Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Half Nelson: hot indie film thrown up by RFC at Regal Boardwalk, Th, Nov 2, 7:30 pm

Dinelle, Hannah and James
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Says Chris Jay, the Robinson Film Center's gold tooth: "One night only. The surprise indie hit of 06: Half Nelson."

Admits Jay, "I’m really trying to make this event a success because it’ll make future screenings possible and send a great message to the folks on my board. If we can send a clear signal that these screenings are something the public would get excited about, we may be bringing “The Science of Sleep,” “The U.S. Vs. John Lennon” or “The Queen” in December."

Half Nelson stars Ryan Gosling
Thurs, Nov. 2 at 7:30 PM
Admission $7.50
For mo info or to purchase tickets in advance, call (318) 424-9090
Tickets may be purchased in Auditorium #8 immediately before the film begins – DO NOT STOP AT THE REGAL TICKET WINDOW
“Half Nelson” is Rated R for drug use and profanity.

“’Half Nelson’ has to be seen.”
-Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

“An honest and inspirational film.”

View the trailer here:

Learn more about the film at www.halfnelsonthefilm.com

Paintings, poetry & photography by Cyndi Chamlee at Magale Lib, Nov 1

Art by Cyndi Chamlee at Magale Lib, Nov 1
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Meet Me at the Library:
Paintings, Poetry, and Photography Exhibit by Cyndi Chamlee
November 1 thru December 22
Magale Library, Centenary College

Claire Cook, Chelsea Cockburn in Shreveport Met Ballet's Nutcracker on Dec 8, 10 at Riverview Theater

Claire Cook, Chelsea Cockburn in Shreveport Met Ballet's version of the Nutcracker / Pat Harrington photo

Chelsea Cockburn and Claire Cook will share the role of Clara in performances of Shreveport Metropolitan Ballet's The Nutcracker. Shows will take place on Friday, December 8, at 7:30 p.m. and on Sunday, December 10, at 3 p.m, says Susan Gross. Both shows will be at the Riverview Theater (formerly the Civic Theater) in downtown Shreveport.

The Shreveport Symphony Orchestra will accompany both performances. Guest dancers from the Milwaukee Ballet will perform the grand Sugar Plum Fairy pas de deux.

Other principal roles will be danced by SMB’s Junior and Senior Companies, consisting of 33 local young dancers. Rounding out the cast will be children from five area dance studios, bringing the total number of performers to well over one hundred.

Dancing the Snow Queen role will be Mary Jane Hobgood and Miriam Estes. The Dew Drop Fairy will be performed by Sydney Normand and Emily Camden. Portraying the life-size dancing dolls will be Casey Bevens, Caitlin McManigell, Chelsea Smith, Carolyn Murphy, Kelsee Green, and Emily Young. Tom Pace, host of the popular Talk of the Town radio program, will appear in the comic role of Mother Ginger.

Other soloists will be John Bogan as Doctor Drosselmeyer, Andre Pitre as the Nutcracker, and William Caleb Gaston as the Mouse King.

Artistic Directors of SMB are Kendra Meiki and Adrienne Brooks-Johnson. They have been rehearsing the dancers for The Nutcracker since September. “We’re going to have some exciting surprises in the choreography this year,” Meiki said. “We’re also featuring beautiful new costumes for the Waltz of the Flowers, Chocolate From Spain, Marzipan Shepherdesses, and Christmas Eve Party scenes.”

Ticket prices range from $10 to $30. Group discount rates are available. For further information, to reserve tickets, or to reserve spots at the luncheon, patrons can call the SMB office on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.: (318) 459-1457. During the week preceding the performances, patrons can also visit the Riverview Theater box office from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. or phone: (318) 673-5108.

Bubble Rap II closes; artists pick up work Wed, Nov 1, says curator Michael Moore

Sleep, 2005, Michael G Moore
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Dear Artists,

Bubble Rap II is up until October 31st, which falls on Tuesday of next week. Please make arrangements to pick up your work from both the LSUS and Centenary galleries on Wednesday, November 1. If for some reason you can not make this date to pick up your work, let me know so we can make other arrangements.

Michael G Moore

Monday, October 30, 2006

Bossier Hoo-ha: city council dumps Bossier Arts Council & art activities by zeroing the money for non-profits

Starry Night At East Bank Theater, Bossier City: Jamie, Dick, Susan, Richard
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"Hey, everybody," writes Cookie Garner. "This one's not about music, but about art - my daytime work/love relationship. Bossier City Council voted to cut funding to the Bossier Arts Council the other day. Oops... no more day job for me and no more Bossier Arts Council. If any of you have the time and give a damn about this issue, please consider attending the meeting mentioned below.

I know this would be a serious loss for the community and for the
thousands of children whose only exposure to the arts is through the
services the BAC provides.

A special meeting has been called by the Bossier City Council on Tuesday, Oct 31, at 3 pm. Please attend this meeting to show your support of BAC.

The meeting will be held in the Council Chambers - Municipal Complex - 620, Benton Rd, Bossier City, La.

The Bossier Arts Council is home to East Bank Theatre, East Bank Art Gallery, BAC Annex and the Creativity Center. The Bossier Arts Council provides support and programming to the Bossier Parish Schools. Without this funding the Bossier Arts Council will cease to exist."

Trudeau notes: Councilman Scott Irwin said tonight that the council's intent is to restore the funding as soon as the arts organizations can re-apply in paperwork deemed legal by the council's attorney. Irwin said city Attorney Jimmy Hall precipitated the cuts by telling the council that the current arrangement was illegal.

