, 7pm, Saturday, April 25th, 2pm, Monday, April 27th, 7:30pm, Wednesday, April 29th, 7:30pm, Thursday, April 30th, 7:30pm.

If you are interested in getting more information, please reply to this email, or call the office. Thank you so much and we hope to see you at or even in the opera!!

Sumer Cooner
Marketing Director
Shreveport Opera
318.227.9518 fax

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Shreveport Summer Music Festival Quartet presents City-wide Music is Healing Concert on Wed, Ap 29, 10:30 am, Barnwell Center Patio

The Shreveport Summer Music Festival Quartet will present a City-wide Music is Healing Concert on Wed, Ap 29, 10:30 am, Barnwell Center, says Leonard Kacenjar.

The show will feature solist Emma Meeks, vibrant young singer, on "Somewhere, over the Rainbow," "Someone to watch over me," and "Blue moon over kentucky."

The concert is free, says Freda Powell. Please call 673-7703 to arrange for groups.

The Gourds' Kevin Shineyribs Russell remembers Shreve Square in the tune "Shreveport," from the new CD "Haymaker"

Tattoo Artspace Shreveport
Originally uploaded by trudeau
Shreveport is back on the map. The city is immortalized in song on the Gourds' appealing new CD, "Haymaker." The country-rock-Cajun tune, simply entitled "Shreveport," was written by Kevin Shineyribs Russell.

He says, "It is requested all over the country. I get to tell stories of being 17 and "angry" while driving around Shreveport in my '64 Malibu, which I totaled on the way to work at Johnny's Pizza one frosty Sunday morn." The Gourds have recently seen such venues as the Mercury Lounge, NYC, and Mountainstage in Charleston, WV.

In the 80's Russell had a mohawk and, along with drummer David M Green, had created a rolliicking quartet called the Picket Line Coyotes.

"Shreveport" came to mind as I edited video of locals showing me their tattoos at Artspace during the opening party of the recent tattoo exhibit. See the crowd and listen to "Shreveport" at

The album "Haymaker" is filled with well-written tunes, ranging in style from country to rock. Check it out.

Artspace capture of a tattooed lass by Talbot Hopkins. In the background: Tattoo exhibit photos by Mike Silva.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Review: Celia Carey presents documentary Mr. Dial Has Something To Say at Lousiana Film Fest Student Division at RFC

Imagine my favorite institutions revealed in gaudy shame: 60 Minutes, PBS, NY Times art critic Michael Kimmelman. That's what filmmaker Celia Carey, guest at the Louisiana Film Festival Student Division, shows viewers in her documentary "Mr Dial has Something To Say."

Thornton Dial, a backwoods Alabama mixed media artist of stunning achievement, is at the heart of the story. Beside him is nutty art collector Bill Arnett, the man who pays Dial a big city fee for his art. Arnett architects the ascent of Dial from obscurity to NYC and to recognition in the national gallery and museum scene.

Then the CBS program 60 Minutes runs a hatchet job on Arnett, portraying him as an exploiter of Dial and other emerging artists from Alabama. The CBS hit against Arnett - based on 2 dubious sources but presented with authority - shakes the art world. Somehow the NY Times art critic re-thinks his praise of Dial's work. Publishing and exhibit offers made to Dial and Arnett begin to collapse.

One opportunity remains following the media devastation: a Dial show at Museum of Fine Arts Houston. Carey's cameras capture the huge Dial reliefs - created with scrap iron, textiles and paint - in soaring fulfillment.

Carey's film is about America's media hierarchy, about the NYC art game and about racism (Thornton Dial is black). She presents a plethora of voices from academia, black studies, from the NYC art world. And she backs her story with pulsing rap music and blues.

In the end her story about merit, money and media is disturbing. Made for PBS and selected in one showcase as exemplary of PBS work, PBS has declined to air it nationally (a bowdlerized, short version here).

Michelle Glaros, director of the Louisiana Film Fest, is to be congratulated for bringing Ms. Carey to Shreveport. Such stimulating work is an ideal accompaniment to the exciting competition and showcase of work by idealistic teens and their earnest teachers.

American Cancer Society youth fundraiser: Paint in the Park at Betty Virginia Park, noon to 7:30 pm Sat, Ap 4

"We'll be having another "Painting in the Park" American Cancer Society youth fundraiser @ Betty Virginia Park on Sat. from noon - 7:30," says Maysa Kaskas.

