Saturday, April 30, 2005

Artbreak at Expo Hall: Sunday, May 1, noon to 6

ArtBreak is color-drenched, laden with swirling images and awash in the sounds of delighted youth. Young musicians go hither and yon to their gigs. Painters wield the brush, actors declaim, tie-dyers wring cloth, pipe-cleaner sculptors twist. It is hard to comprehend the amount of activity taking place.

Sunday you may have a free life-altering afternoon at ArtBreak, at Expo Hall. Parking was easy Saturday. There are 2 casino garages and street parking, too. Find fun from noon to 6 pm.

Thanks, Carri Bollinger, Freda Powell, Sharon Bennett, Pam Atchison and the SRAC team.

BlueFest: 516 Texas St, Sunday, noon to 11 pm

Blue Martin is a conga player, painter of murals in 516 Soundstage, organizer of benefit concerts and all-round downtown good woman. Owing to an accident in Arkansas - where she's been taking care of her dad - she could use some aid. Thus Mark Goff, owner of Soundstage, and a group of musicians have assembled a day of music. It is a benefit organized by Robin Beach for Ms. Martin, the benefit-producer herself.

It's an all ages show and will be performed in Artisans' Court, the open space adjacent to 516 Texas. Begins at noon and will go to 11 pm.

Sifu Janis Gabriel leads observation of World Tai Chi Day

Sifu Janis Gabriel, abbess at the Phoenix Virtue Temple and master teacher of Tai Chi and Quigong, has for the past 4 years tied the energy node known as Shreveport into the global observance of Tai Chi Day. Her group was joined this year by a group led by Sifu Glenn Guerin in the celebration held in Betty Virginia Park.

Please see for more background.

Artbreak at Expo Hall: Saturday, 9 to 6, and Sunday, noon to 6

Running to Artbreak
Originally uploaded by trudeau.
ArtBreak is an extremely joyous opportunity for families to come together via art. Saturday the hands-on fun goes from 9 to 6 pm. There will be music and color out the wazoo.

Sunday is a big day for art making and breaking, too. The show, housed in the Expo Hall, will be open noon to 6 pm. Free parking is available at the Sam's Town and Hollywood parking garages and on the lots behind and south of Convention Hall, says Shreveport Regional Arts Council, sponsor of ArtBreak.

Friday, April 29, 2005

516 Soundstage, Saturday, Ap 30: The Terms

516 Soundstage hosts The Terms on Saturday night. Formerly the Sidewalks, the group won a solid following in Baton Rouge (they're LSU students) and then scored a record contract and big name producer (Greg Ladanyi, Grammy winner).

The Terms are Clyde Hargrove, Greg Chiartano, Ben Labat, Scott Lasseigne and Blake Oliver. Hargrove, Lasseigne and Chiartano are originally from Shreveport.

Their new CD is called Small Town Computer Crash.

Artspace Friday night: Sci-fi films introduced by actor - filmmaker Phillip Brooks

What happens when you bring film types such as Phillip Brooks to an audience to talk about film classics? The audience gets acquainted with young blood and gets to look forward - to the coming projects of the speaker - as well as rearward, to see the enduring lessons of film stories.

Thus I recommend the Sci-fi series at Artspace Friday night at 7 pm. Brooks will bring you Forbidden Planet and Aliens.

Brooks demonstrated his fluency as an actor in a number of plays at Marjorie Lyons Playhouse. The recent MLP productions of When Are you Comin' Home, Red Ryder? and The Distance From Here were both successes that depended on his work.

And he is scheduled to shoot a 16 mm film in downtown Shreveport this summer. It's a story about 3 men trying to survive a severe conflict, he told me.

More Artspace info: 673-6535.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Vidrines bent upon capture of hostages in Shreveport - at Lil Joes Saturday

From the droll web site maintained by this clever, absurdist band: "...The Vidrines will, for a song, purchase from The Horseshoe Casino and Hotel the city of Shreveport, and promptly annex it."