Mosquitosophagus debuts lengthy, intriguing movie and adept score at minicine

Eric & Peter
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The lens of an old movie camera peered at the viewers in the opening of  the new film by Eric Dean, painter and musician. He spent several months making the film that he and trio Mosquitosophagus presented at minicine Sun, Oct 29.

A vignette of suspended romance between elaborately garbed players was langourously enacted. Soon the audience was plunged, however, into a bibliographic world of communication through ancient symbols: physician's diagrams, maps of the human physiognomy. The camera scanned the browned pages of antique and arcane books. Turn-of-the-century objets on a tabletop became an oscillating tableau. Diagrams of insects became a theme. 

Dean's stream-of-consciousness mystery movie linked scenes by design motifs. Book illustrations morphed to fabric patterns. An industrial passage emerged. Clockworks and industrial mechanisms fitted themselves to one another. Lighting was muted; sepia tones seemed to dominate.

Pete Fetterman's drum performance - as the trio provided a soundtrack to the silent film - was symphonic. Adept at quiet time-keeping as well as at odd meters, Fetterman built to a capacious cacaphony in the frenzied peak of the score.

Destiny Toro played violin capably, providing melodies and sonorities that complemented Dean's guitar work. Squawks, crowd sounds, additional guitars and percussion sprang from Dean's computer, the 4th member of the group.

Eventually the lengthy film - over 45 minutes - moved into the contemporary world of  technicolor images. The insects, organic landscapes and cogs glowed atomically. Symmetry and kinematics emerged in colors. Finally there was a hyper extension into a white world with a shredded black energy source dancing in the ether. 

Said filmmaker Chris Jay, “I was happy to know that this group would not be gone in the morning.” Jay referred to the touring multimedia shows presented by David Nelson at minicine.

Ethan Rose was an example of the touring stimulati. A member of Small Sails, the Portland headliners of the evening, he crawled about the floor plucking a miced xylophone and psaltry. Sent out through an extensive effects chain the sounds of his solo number were cathedral.

Small sails had begun their set when I was called away. Alas. Their drummer was tight. Rose’s singing was ethereal. Adam and Ethan performed a contagious dance as the projector began to flicker. The music soared.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Movies & art rock at Minicine: Mosquitosophagus & Small Sails at 846 Texas Sun, Oct 29, 8 pm

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The Devil Music Ensemble set the tone for the month. The trio from Boston played a live score to the 1922 Dracula movie, Nosferatu, at Centenary College.

There was no slack in the Devil Music Ensemble score. Drum hits and portentous crescendos happened exactly where the movie action required them. Guitarist Brendon Wood employed lap steel, a synth and other instruments in addition to his Telecaster and numerous effects. Violinist Jonah Rapino doubled on vibraphone. Drummer Tim Nylander often played synth bass with one hand while percussing with the other.

The idea of a horror movie plus art rock group - DME played from orchestral to country - was appealing to a large crowd.

On Sun, Oct 29, Mosquitosophagus brings their new movie and score to 846 Texas. Painter-musician Eric Dean with violinist Destiny Toro and drummer Pete Fetterman make meditative as well as crunchy sounds via samples & guitar in addition to the instruments above.

Additionally, Minicine's David Nelson has booked the group Small Sails. The melodious quartet from Portland- formerly known as Adelaide - are on a national tour of clubs and galleries with movies made from archival as well as original film loops. Under the category of indie / ambient / pop on their myspace site you'll hear handsome chiming sounds and vocals atop the samples.

Small Sails includes folk singer Ethan Rose, who will have his own set of sonic citino called Ceiling Songs.

Muted multimedia muchness at 846 Tex, $5 donation; 8 pm.

swampland.org, the original art blog for Shreveport

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Skeleton on drums: Leland Strebeck sale of paintings and prints at Strebeckart.com

Skeleton on drums: Leland Strebeck sale of paintings and prints at Strebeckart.com
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Leland Strebeck is on the pop art edge ridden by only by the young painters. His work is part cartoon and video games, part cute and childlike, part mystical and satirical.

Owing to a certain scrape that has arisen, he needs to move some art, he writes. He's offering bargain prices. Drop him a line and he'll send you an email with links to illustrations of some 30 pieces on the block. An example: "mini brain exposed bunny." Everything's about 20 bucks and is spunky and charming.


Green Milk from the Planet Orange @ Cooper Manor, 122 E Dalzell, with The Mall, at 8 pm Th, Oct 26

05-19 Green Milk the Planet Orange @ Cake Shop (20)
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Listening to KPSU.org, Portland's college radio, right now. It's a download of an appearance of Tokyo trio Green Milk From the Planet Orange. I must say that I like their rock trio psychedelic energy. What I like even more is the way the lads from the world's most populous city have parlayed their music into a national US tour and widespread under-the-radar notice.

They careen into Shreveport Thursday to play a gig at Cooper Manor, 122 E Dalzell, says host Dale Cooper. Paired with a group from Los Angeles called The Mall, the deal is music and beer for $8.

Pick up their their package at myspace.com/gmftpo or green-milk.com.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Singer-songwriter Jay Mankita performing Sat, Nov 4, 7 pm, Fairfield Studios House Concert Series

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Jay Mankita is such an effective performer that he has won his own page in Wikipedia.org.

To wit: "Jay Mankita is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist. His original songs integrate elements of blues, bluegrass, ballads, ragtime, swing, and samba, and he also performs old standards. His work features humor and is often pointed politically, as in his 2004 release "They Lied", which is critical of the George W. Bush administration. He has recorded several albums, including music for children. Mankita has also been an actor, photographer, swing dancer, environmental activist, and playwright."

Check out the veracity of wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, by visitng with Mankita at Fairfield Studios Sat, Nov 4, 7 pm.