"It's the same concept as last time: we'll have bedsheets and lots of paints, and we'll be accepting donations (all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society to fund cancer research and patient treatment & outreach programs) in return for the opportunity to paint, make handprints, etc on the sheets. These sheets will later be displayed at the Relay for Life so that everyone will be able to see the art we've made together while raising money for a cure! We will also be face-painting for donations. The weather forecasts a beautiful day, so I hope that we'll have a great turnout!"

This photo: Hannah Johnson, Olivia Flowers Dossett. Photography by Joy Shan, Madison Holladay, Andi Finley.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Governor Bobby Jindal to speak at Centenary College on Thur, Ap 23, at 5 pm, Whited Room

"Bobby Jindal will be at Centenary on Thursday, April 23rd at 5pm," writes Caroline Cottingham. "He will be speaking in the Whited Room. He has come before, a few months ago. Last time he did not announce his visit until the day of, preventing those who don't agree with his policies from organizing or attending to speak out against him. Instead, the college contacted only students and pro-Jindal locals, giving him a crowd too faithful to his agenda to actually question his policies. Due to his cuts in education, arts, healthcare, and non-profit funding (and his anti-gay beliefs) he is very unpopular with a lot of people in town, and I would love to help get the word out about his visit so that locals can confront him to question these policies."

Jindal has made headlines by opposing stimulus money. But in searching the web I'm not finding his rationale for his proposed state budget cuts. He's probably coming to the college to offer his justification for cuts in the arts development budget and related issues.
Or maybe he's dropping by to raise more money for his political aspirations. Regardless, I'd like to be there.

One would hope the media would strap on some courage and try to question him on budget issues. Does he seem to care more about trumpeting the Republican line than analyzing the particularities and needs of the Bayou State?

Maybe the Times will editorially call for the governor to explain his budget priorities on the occasion of his visit.

Maybe the task of questioning the governor will fall to concerned citizens.

The acoustic side of Pat McCann, Austin, at Jayne Marie's on Cross Lake on Sat, Ap 4, 7 pm to 11 pm

Guitarist Pat McCann grew up on the edge of Cross Lake, Shreveport, fishing, grinning and picking. He's been true to his course over these several decades. Today he lives by a lake north of Austin, Tx, where he has developed a spacious, air-infused, health-giving form of ambient picking.

Of course, McCann can rock it, chicken pick it or pluck arpeggios at will. There's a wicked sense of humor, too.

Catch him at Jayne Marie on Cross Lake,
7-11pm Reservations recommended 318 631 0919

Bruce Flett calls it, "Jazz Acoustic Guitar at its finest."

Singer-guitarist Jed Marum: Celtic Americana at Fairfield Studios on Sun, April 5, 7 pm

Originally uploaded by phil_doubleu
"Jed Marum's original music is partly born of a passion for our country's history and includes Americana, bluegrass, Celtic and folk influences. Jed communicates his lyrical stories in a wonderful, warm vocal style accompanied by tasteful acoustic guitar or banjo," says Jim Huckabay. (or call 220-0400)

Sun, Ap 5, 7 pm.
Fairfield Studios, 1510 Fairfield Ave
$15 donation

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Louisiana Film Fest / Student Division screens drama, animation and experimental work Fri, Ap 3 and Sat, Ap 4 at Robinson Film Center

"This is, without a doubt, the best crop of films ever featured in the festival. The quality of the animated submissions, especially, is outstanding. All student film showcases are free admission! Please stop by a showcase or two and support young filmmakers in our region," says Chris Jay of the student work submitted for judging to the Louisiana Film Fest Student Division. Entries and winners are being aired Ap 3 & 4 at the RFC.

Fri, Ap 3
7 pm: one hour of drama entries
8:10: pm some 36 minutes of animation and experimental works
9:05 pm: Mr Dial Has Something to Say, a documentary by guest filmmaker Celia Carvey - Q&A with the filmmaker afterwards.
Sat, Ap 4
7 pm: Winners' loop aired in the Multi-Purpose Space.