They are joined by Dirtfoot at the tavern and grill across from Centenary College called Lil Joes.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Sylvia Goodman: Robinson Film Center Gala sold out / not even standing room remains

The Film Fantasy Fandango is a gala fundraiser for the Robinson Film Center that will take place Friday, Ap 29, at Fox Creek Farms. It is totally sold out, says RFC director Sylvia Goodman. Explained board member Bruce Allen, "We wanted to sell about 400 tickets. Ha. We sold out every table, then sold out the standing room."Allen added, "People have been calling all week trying to get in."

RFC fundraising is hitting an enviable start since gala fees are $100 per head - or more, if you want the deep cleavage tickets. Commiserate with the RFC staff at (318) 424-9090.

Richard Folmer directs Starry Night at East Bank Theater in premiere of Paul David script

Seasoned actor and director Richard Folmer directs a world premiere this week. Screenwriter Paul David has adapted his 1980 movie script, Starry Night, at the request of Folmer. See more in an exhaustive interview by the Times' Jennifer Flowers.

The plot: Vincent Van Gogh returns to earth to observe the wild success earned by his paintings.

Starry Night will debut at East Bank Theater. Performances are Fri and Sat, Ap 29 and 30, at 8 pm. There are also performances May 6 and 7 and matinees at 2 pm on May 1 and 8. Reservations: 741-8310.

Additionally, writer Paul David is a painter. See his works at the East Bank Gallery. Paintings by popular actor-artist Jamie Sanders - he plays Vincent in Starry Night - will also be shown at the East Bank Theater.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Bill Daniel film: Who is Bozo Texino? Lil Joes, Th, Ap 28

Bill Daniel is part of the new energy bar that local youths have been munching on the weekends. He's a rambling filmmaker and photographer whose last abode was Portland, OR.

Thursday, Ap 28, he will show a film in progress, a hobo documentary called Who is Bozo Texino? The site is Lil Joes Tavern, says Rob Peterson (230-9740). Texino starts at 7:45.

When has this region ever had so much film activity? Is there an apocalypse looming over Toledo Bend?

Monday, April 25, 2005

No-cost, easily-updatable web site: learn to blog at SMUG meet Th, Ap 28

Artists who need a no-cost website, arts organizations who need a site with photos that can be updated without technical expertise, please check out my demonstration Thursday night at LSUS.

The talk is the featured activity at the Shreveport Mac Users Group's (SMUG) Th, Ap 28 meeting. The group is moving to the LSUS Science Lecture Auditorium for space, stadium-style seating, a/v equipment, lecture platform, and high-speed Internet, says organizer Thomas Avallone.

"The LSUS Science Lecture Auditorium is
our new venue," says Avallone. "Colin Davidson doggedly pursued the appropriate personnel at LSUS to make this happen for us."

Free blogging is the answer for those who need an easily updated site. By the end of the brief session - it begins at 6:30 - most listeners will know exactly how to set up and maintain a blog site.

Sam Rigling: Three Muses

Find soulful painter Sam Rigling online at Nader's Gallery.

And ring up Margaret Nader or her brother, Edward, to talk about art and furnishings at 318-868-3021. They're among the most fluent art guides of the city. Recently painter Greg Hornbeak described for me their comprehensive style in matching people and abode to artist and commissioned pieces or to existing pieces of work.

Online you will see work by Bethia Bundrick, Jennifer Rice and Hornbeak. Another artist who sells through Nader's is painter David B Dooley (see earlier post).

Busy week? Nader's Gallery is open until 7 pm on Wednesdays.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Hey God and Shakespeare Back in Action at Fairfield Studios Tues, Ap 27 and Wed, Ap 27

Hunter Carter plays the All-knowing in the film Hey God, made by students Carter and Evan Falbaum. The short comedy won the 2004 Louisiana Film Festival student competition's LPB Award.