$15 donation, says Jim Huckabay. Huckabay creates the jazzy posters and graphics that surround the House Concert series.

or buzz 220-0400.

Arts Congress to plan Shreveport/Bossier's future on Sat, Nov 4 - 8:30 - 1:00 - at Bronson Hall, LSUS

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Wear your bathing suit under your clothing Sat, Nov 4, if you come to the arts planning conference at LSUS. It's being called a retreat and it's my guess that many will go down to the river afterwards to quaff brews and catch a few rays.

Says Carlos Colon, "We are a group of artistic, consenting adults and there's no telling what we might do beyond discussing the following:

1. Increasing Visibility of the Arts in Shreveport/Bossier.
2. Strengthening Perception of the Arts as Integral in All Areas of
Civic Life
3. Strengthening Administrative Operations through Collaborations
4. Strengthening Relationships within the Family of Arts Organizations

He continues "We have seen how easily arts funding can disappear. The artists and arts organizations must learn to perform together for the benefit of all."

Under the leadership of the estimable Paula Hickman, Community Foundation for Spt-Bossier, the meetees in this, in effect, Arts Congress, will record their thoughts and sit across the table from counterparts otherwise perhaps rarely seen. Dr Norm Dolch will aid the conference as recorder.

Among the ringleaders:
Angelique Feaster
Gloria Gipson
Janice Nelson
Carlos Colon
Major Brock
Richard Folmer
Pam Atchison

More info: ccolon@shreve-lib.org

Sat, Nov 4 8:30 - 1:00, Bronson Hall, LSUS. No charge.

Music plus film show: Portland's Small Sails and Mosquitosophagus at Minicine, 846 Texas, Sun, Oct 29, 8 pm

small sails
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Minicine is firing up another multimedia filament. This one includes:
1) Mosquitosophagus (Shreveport) http://www.myspace.com/mosquitosophagus
(guitar,drums, violin, cello,live samples, loops, keys, various metal objects) + film

2) Ethan Rose Solo (Portland) http://www.myspace.com/ethanrose
(Ethan is part of SmallSails) Ceiling Songs

3)SmallSails (Portland) http://www.smallsails.com/
From their elegant web site:
Were you smaller than you were, these two lights might be light enough. Were you smaller than you were, all of the room would overwhelm you with comfort. Were you smaller than you were, one man’s click would become your crash. If we, four men or a machine, have brought with us anything, it is a joy built for sharing. Made of light and sound, it hardly differs from the everyday. Some real and some not, these noises are made for pleasure and these visions for thought. It is small sails.

Sunday Oct. 29 8PM
846 Texas Avenue-Downtown
$5 Donation

"SmallSails came to Shreveport last January as Adelaide. One of my all time favorite shows at minicine?" says host David Nelson. He adds, "Our space at 846 Texas Avenue has functional heating and air conditioning should one, the other, or both of these be required."

Monday, October 23, 2006

Best secrets and other parallels between Artspace and Bossier City's Mardi Gras Museum

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Jan Petiet, tour guide non pareil, is a member of the board at the Mardi Gras Museum, 2010 E. Texas St, Bossier. "If you haven't seen the museum in a while, you need to enjoy the changes we've made and the possibilities of this facility," she says.

Like Artspace, the Mardi Gras Museum is not open to the public all week. In fact, the MGM is open only Sat, 11 to 4 and Sun, 1 to 4 pm. But it is open by appointment any day.

The fantasy world of sequins and masks is the emphasis at the MGM. I can testify that it is a terrific place for a party, having led the second line there for visiting Texans. One very cool item is that the room is quickly configurable. Every display is mounted atop hidden rollers.

There's a clean new web site. Please see

Your hosts are Betty Bamonte, exec dir, and Carolyn Wroten, chairman of the board. Call 318-741-3019.

West Edge Artists Co-op will complete renovation of 725 Milam St in some 2 weeks; then a whole gang of artists are expected to join

West Edge Artists Co-op
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"Our newly-remodeled gallery space at 725 Milam Street passed all city inspections today! Many thanks to the volunteers who donated time, money and talent to the cause; the gallery is a sight to behold," said West Edge spear chucker Debbie Engle. " We will be installing artwork within the next two weeks, and will be open for business as soon as we receive our final Certificate of Occupancy."

"Our soft opening is tentatively scheduled for the weekend of Nov. 3, and our grand opening for the day after Thanksgiving. We hope Shreveport will be proud of it's largest, privately-owned downtown art gallery!"

The West Edge Artists' Co-op Board of Directors
Michael Parker
Pam Rowell
Theresa Ratcliff
Ladonna Hughes
Debbie Buchanan Engle

Co-op movers and shapers in the snap above are Tony Reans, Pam Rowell, Theresa Ratcliff, Debbie Engle and Danielle Reans.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Chicago debut for painter Bill Gingles at the Ogilvie/Pertl Gallery in the River East Art Center

For Example by Bill Gingles / BillGingles.net

In Chicago the Ogilvie/Pertl Gallery is located in the recently opened River East Art Center, a new arts destination under one roof, says opgallery.com. In a fine bit of copy it quietly states "the gallery displays intriguing and compelling work from emerging and well-established artists in a wide variety of styles and media."

The good news for rising art figure Bill Gingles, a painter whose grasp of enigma is compelling, is that it's his Chicago debut in "a group show featuring the work of Bill Gingles and other gallery artists." The reception was Oct 20. Work is up through Nov 12 from 5:30p - 8:30pm.

More at Billgingles.net and opgallery.com

Find Michael D Harold's Shreveport work at the new online Saatchi-gallery.co.uk - and we apologize for the penis

Work by Bruce Allen and Michael D Harold at Arodasi Studio.
Originally uploaded by trudeau.

