Sunday, October 07, 2007

Cyber Drive signals start of Red River Radio's Fall Fund Raiser; network of stations seeking some $200,000

Says Adam Giblin, Red River Radio program director as well as host of Morning Edition, Health Matters, and No Cover, "Oct 8 we're starting our Fall membership drive. Let me remind you that membership contributions are 60% of our operating budget."

Giblin and General Manager Kermit Poling began the operation last week with a sign of the times program: the first Cyber Fund Drive. "The total amount pledged, as of the close of CyberDay, October 5, was $8,515."

At listeners can hit a button called Pledge Now to make a digital contribution. You can also see what's new in the realm of digital radio and link to rich public radio resources.

Or fans of NPR can pledge via phone at 1-800-552-8502.

That's host Adam Giblin above, center. He and guitarist Kevan Smith and drummer Brady Blade had a band called Mom's Friend in 1985, says Smith. Thanks to a friend named Tiffany, adds Smith, for finding this archival gem.

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