The Robinson Film Center (until recently the Louisiana Film center, once upon a time the RAFT, now the RFC) will air Hey God on Tues, Ap 26, at Fairfield Studios, 7 pm. It will be followed by the acclaimed independent movie Garden State.

The RFC will present Evan Falbaum's new comedy Shakespeare Back in Action on Wed, Ap 27, to be followed by Robert Harling's movie Soapdish.

While admission is free, seating is limited. Plan to arrive early, says the RFC's Chris Jay. More info: 424-9090.

Carter and Falbaum are students at Caddo Magnet High School. The school's Mosaic Film Festival has been cancelled, according to sponsor Kay Gammill.

Artists call to Coolspace: 3 days to deadline

Coolspace, the underground at Artspace, has issued a call to artists. The deadline is Ap 27th.

Artists may submit via jpegs, slides or images on websites. See the guidelines here.


Pressed in a book for some time, this back yard fig leaf was resuscitated by Talbot Hopkins via watercolor, Sept., 2004.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Tipitina's Music Co-Op: software and hardware access $10 a month

Musicians' access to computers and training, tech support, cool software, production assistance, and small business mentoring has expanded with the opening of the Tipitina's Music Office Co-op / Shreveport. Shreveport musician "Louisiana" Dan Garner is the office manager.

Garner says "I'm normally here from 10:am to 6:pm, Monday through Friday, so please come by."

Tip's Spt is at 700 Texas Street, in Shreveport's West Edge district, at (318) 934-0000. Membership is $10 per month. See who's using Tip's this week at

Dooley/Arthur group show at Magale Library gallery

At Magale Library, Centenary College, lies one of the city's most elegant art shows. There are cityscapes by painter Alan Arthur, stone sculptures by Jean Dooley, oils by Andre Weatherly and several oils by one of the region's master painters, David B. Dooley. Please see my earlier posts on the artists.

Unknown Heart : Pearl Serbanic mixed media work

At Prima Tazza Coffee you can see the carefully wrought, provocative images of artist Pearl Serbanic. Highly recommended. Please see my earlier posts on Serbanic.

Mars Vegas at Lil Joes Grill Saturday, Ap 23

Chadwick Leger, Brett Roman and Josh Coker may be releasing their first CD at Lil Joes tonight, but they have managed to pump up the whole original music scene for some time with their high and voluble vibes. There will surely be a creative posse hanging at Lil Joes for the Mars Vegas show.

See more at the Times. Brett says he just added an mp3 of Pop Ice to the MV site. See above.

Also, see photos at ShreveportTwo.

Portrait by Micah Alexander at Barnwell Show

Micah Alexander is a gifted illustrator and painter. Based in Austin, he recently came home to install a show of some 30 works in the big gallery at Barnwell Center. This is the last weekend to view the show; it demonstrates that Alexander, son of Don and Shirlene Alexander, is a painter with both technical command as well as a charming world view.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

This summer teach kids the Art of Sailing at the SYC

Catamaranae: HID Regatta
Originally uploaded by trudeau.
Shreveport Yacht Club Junior Sailing Camps 2005

The first session will be June 6-11.
The second session will be July 11-16.
These camps will run Monday thru Saturday.
Beginning at 9 AM and closing at 4 PM.
Lunch is provided.
Cost is $175 per camper.

Once again we have a lot of interest and limited vessels. Please register early.

David W McCary
Goldsmith & Diamondsetter & Sailor
318-426-2056 cell

The SYC, one of the area's best sort-of secret hideaways, is having a membership drive. Membership chair is Mary Ellen McGee.
318-865-8411 (work)
318-798-3600 (home)

What to do this summer: LSUS Courses

Beginning Guitar for TEENS!
Hip-Hop Dance for Beginners
Cartooning & Animation for Beginners
Screenwriting for TEENS!
X-treme Skateboarding for Beginners

Swing Dance for TEENS!
Soccer Camp
Art Clinic (Ages 8-14)
Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 for TEENS!
"Who Done It?"~ A Junior Detective Camp
Ballroom Dancing for TEENS!
Ballroom dancing has never been this fun!
Mural Maniacs!
Exploring Harry Potter! (Ages 7-12)

The pleasures of the city, both visceral - painting, dance - and cerebral - screenwriting, animation - are awaiting you and your nieces and nephews at LSUS. This summer Continuing Ed has assembled an amazing array of teachers and classes for your pleasure. The examples above are Not the entire story. See more at LSUS/CE.