Pretty much an international version of Michael G Moore's NWLaArtGallery.com, the new Saatchi online gallery has the added cachet of being associated with an art mogul and the city of London. The first regional artist who's come to me having created a corner of their own at Saatchi online is the estimable painter-writer-digitalist Michael D Harold.

His 12-foot, pink penis - created with Bruce Allen at Arodasi Gallery - is shown spitting police cordon tape.

In a first observation of the saatchi, he writes "They say the artist views are randomized, but it's seems to be a little rigged. The same artists keep showing up on the first 4-5 pages." There is an alphabetical listing of all artists in which you will find Harold and works of his that are a lot less phallic. I found him under Your Gallery.

Here's a global position:

or simply saatchi-gallery.co.uk for a tour of the lush work of the moment. Didn't see anything that rivalled the Harold-Allen schmo, though.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Diwali, Festival of Lights, to be celebrated in downtown Shreveport: Municipal Park, Sun, Oct 22, 6 pm

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The LSUS India Studies program, in collaboration with the Municipal Park Plaza and the India Association of Shreveport and Bossier, is sponsoring Diwali (Festival of Lights) celebrations at Municipal Park, at corner of Milam & Common in downtown Shreveport at 6 p.m. on Sunday (Oct. 22), says Sanjay Menon. 
The park will be decorated with lights and there will be a short cultural program.  There will be an Indian food booth to buy snacks (by India Kitchen).  Dinner plates will also be available for $7.00.  The highlight of the program will be a fireworks display.  The entire program is subject to cancellation in case it rains. All ages welcome.
The Festival of Lights, known as Diwali (or Deepavali), is one of the most important holidays in India, the equivalent of Christmas in North America. There are many legends surrounding Diwali, but essentially, it is the celebration of the triumph of good over evil.  In northern India, Diwali is associated with the return of King Rama (an incarnation of Lord Vishnu), after vanquishing the demon Ravana.  He returned on a new moon night; so his subjects lit up the city and his path into the city.  In southern India, Deepavali is associated with the slaying of the demon Narakasura by Lord Krishna (also an incarnation of Lord Vishnu).  Every year, people light up their houses on Diwali night with clay oil lamps.  Men, women and children wear new clothes and burst firecrackers of all types. Gifts and sweets are exchanged as people wish each other well for the coming year.
Contact . . .
Sanjay T. Menon, Ph.D., India Studies Professor
Louisiana State University Shreveport
Tel: (318) 797 5186
e-mail: smenon@lsus.edu

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Edgy exhibit Cuba Plastica: Recent Art from Cuba to close at Meadows Museum of Art Sun, Oct 22

Cirenaica Moreira: With love, from the voice of wisdom

One of the most stimulating shows I've seen in some time is closing Sun, Oct 22, at Meadows, Musuem, Centenary College. There's a section of Cuba Plastica: Recent Art from Cuba, with signs that warn of adult content. In Shreveport, where most shows with a bit of skin never see the light of a doorway, this is good news.

The nudity therein is genteel. It reminds us how gorgeous human exposure can be when presented by a graceful artist. In this case the artist is young Cuban woman Cirenaica Moreira. Her representatives at thefrasergallery.com claim that " She is considered by many to be one of the most influential Cuban photographers of her generation." Certainly she has exhibited work in every corner of the world.

Also ending its run is the show Paperworks from the Roland-Geist Collection of New Orleans. Did you know that there are some 8 or 9 David Hockney works being exhibited a few dozen yards from King's Highway? They're efficient and evocative and come from his pen and brush over a long period, 1961 to 1984. Plus there are a couple of Jim Dine works on paper, a Warhol silkscreen called "Botticelli in Primavera" and fun work by Chris Orr.

Wish my fellow artists from the Bubble Rap II exhibit would make the Meadows before this closes and tell me their reaction. Or you, dear reader.

Meadows is noon to 4 Fri, 1 pm to 4 pm Sat and Sun.

Spooky science at SciPort's Tricks & Treats Night, Sat, Oct 28 6 pm

The Children
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With programs ranging from Alien Ooze and Crazy Chemistry to Cryogenics and Creepy Crawlies, Tricks & Treats Night returns to Sci-Port Discovery 6 to 9 pm Saturday, October 28, says Eric Gipson. Sweet treats, provided courtesy of Brookshires, and a Spooky RiverQuest cruise on the Red will round out the fun.

Activities include:

Live creatures of the Night--See and touch snakes and other nocturnal animals. Animals courtesy of Critter Co.

Super Slimy Senses Laboratory--Use touch and hearing to figure out what slimy surprises are hiding inside Mystery Boxes!

Crazy Chemistry--Watch Sci-Port’s resident mad scientist concoct exciting eruptions, crazy color reactions and fabulous fires.

Creepy Crawlies Nature Lab--Get an up close look at insect parts through microscopes and try guessing the number of creepy crawlies in critter jars.

Cryogenics--Chill out awhile at this ice-cold presentation.

Alien Radioactive Test Site--Make glowing alien ooze and experiment with mysterious “bleeding paper.”

Carnival Corner Craziness--Participate in spider fishing, potion making, pumpkin tossing and (if you dare) dip your hand in the witch’s cauldron for the chance to win a prize.

Sci-Port Costume Contest--All goblins, ghouls, princesses and knights are welcome to enter. Prizes will be awarded for the top three costumes in both the children and adult categories. Judging will be from 6 to 7:30 pm and winners will be announced at 8:30 pm.