See a preview reel of the student movies here.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Carol Anglin's La Dance Foundation presents Orchesis, Impulse and La Dance Theater at the Strand at 7:30 pm Sat, April 4

The Louisiana Dance Foundation’s annual performance of LA: DANCE ALIVE! will feature the following dance companies and guest artists, says Carol Anglin.
• Louisiana Dance Theatre (LDT – Shreveport/Bossier)
• Orchesis Dance Company (ODC – Grambling State University)
• Impulse Dance Theatre (IDC – Louisiana School for Math, Science, & the Arts; Natchitoches)

Fifty dancers will perform classical and contemporary choreography created by
• Jon Lehrer (premiere of 2 new pieces: Rhythmic Celebration and Loose Canon),
• Christopher Huggins (premiere of Holocaust and Old Land Mark),
• Gennadi Vostrikov (premiere of Prelude to April, Mazurka, and Dvorak # 2 E minor),
• Randy Allen (premiere of City at Night and Five’s by Six),
• Dianne Maroney-Grigsby (premiere of Through the Storm)
• Allyne Gartrell (premiere of It’s Magic)
The evening will also feature Louisiana Dance Theatre’s performance of Maroney-Grigsby’s Tangazo, which was recently performed at the Regional Dance America/SW Festival in Houston after being selected by Adjudicator, Soili Arvola of Finland, following RDA’S annual adjudication tour.

Sat, April 4
7:30 pm – Strand Theatre in Shreveport
Tickets are $25/ $20/ $15 and are available at the Strand Theatre Box Office (318) 226-8555.

Louisiana's budget is tight, but is it so constricted as to warrant decimating the arts industry, asks Anne Susman of the Bossier Arts Council

On Thursday, April 2nd Bobby Jindal will enact a budget cut for The Arts and Arts Education by 83%, writes the Bossier Arts Council's Anne Susman. She continues . . .

This budget cut will devastate a 10 billion dollar industry that sustains 144,000 jobs. Investing in the arts is economically productive. Every $1 invested in Louisiana’s non-profit Arts and Culture industry generates $6 in revenue for the state. The Arts and Culture industry is paramount in revitalizing struggling urban centers and dilapidating historic districts. In terms of civic engagement, these programs foster public discourse and debate and critically activate public memory. Moreover, these programs attract tourism, which is a VITAL part of Louisiana's struggling economy.

What does this mean to Bossier Parish? This means ALL music, visual and theatre arts programming funded with Decentralized Arts Fund dollars in Cope Middle School, Bellaire Elementary, Elm Grove Middle School, Apollo Elementary School, Bossier Elementary School as well as Story Telling for ALL grades K-5, Classical Theatre for ALL Middle and High Schools WILL BE ELIMINATED! This cut in funding will eliminate services to over 25,000 students and parents in the Bossier Parish School System alone. It will further eliminate cultural programming and services to an additional 18,000 Bossier Parish citizens. Decentralized Arts Funding programming returns an investment of $6.00 to Bossier Parish for every $1.00 spent.

WE MUST ACT QUICKLY. The Louisiana House Appropriations Committee will be meeting on Thursday April 2nd. They are our last hope to stop Jindal from pursuing this course of action!

How to help: Take Action
Write your Legislator- it literally takes 5 seconds. go to La Partnership for the Arts, enter your zip and click Write Your Legislator.

Governor of a state known for its development of the arts, Jindal says Slash the Arts Funding

"The Decentralized Arts Funding Program (DAF) grants dollars have basically been zeroed out by the Governor along with a significant cut in Statewide Arts Grants (SAG). The Executive Budget presented in March contained only $515,120 for DAF - an 83% cut," says the Louisiana Partnership for the Arts (LPA).

Louisiana Partnership for the Arts (LPA) is the umbrella organization which represents the broad and diverse spectrum of artists, arts professionals, arts educators, arts organizations and agencies, and all those who produce, present, and serve the arts in Louisiana, says the web site.

If you believe that drastically cutting the economic stimulus of statewide grants in arts development is a dubious move, call your legislators. The LPA site offers more ways to get your voice into the dialogue on the state budget.

And if you strongly like what you see at the LPA site, please consider paying annual dues and joining forces with the arts-minded across the state.

SXSW coverage by Shreveport-based photographer Casey Jones: kinetic captures from Billy Bob Thorton and the Boxmasters to Japanese zanies Peelander Z

If, like me, you would have enjoyed SXSW this year but were not able to make the trek, we've got a respondent who covered it. Casey Jones is a concert photog nonpareil. You'll find his considerable coverage of SXSW at his site. If you're in the mood, you can put on some music and roll his best shots as a slide show.

See his commercial designer and photography services at