And get the big picture from the Times summer camp listings.

What to do this summer: Centenary Exploration Camp

Architectural Model Making for Entertainment
Beginning Filmmaking
How to be a Film Critic
Inside the Musician's Mind
Introduction to Photography
Zoom and Boom: Build your own Computer Game

This is not at all a bad metro environment; we've got people like Dian Tooke, Centenary College, encouraging professors to make cool class offerings available each summer. Above are the Session I choices. See for the excellent choices to be made from Session II.

Get the big picture from the Times summer camp listings.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Southern University Museum of Art at Shreveport: evocative African environment at 610 Texas

There should be a painted and dancing, colorful line running down the Texas St sidewalk from Artspace at 710 Texas to the Southern University Museum of Art at 610 Texas. Together these galleries comprise an almost perfect pair of evocative art experiences. Carolyn Coatney, coordinator, and Jeffrey Baker, facilitator, manage the extraordinary Southern Metro Campus gallery, officially called Southern University Museum of Art at Shreveport (SUMAS). It is filled with some 400 pieces of African statuary, paintings, fabrics and work in metal.

The 2-story Southern U gallery is what I would call downtown Shreveport's most ecstatic secret. The masks, clothing, instruments, utensils and figures are thickly populated and evocative; there is a surprise round every corner. The artwork was collected by Southern president Dr. Leon Tarver during a 15-year period of visiting the African continent, said Baker.

SUMAS is open Tuesday through Friday, 10 am to 5 pm. Saturdays it is open 10 to 4 pm. Entrance is free; tours are welcome. More info: 676-5520 or 678-4631.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Robert Busieck & Patric McWilliams: The Dresser and beyond

The Dresser enters its final performances this weekend, featuring masterful performances by Patric McWilliams and Jim Montgomery and effective direction by Robert Busieck.

Retiring after an extended run at Marjorie Lyons Playhouse, Centenary College, are director-producer Busieck and actor-director-designer McWilliams. They've been a dramatic nuclear explosion in regional theater.

Exclaimed McWilliams about the new Actor's Equity theater he is founding, "We've got the paperwork done." They are looking at the former Quail Creek Cinema - with the aid of architect Mike McSwain - as a possible home. The next step, of course: "Fund raising."

Performances of The Dresser are Th, April 21, through Sat, Ap 23. For tickets, call 869-5242.

Enjoy Lane Crockett's review of The Dresser at

Mosaic Film Fest cancelled / Evan Falbaum's "Shakespeare: Back in Action" to be shown at Fairfield Studios Wed, Ap 27

"Shakespeare: Back in Action" is what Evan Falbaum calls his recent comedy. It was to be shown Ap 27 at the Mosaic Film Festival, Caddo Magnet High School. The Mosaic Fest has been cancelled.

But the Robinson Film Center Retrospective is featuring “Hey God” and “Garden State” on Tuesday, April 26th and “Shakespeare: Back In Action” and “Soapdish” on Wednesday, April 27th. "Hey, God," was winner in the Louisiana Film Festival's student competition. It was written and filmed by Hunter Carter and Evan Falbaum.

The RFC Retrospective takes place at Fairfield Studios at 7 pm. The event is free but seating is limited. Early arrival is recommended, says Jay.