Spooky RiverQuest on the Red
Begin or end the evening with eerie ghost stories told on a one-hour cruise on the Spirit of the Red.
6 & 7 p.m. – Stories will be appropriate for children and families.
8 & 9 p.m. – Stories will be more teen and adult-oriented.
Admission per cruise is $8. The enclosed and climate-controlled Spirit of the Red boat, docked across from Sci-Port, holds only 30 passengers, so reservations are suggested by calling (318) 424-8660.

Tricks & Treats Night admission is $3 for Sci-Port members and $5 for non-members. One parent per child will be admitted free. Admission is available at the door or in advance by calling (318) 424-8660.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hairspray the musical atomizes the Strand Theater, Shreveport, Sat, Oct 21, 8 pm

musical posters [nyc]
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Follow the road to fame with Tracy Trumblad, a big girl with big hair and an even bigger heart, says the ad copy for A Notable Musical.

After winning a spot on a local TV dance program, she turns into an irresistible teen celebrity. But can her phat fame win her romance with hearthrob Link Larkin without denting her 'do'?

The Strand Theater has the answer in song and dance Sat, Oct 21, at 8:00 p.m.

Tickees: $69.50, $59.50, $39.50

Sorry; this show is not part of the regular season and is not subject to
Friends' discounts, it says at thestrandtheater.com.

Strand Theater presents the Wiggles and Wags in Dorothy the Dino Fri, Oct 20, 6 and 7:30 pm

scavenger hunt #14
Originally uploaded by mpmb.

"Join the Wiggles' best friends, Captain Feathersword, Wags the dog, Henry the octopus and, ta da, Dorothy the dinosaur, as they sing and dance to all the nutty favorite Wiggles' songs," says Andrea Arnold at The Strand Theater.

Fri, Oct 20, 6:00 and 7:30 p.m.
$15, $12, $10
More at thestrandtheater.com

This is a 30-minute performance especially for youngsters and their governesses and governors.

Martha Kostiuk Hollier, soprano who sang with the Bolshoi Theater Opera, to perform concerts on Oct 20, 28 and Nov 14

Martha Hollier, soprano, at Tipitina's Office Co-op
Originally uploaded by trudeau.

Martha Kostiouk Hollier, who was soprano soloist for 21 years with the Bolshoi Theater Opera, will be performing again in Caddo Parish this fall as part of a Shreve Memorial Library grant awarded through the Louisiana Decentralized Arts Funding Program.

On October 20, Hollier will present "A Window on Russia Through Fairy Tales" at the Vivian Elementary/Middle School, 100 West Kentucky Avenue in Vivian, from 10:00 to 10:45 a.m.

She will give two opera concerts in Shreveport, says Carlos Colon. The first will be on October 28 at the Hamilton/South Caddo Library, 2111 Bert Kouns Industrial Loop, from 2:30 to 4:00 p.m., and the second concert will be November 14 at the Wallette Library, 363
Hearne Avenue from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m.

In the opera concerts, Hollier will be accompanied by Dr. Ross E. Smith, Associate Professor of Piano at Centenary College of Louisiana. Each of the programs is free and open to the public.

City's swankiest women on Strand stage for River City Repertory Theater benefit drama, The Women; Sun, Nov 5, 5 pm

Pam Atchison, Linda Goldsberry and Sandi Kallenberg welcome MaryBeth O Connor as Artspace manager
Originally uploaded by trudeau.

"One night only," promises Patric McWilliams of his show-stopping gang. "An all-star cast," he reminds us of the shapely group he has assembled for the River City Repertory benefit on November 5.

To wit, he has gainfully employed Virginia Shehee, Pam Atchison, Liz Swaine, Mimi Hussey, Arlena Acree, Janet Lindsay, Donna Curtis, Sandi Kallenberg, Linda Goldsberry, Betty Phillips, Helen Black, Gwen Campbell, Betty Jo LeBrun-Mooring, Jan Elkins, Johnette McCrery, Margaret Martin, Sandra Braddock, Ollie Tyler, Dr. Helen Black, Sherry Wright, Glenda Erwin, Michele White, Lillian Priest, Catherine Barbaree, Marion Glorioso, Anne Gremillion, Seva May, Jodie Glorioso, Ruth Doreck, Anna Maria Sparke-Keele, Candace Higginbotham, and Knox Goodman in a show.

"RCRT brings together a glittering line-up of Shreveport’s most recognizable faces and names for a staged reading of the hilarious Broadway smash, The Women. Watch your favorite local femme fatale perform on-stage at The Strand and find out who will prevail in the end!" says McWilliams, eager for excitement.

He waxes on in an almost-inimitable voice, "This hilarious, back-biting comedy is played against the background of Manhattan’s fashionable set, with the story focusing on naïve Mary Haines who loses her husband to ruthless Crystal Allen, who is aided and abetted by poisonous Sylvia Fowler, whose own spouse has taken up with another woman. The ladies all travel to Reno seeking quick endings to their marital woes and, while in the throes of divorce, all wage war against each another. By the time this blistering and witty comedy comes to an end, Mary has learned to grow her claws, have them lacquered “Jungle Red”, and match any cat, scratch for scratch!" Whew.

A historian by nature, McWilliams continues, "Written by Clare Booth Luce, The Women became a star-studded 1939 film featuring Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, Rosalind Russell, Joan Fontaine and Paulette Goddard. No males appear in the play, but men are what The Women is all about---men cheating on their wives, men settling fortunes to be rid of their wives and men crawling back home in the hope of reconciliation."

Sun, Nov 5
Strand Theater
5 P.M.

$50.00 single
$90.00 couple
$350.00 block of 8 tickets

There will be open seating in the beautiful Strand Theatre and a reception featuring wine and hors d’oeuvres following the performance.

Tickets may be purchased by calling the River City Repertory Theatre office at 318-868-5888 or simply sending a check to

River City Repertory Theatre
2829 Youree Drive Suite #4
Shreveport 71104

Green Milk from the Planet Orange: trio from Tokyo @ Cooper Manor, Shreveport, Thur, Oct 26, 8 pm

05-19 Green Milk the Planet Orange @ Cake Shop (22)
Originally uploaded by nevbrown.

Greeen Milk from the Planet Orange, a hard rocking trio fromTokyo, hits Shreveport on their national tour Th, Oct 26, says Cooper Manor proprietor Alec Holland. The show at the Manor, 122 E Dalzell, will open with San Diego band The Mall at 8 pm, says Holland. Admission is $7, which includes beers.

Writes Alec: "Hey Robert. This is a musical milestone for Shreveport, I believe, seeing as this is the first Japanese band to come through Shreveport that actually has more than one person. Plus it's a DIY thing!"

Green Milk fans from across the vast nation have posted some 1000 photos of them on flickr.com. Seems to me that attests to the pr prowess as well as the exciting perfromances of the loud trio. I love their "Concrete City Breakdown" on Myspace.com.

Green Milk from the Planet Orange

The Mall

Faces of Katrina closes with second line at Artspace Sat, Oct 21, noon

Creightons, Adams, Murphy and Hopkins at Faces

“Faces of Katrina,” an arts exhibition featuring the stories and photographs of more than 100 Katrina evacuees and the volunteers who helped them, is scheduled to close on Saturday, October 21 at noon with a New Orleans-style brass band and “second line” dance. The documentary tribute by award winning author, illustrator and filmmaker, William Joyce, has attracted a record number of visitors, and the exhibit will tour nationally, says MaryBeth O Connor.

The exhibit will be open to the public one last time on Saturday at 10am. Free coffee and beignets will be provided as well as a short history and demonstration of the art of “second line” by Robert Trudeau. Children will have the opportunity to make and decorate their own “second line” umbrella in the artspace Fun-A-Torium. Volunteers and staff from Volunteers of America of North Louisiana will be on hand to answer questions and offer assistance to evacuees.

Saturday's closing ceremony will begin at noon when the jazz band will announce the closing by solemnly making its way from the 2nd floor through the exhibit. Children, volunteers, evacuees and visitors will join in the “second line,” following the band to the street in front of artspace, where the band will break into the ceremoniously rousing dance music that is traditional to the Crescent City.

“Faces of Katrina,” is built around the work of photographers Stan Carpenter, Katherine Gaiennie, Talbot Hopkins, and Mike Silva, as well as Lafayette photographer Philip Gould.

The exhibit is free to the public, and is open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10am – 6:pm until the closing ceremony at noon on the 21st.

Shreveport Regional Arts Council, (318) 673-6500.
For information on Katrina-related assistance contact Volunteers of America (318) 221-8404 .

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Poet Yusef Komunyakaa wins Corrington Award for literature; ceremony & reading Tues, Oct 24, 7 pm

Poets Kimiko Hahn, Eileen Myles, and Yusef Komunyakaa
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Centenary College, Shreveport, will present Pulitzer Prize winner and Louisiana native Yusef Komunyakaa with the Corrington Award Tuesday, Oct. 24. The ceremony, which will include a reading by the poet, will take place at 7 p.m. in the Smith Building's Kilpatrick Auditorium on the Centenary campus. Hosted by Centenary’s English Department, the event is free and open to the public, says David Havird, Professor of English.

Hailing from Bogalusa, La., Komunyakaa has taught English and African American studies at universities across the country. From 1965–67, Komunyakaa served in Vietnam as a U.S. Army information specialist and editor of the Southern Cross, a military newspaper, and received the Bronze Star for his service. He has won many awards for his poetry, most notably the Pulitzer Prize in 1994 for Neon Vernacular: New and Selected Poems. Komunyakaa will be reading selections from the book, which first-year students have been studying this fall.

Komunyakaa’s poetry in Neon Vernacular is the climax of his creative work, critics say. Using simplistic language, he draws from personal experience to present images of the South and its culture, racial tensions, wartime, and jazz and blues.

Komunyakaa has written 12 books of poetry and contributed to several anthologies and periodicals. He has co-edited two jazz poetry anthologies, helped translate The Insomnia of Fire by Nguyen Quang Thieu and compiled Blue Notes: Essays, Interviews, and Commentaries.

Named for the Centenary alumnus and author of the short novel Decoration Day, the John William Corrington Award takes the form of a bronze medal designed by Louisiana sculptor Clyde Connell.

Previous recipients include poets as well as novelists: Eudora Welty, Ernest J. Gaines, James Dickey, Miller Williams, Lee Smith, Paul Auster, Elizabeth Spencer, Anthony Hecht, Richard Wilbur, Eleanor Wilner, Richard Powers, C. K. Williams, Eavan Boland, Michael Longley and last year’s co-recipients Debora Greger and William Logan.

More information: David Havird at 318-869-5085.
Photo above from the Brooklyn Book Festival, Sept, 06, by sarahana_s.

Tipitina's used musical gear market on Texas Street Sat, Oct 21, 10 am - 4 pm

Tipitina's used musical gear market Sat, Oct 21
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From, like, 10 am to 4 pm, Dan Garner and friends from the Tipitina's Music Co-op will produce a musical meet for gear hounds on Sat, Oct 21. Buy, sell, trade. Or buy musical hardware for the gear heads that you love.

MoFo: 934-0000. I'll be there with marvelous guitar paraphernalia to sell. Me, I'm looking for percussion items to buy. Would like to find some Mac music-making software, too.

See you there, chere.