More info: Chris Jay, 424-9090. Email

SSO's Music of the Superheroes: Th, Ap 21, 7:30 pm, Civic Theater

Grab hold of Spiderman's jersey as the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra takes a symphonic journey through the world of superheroes. Under the direction of Kermit Poling the Symphonic Superheroes concert will feature music from some of Hollywood's kapow-kaboom movies, including Superman, Spiderman and Batman. Additional selections include music from The Mask of Zorro, Braveheart, Star Trek, Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Dramatic lighting will accompany the music, enhancing the audience experience, says Poling.

The concert is a special symphony fundraiser. Symphonic Superheroes might make a terrific intro to the orchestra for kids. No formal clothing needed. More info.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Norton Art Foundation grounds being revamped by Lewis Norton

The be-fountained, brown-water pool in the distant valley of Norton Art Foundation's grounds is dry. By June it will have been replaced by a new pool featuring clear water, aquatic plants, fish and a peninsula, says Lewis Norton. He is responsible for many changes at Norton in recent years, among them special exhibits by the likes of Eudora Welty, Ansel Adams and the current show (extended to Ap 22) of work by Zelda Fitzgerald.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Northwest Louisiana Art Gallery: expansion ahead

Michael G Moore, top center, convened his board recently to consider 2 kinds of expansion: virtual and physical. Meeting at Artspace were, clockwise: Noma-Fowler-Sandlin, Tony Reans, Debbie Engle, Alan Dyson, Talbot Hopkins, Robert Trudeau, Michael Harold, Michael Parker, Chris Fowler-Sandlin and Betty Moore.

Why you feel good about the rise of the area's 'Creative Class'

Advises my droll friend and economic development director from Aurora, OR, Ray Teasley: "Check out - Richard Florida's website. Florida, the economist who advises cities to make investments in things that will attract "young creatives" (such as the arts) would certainly approve of your your website as a local economic development project. Author of "The Rise of the Creative Class" and a new book just out, Florida could give you some ammo for arts grant proposals. Could also be a
suitable link from your blog. As to whether his
theories and recommendations actually work, well...
encouraging people to be cool is certainly a worthy
enough pursuit for its own sake is it not?

In regards economic development, local architect Kim Mitchell of Morgan Hill Sutton and Mitchell, has ideas pertinent to Shreveport's future. His blog, Competitive Communities, may be dense of prose but is research-based and cautionary. For instance, in the recent post he asks "Do big box chain stores ... add real economic value to communities?" I think you will see relevance to Shreveport in his response.

Requiescat in Pace: John Fred Gourrier

The Strawberry Alarm Clock's "Incense & Peppermints," the Monkee's "Daydream Believer" and the Who's "I Can see for Miles" were shouldered aside on the charts in 1967 when "Judy in Disguise" hit America's radios.

It was an exhilirating moment for Louisianians because most people who loved dancing and rock music knew the band who did "Judy:" their own John Fred and the Playboys.

Affable Baton Rouge-based John Fred passed away this week of complications following a kidney transplant, said an obit by Times writer John Andrew Prime.

Me, I'll never forget visiting Shreveport in the 1960's and hearing an ad on KEEL radio that featured John Fred's insouciant version of the John Lee Hooker song "Boogie, Chillun."

Despite being known as a one-hit wonder by the national press, John Fred's catalog of music ("Shirley," "Agnes English," "Up and Down," etc) is appreciated across the globe. He was enjoyed by rockabilly-minded people as well as aficionados of soul and blues.

Gourrier's big hit, by the way, put Shreveport on the map for some listeners. "Judy" was released by Stan Lewis' Paula Records, Shreveport.

Hordes of people have sexy memories of *sweating in* John Fred and the Playboys at dances across the region.

Friday, April 15, 2005

The Dresser closes an era at MLP

The Dresser will be the final production of director Robert Buseick's tenure at Marjorie Lyons Playhouse. It will also mark the end of Patric McWilliams work at MLP.

Buseick has served as the chairman of the Theatre Department for 35 years and has amassed 184 productions as a director. Many of his productions, such as Marat/Sade, Cabaret, A Little Night Music, Bent, Look Homeward Angel, Angels in America, Vivat Vivat Regina, Fiddler on the Roof and Sweeney Todd, changed the face of local theatre.