Monday, October 16, 2006

5000 visitors; Bill Joyce talks about the impact of the Faces of Katrina exhibit, Shreveport

Bill Joyce on the impact of the Faces of Katrina exhibit, Shreveport

Bill Joyce goes to New York this week to make 3 speeches about the Faces of Katrina exhibit, he told a reception at Artspace. The giant photos and commentary of the Faces of Katrina exhibit will spend two years on the road, he said. A Faces of Katrina tour of museums and galleries is being arranged by the Southern Arts Federation. SRAC director Pam Atchison told the audience that some 5000 people entered Artspace to view the emotional exhibit over the 2 month showing.

Linda Goldsberry, Sandi Kallenberg, Atchison and Joyce welcomed new Artspace manager MaryBeth O Connor at the reception Mon, Oct 16.

The Faces of Katrina exhibit closes at noon on Sat, Oct 21, said O Connor. The new Blanc et Noir Marching Society will second line at the finale. Those wishing to join the society are encouraged to attend, said Robert Trudeau.

Artspace weekday hours have been extended due to O Connor's presence. Call her at 673-6535.

Devil Music Ensemble: live soundtrack to Nosferatu, A Symphony of Horror, at Centenary College Fri, Oct 20, 7 pm, Kilpatrick Aud

Devil Music Ensemble
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The art of playing live music to a classic silent movie is pursued by a trio called the Devil Music Ensemble. They play one night - on a national tour - at Centenary College behind the 1922 flic Nosferatu, A Symphony of Horror, says Lynn Stewart. The gig is Fri, Oct 20, at 7 pm, Kilpatrick Auditorium.

Devil Music Ensemble was founded by in Boston by Brendon Wood, who performs on guitars, lap steel, analog synth, accordian, banjo & bass clarinet. The ensemble includes Jonah Rapino on electric violin, analog synth, bass & vibraphone, as well as Tim Nylander on drums, percussion & analog synth. From their site,

Some of their projects:
-soundtrack to "Le sang d’un poete" by Jean Cocteau
AS220 Providence RI 2001
-soundtrack to "Modern Times" by Charlie Chaplin Industrial Accidents Art Show Fort Port Boston MA 2001
-soundtrack to "Le Voyage Imaginaire" by Rene Claire, Celluloud Series at the Coolidge Corner Theatre Boston MA 2002
-soundtrack to the "First films of the Lumiere Bros"
multiple performances in 2003
-soundtrack to the "Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" by Robert Weine 1920, for the
Devil Music Ensemble two month Sound of Silents Tour 2003
-soundtrack to the four Surealist films of Man Ray 2003
-soundtrack to "Big Stakes" by Clifford S. Elfelt 1922 for three month live soundtrack for silent film tour of US 2004
-soundtrack to "Nosferatu, a symphony of horror" by F.W. Murnau 1922 , for DME's first entire U.S. tour, Fall 2005.

Diabolical sound and background at


The devil will be paid by Centenary College, not you and I.

Call to artists: Deck the Halls deadline Th, Oct 19 - Sat, Oct 21

Deck the Halls / Artspace
Originally uploaded by trudeau.

Shreveport Regional Arts Council is still seeking artists’ submissions for DECK THE HALLS 2006, a juried holiday arts sale exhibition featuring works from regional artists throughout Northwest Louisiana, says project manager Angelique Feaster. The annual arts extravaganza will be held November 17, 2006 -January 6, 2007 at artspace, 710 Texas Street.

Artists can submit artworks for jury review on Thursday, October 19th and Friday, October 20th, 10:00 am to 7:00 pm; Saturday, October 21st, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. These submissions may be entered digitally, by slides, or as actual works that will be entered into the exhibition. Everything that will be offered for sale must be juried.

Artists’ Roster artists along with area Arts Organizations may submit actual works to be sold. Last year’s DECK THE HALLS exhibition displayed and sold the works of over forty artists with a wide range of styles and mediums.

Artists recorded almost $25,000 in sales during the eight-week sales period. Artists and arts organizations in Northwest Louisiana are invited to submit works to be juried for this year’s event.

Each artist can have up to 15 pieces of artwork on sale at all times during the exhibition. All artwork sold will be based on a commission of 70% for the artist and 30% for artspace.

All media and dimensions of work will be accepted for consideration. This includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, fine craft, music (gospel, jazz, classical, etc) CDs and DVDs, jewelry, original books, stationery, culinary arts, textile fashions and other types of original artwork.

To submit artworks, please contact Angelique Feaster at SRAC - 318-673-6500 - or artspace at 318-673-6535 for an application or for more information.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Cameron Carpenter, iconoclastic and celebrated young organist, plays First Methodist Sun, Oct 15, 3 pm

cam, by chris
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E. Ray Peebles, senior organist at First United Methodist, writes "Virtuoso concert organist Cameron Carpenter will be playing live at First United Methodist Church, Head of Texas Street, Shreveport, on the 5-manual 110-rank Moller Pipe Organ October 15 at 3:00 p.m.

The New York Times calls Cameron 'The Jewel of Julliard' and 'The Maverick Organist.'

Cameron, age 24, is the most brilliant organist in America today, thus the most controversial organist alive today. On Saturday October 14 at 10:00 a.m. at First Methodist Church, The North Louisiana Chapter of AGO is sponsoring Cameron to give a workshop on how he transcribes orchestral music for the organ, including registration, plus much more. There is no admission for the workshop or the recital.

I think his concert will be one of the most extraordinary recitals ever to take place in Shreveport."

E. Ray Peebles
First United Methodist Church, Shreveport
(318) 865-9997

For a dose of the controversy courted by Carpenter, Google the NY Times July 12, 06 review, "The Maverick Organist Cameron Carpenter Cuts Loose at the River to River Festival."