The Dresser runs April 14-16 and 21-23 at 8 p.m. with a 2 p.m. matinee on April 17. Boxoffice: 318-869-5242

Thursday, April 14, 2005

QuikieMart and friends hit Lil Joes Tavern Friday, Ap 15

Martin Arceneaux, aka Quikie Mart and Mr. Tibbs, is part of the Media Darlin Records congerie out of New Orleans. Martin has been building beats with a passion since high school at Caddo Magnet, where he was a poet and wag. I've got recordings of his work going back to dark step sounds on cassette.

Catch his rap and his podnas at Lil Joes Tavern Friday, Ap 15.

Lil Joes now has a web site. Quite helpful, Zach. Happily for Shrevetown, Zach and Benedict have put their not terribly large grill on the national indie band circuit.

A bit o' perspective from Sara Hebert's blog:

"There are those people who moan and complain that "Shreveport Sucks!" I shake my head at them and say, you are a silly fool. Last night I realized that Joe's is actually on its way to being damn cool. I'm horribly proud of Benedict, whom the last I could remember was drinking a Daquiri, reading in a hammock stretched between two porch posts of 538 Dalzell. The guy has mad passion for the place and doing cool sh*t. I'm proud to have him as a friend. I just wish he'd quit calling my cellphone."

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Musicians debate city's investment in Tipitina's Foundation

Fascinating debate over the merits of the city granting some $40,000 seed money to the Tipitina's Foundation is unfolding at the forum. The Tipitina's Foundation is to be an incubator for musicians, especially in regards access to online services. Battle-tested songwriter-performer Ted Lindsay, host of Red River Radio's local music show, Ted's Diner, questions the concept, the utility and the money. Lots of musicians have joined the dialogue.

Hogwartian after-school arts program: Renzi Center

"This is like Hogwarts School, Shreveport," is how Chuck Loridans, artist and writer, thinks of Renzi Education & Art Center. Loridans is a veteran teacher of cartooning for Renzi. Charles Madden, far right, has been creating multi-panel, storytelling cartoons (Vanisher Boy) since Renzi opened, 1999. Also creating lines and stories: Pat Mason (Knotzie Animals) and Ashland Adger (Diego, the Surfing Cat). Cedric Demming, standing, is a Loyola student-volunteer at Renzi. Murals in the background are by Madden, a student at St. Joseph's.

In June Renzi will offer a student film program. More info from directors Valerie Adger and Amy Slack: 222-1414.

Renzi's founders were Sister Sharon Rambin and the late artist Donna Service.

Monday, April 11, 2005

The coolness of Pearl Serbanic: PsychicSurgery4

See Pearl Serbanic's mixed media work at Prima Tazza Coffee this month (318-550-0174). Her work is so clean of line - given that within the core lies emotional turmoil - that the Ikea-like setting of Prima Tazza seems tres sympatico.

Reception Friday, Ap 15, 6 to 8 pm.

Pearl Serbanic: PsychicSurgery5 at Prima Tazza

Among the most collectible work in the region is Pearl Serbanic's. She is a deeply-soulful, well-schooled as well as intuitive artist. Her work represents a distillation of thought and technique that has matured over her difficult years.

At $800, this mixed media piece, Psychic Surgery 5, is a bargain. See it at Prima Tazza Coffee and Tea, at Well Necessities, Ashley Ridge (318-550-0174).

For more on Pearl, see this attentive interview by Jennnifer Flowers. See, too, Pearl's site on

The reception for the Prima Tazza show is Friday, Ap 15, 6 to 8 pm.

French-speaking performers come from across the globe to perform in Lafayette

Festival Internationale de Louisiane, to be held in Lafayette Ap 20 - 24, is more exotic than the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Fest.

Performers and chefs from Europe, Africa, Canada and the Caribbean ensure a ripping good time. And there's art of every description. Your collection of paintings and sculpture will certainly swell if you visit Festival.

In Shreveport, thanks to I-49, we are so close that a day trip is not out of the question.

See more at the site de Festival.

If you've got stories of favorite times at Festival Internationale, please post them here.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Shreveport Symphony Orchestra: Superheroes concert Th, Ap 21

Choirs from Centenary College and Northwestern State as well as the Red River Children's Chorus filled the stage - indeed, they sang powerfully - at the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra concert this week.

Please see more at

Music from Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Batman and Superman will crackle and thunder when the SSO presents Superheroes at 7:30 pm Thursday, Ap 21. For tickets call 227-8863.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Downtown's coolest family: the Bots of Artspace

The Bot family can be mesmerizing. They won't talk to you or wave to you. When they look toward you, they're looking right past you. They're easily the coolest family in Shreveport. Peer at them Saturdays at Artspace.

Hands-on activities ("Mom, monster trucks in the sticky paint! Yay!"), robot dancing, shopping: do the right stuff downtown at Artspace. from 10 to 4 Saturday - and late browsers may continue visiting til 9 pm.

Info: 673-6563.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Tibetan monks make mandala at Meadows

The Sand Mandala for World Healing is the title of this work by Tibetan monks from the Drepung Loseling Monastery, India. The mandala, constructed in the main gallery of Meadows Museum, Centenary College, will be completed at noon on Friday, Ap 8. Following an interfaith ceremony - to be held under a tent aside the museum - the mandala will be destroyed.

The Tibetan monks will present Sacred Music Sacred Dance at the Strand Theater on Sunday, Ap 24. Tickets are at the Meadows.

Meadows Museum offers insight into Tibetan monks' lives in exile

The Tibet Photo Project comprises photos taken by Tibetan monks of their life in the Drepung Loseling Monastery in India. The photos, on display at Meadows Museum of Art, Shreveport, are winning documents in every sense. Here Mary Meyers and mom, Barbara, view the men's colorful life. The exhibit will continue through May 29. Meadows hours and more info: 869-4070.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Alta Boover: Young singer with the Shreveport Symphony's Judas Maccabaeus, Saturday, April 9

Alta Boover is a mezzo-soprano from the Eastman School of Music via a magna cum laude degree from Skidmore. This year she is part of Shreveport Opera's Young Artist program. Saturday night she will sing with the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra.

The concert, Handel's Judas Maccabaeus, features 4 singers and a large orchestra. But few of the artists involved will offer you the charm you will find on Ms. Boover's blog, Imagine a Massachusetts girl having a ball with Mardi Gras, gators and a myriad of Bayou State attractions.

Also featured are singers Gale Odom, coloratura soprano; Randal Rushing, tenor, and Timothy Jones, bass-baritone. Chorus members include the Centenary Camerata, Dr. Julia Brasher Thorn, conductor; NSU Chamber Choir, Dr. Burt Allen, conductor, and the Red River Children's Choir, Betty Adkins, director.

* 7:30 p.m. Saturday, April 9, 2005
* Shreveport Civic Theatre, 600 Clyde Fant Parkway
* $7, $18, $30, and $36, with $5 student tickets for seating anywhere in the theatre.
* Call the Symphony box office at 227-TUNE (8863) between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

* Limited valet parking is available for $3.
* One time shuttle from Uptown Shopping Center at 6:15 p.m.
* Shuttle will depart from the AmSouth parking garage (corner of Milam and Market Streets) at 5:30 p.m. and every 10 minutes until concert time.

More on the concert from Times writer Jennifer Flowers.

Yazzy Concert: Young jazz players bolstered by Brady Blade, Jr, and violinist Michael Ward at the Strand Theater, Friday, Ap 8

Theater of the Performing Arts, directed by Gloria Gibson, takes care of young jazz players Friday by inviting hometown hero Brady Blade, Jr, and electric violinist Michael Ward to join the teens onstage. The show, featuring musicians, singers and string players from Caddo high schools, will begin at 7 pm at the Strand Theater. Tickets are $10, adults, and $5, students.

Brady, son of the Reverend Brady Blade, Sr., was born into a musical household in Shreveport, says the Mapex Drums site (he endorses and performs clinics for Mapex). He and his brother, Blue Note recording artist Brian, grew up playing in the church, listening to the same albums and sharing many of the same influences. Brady has performed and recorded with Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle, Jewel, Dave Matthews and the Indigo Girls.

Michael Ward developed his chops at Southern Univeristy, Baton Rouge, under teacher Alvin Batiste. Moving to New Orleans, Ward established himself as a Crescent City artist. Sample his music or buy his smooth jazz albums at

For more info on the concert, the Third Annual Yazzy Young People's Jazz Concert, call Theater of the Performing Arts director Gloria Gibson at 525-0740.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Paintings by David Dooley at Magale Library Gallery

This model was painted by David Dooley in Virginia. The work, in oil, was purchased at the opening reception of a group show at Centenary College.

Featuring work by a group of four Louisiana natives, the exhibit will be on display for six weeks. Please call 869-5047, Magale Library, Centenary College, for hours.

David Dooley oils / cattle in Virginia

One of the most accomplished painters of the region is David Brian Dooley. He has lived and painted in France, Spain, Canada, New York and Virginia. Dooley and wife Jean, a sculptor, currently reside in Shreveport. Their recent work is on display in the gallery at the Centenary College Magale Library.

Jean Dooley, Magale Library show: alabaster sculpture

Jean Dooley is a self-taught sculptor who works in limestone and sandstone as well as alabaster. Her work has been shown in Staunton, Roanoke and Lynchburg, Virginia, as well as in Shreveport.

Alan Arthur cityscape in oil

Most of the work in the Magale Library shown by Alan Arthur was painted in Norway. His work has been purchased by corporate clients as well as collectors. He's a Centenary Class of '80 fine arts grad.

Andre Weatherly / still life in oil at Magale Library

Andre Weatherly is a self-taught painter who has also studied with David Dooley. This is his second show at Magale Library, Centenary College.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Micah Alexander show opens at the Barnwell Center Friday, Ap 8

Austin-based artist Micah Alexander will show work in downtown Shreveport at the Barnwell Center from Ap 8. There's a reception Friday, Ap 8, from 7 to 9 pm, at the Barnwell.

Alexander's web site is filled with high-quality commercial work. As in the self-portrait, the work is at the Wow level of clean and cool. He works in oils, in digital mode and mixed media.

Alexander is a Caddo Magnet High School '97 who in '03 got a BS in illustration from the Ringling School of Art and Design. He said, "This is my very first display of my work as a single exhibit. A major portion of my work to be shown are portraits (oil-paintings) with several 'still-life' pieces. A very important piece that will be shown is a memorial tribute to Michael Alan Simpson, Jr., who was originally from Shreveport. He was involved in a tragic car accident in Austin last April and his mom commissioned me to do a series in his honor. Michael was well known through the cycling circles in Shreveport."

Micah's parents are artists; father Don is a muralist - see the rose on the Holiday Inn Downtown - and mother Shirlene teaches top students at Caddo Magnet HS and is additionally the painter-producer of the Sportran art buses.


Shreveport band the Rock Popes Saturday night, Ap 9, at Sharpies

Unlike me, the Shreveport band called the Rock Popes are not taking advantage of the passing of Karol Wojtyla, revered as il Pape, despite their terrific tie-in. In fact, has a warm commemoration and a commitment to observe the novem diales, the traditional 9 days of mourning. Their web site will be dark for the nonet, they say. Teaching the raucous rock audience a bit of Latin/Italian is not the usual fare, is it?

Yet children must be fed and the show must go on, as all popes (means "father," right?) know. So you can hear a performance, says their website forum, on Saturday at Sharpies.