Barbara Jarrell welcomes Keith Grimwood & Ezra Idlet to the Downtown Holiday Inn stage Fri, Oct 13, 8 to 12 pm

Barbara Jarrell, Cookie Garner, Sandra odom, Shreveport
Originally uploaded by trudeau.

Barbara Jarrell will be performing Fri, Oct 13, in the Holiday Inn Bar & Grill with special guests Trout Fishing in America. "The Trout are staying in our hotel," says Harmony Morgan, "and kindly offered to play with Barbara in the bar this Friday night."

"No cover charge. Please come out and enjoy one of the Revel's
biggest hit groups and the ever-talented Barbara Jarrell."

More info: Harmony at 318-573-2430.
102 Lake St. above the Festival Plaza.

Keith and Ezra have known Barbara for many years and will relish the challenge represented by jamming with a long-time friend. Undoubtedly this session will bring out the best in each of the 3 journeyman musicians.

Catch up on the peregrinations of the trout at troutmusic.com

Listen to Jarrell's charming voice and guitar at myspace.com/barbarajarrellinprocess.

How Dirtfoot brought the river stage audience to heel at Revel 06

eric gardner & dirtfoot revel 06

"There's an unusual amount of musical talent right now in Shreveport," said Revel director Kip Holloway. He was high on the band Losing Anna; I was high on Dirtfoot.

Inasmuch as I was onstage shooting video of Dirtfoot Thursday night, I can attest to their tightness and energy.

Their riverside stage Revel audience was composed of the main body, a mass of people of all ages, who used the standard seating. Some schlumpfed into folding chairs, others gyrated with hula hoops and played tag while watching the band on the big stage.

The front row dancers - handsome and free young women and men, the camp followers - are integral to the show. They grithed, pashayed and trounced on an abutment directly in front of the stage.

Once I was tempted to say it was hirsute guitarist Matt Hazelton's band. Then I realized that dapper Jay Bratlie, co-singer and banjoist, is an equal partner.

Last night I came to understand how important and active is saxophonist-singer Scott Gerardy. He was a pistol, whether in building the band's vocal fullness, in melodic whistling or in adding the sax growl.

Since I spent much of the set adjacent to bassist Eric Gardner I can testify to his soulful playing and how much his acoustic bass adds to the band's character and oomph.

That said, I cannot offer anthing less about Lane Bayliss, drummer. He knows how to keep the rock energy in the mix. Not a rote sound, but a varied attack. One moment he's swinging and jiving, the next he's driving.

The pots & pans percussionist is currently Daniel Breithaupt. He put on quite a show Thur night. His big hat costume went well with his flailing. He stood on the drum table; he went to the edge of the stage with a scrubboard. Atop the showmanship is the fact that he's a skilled and obsessive player.

Dirtfoot is not destined to have a gigantic audience. Their oeuvre is not mass market kitsch, it's an artful bluegrass-klezmer-folk-rock.
But they've got a schtick that seems to be translatable to club and fest crowds in Arkansas and Texas as well as to home turf.

The dirty little secret of Dirtfoot is audience participation. The dancers grab the band-supplied shakers from the edge of the stage and begin to interpret the music though their walk, their turns, their hair-tossing. Thus the audience gets a double whammy: the maniacally grinning front men, Gerardy, Hazelton and Bratlie. And the whirling, tranced dervishes.

Another way to gauge Dirtfoot's appeal is to note their media magnetism. Alex Kent of the Times was shooting video at the edge of the stage, learning how to use the new Gannett system. Artist and minicine host David Nelson and friend produced a large screen projection of the scene. Perennialmedia.com filmmaker Chris Lyon and I shot a 2-camera documentary. In the audience numerous people shot video with their pocket cameras. There's a front row capture of the sextet doing My Girl on youtube.com by karmaandi that I think is swell.

See them next . . .
Oct 21 10 pm Little Joes Tavern
Oct 28 9 pm Sully's Tavern, on the bill for Chimpstock

See myspace.com/mydirtfoot and, of course, dirtfoot.com

If you hire Dirtfoot for a private party, better tell them you'll feed their dancers. That way you'll be able to revel in the full gypsy boogie experience.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Trudeau speaks to Culture Jam breakfast group about marching society / photo John Andrew Prime

Trudeau speaks to bizarre breakfast group / photo John Andrew Prime
Originally uploaded by trudeau.

"The krewe being founded, a marching society that parades with a brass band, is for anarchists, artists and all those who don't feel entirely comfortable in the trailer krewes," said Robert Trudeau at A Stone's Throw Cafe on Thur morn.

Encouraging the small audience to make masks from a simple sheet of paper, said the author of How To Mardi Gras, was symbolic of the krewe. Simplicity, fun, satire and sense of imagination is what this krewe should emphasize, he said. Trudeau is tentatively calling it the Blanc et Noir Marching Society of Shreveport.

Matthew Linn, founder and perennial force behind the Krewe of Highland, offered Trudeau's marching society a place under Krewe of Highland's umbrella. "I happily accept your offer," was Trudeau's reply.

The Blanc et Noir Society will second line at the closing of the Artspace exhibit Faces of Katrina. "We'll be marching at noon on Sat, Oct 21," he noted.

John Andrew Prime covered the talk for the ShreveportTimes.com and shot the photo, too. Find it online under his pithy headline: "New Mardi Gras society may be afoot."

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Thurs, Oct 12, at the Revel: Steve Allen Jazz Quartet for lunch, Dirtfoot for supper

Steve Allen
Originally uploaded by trudeau.


11:00 a.m. Steve Allen Jazz Quartet (Jazz & Orig. vocals)
12:45 p.m. Groove Agents (Pop/R&B/Funk)
5:00 p.m. Jerry Beach Band (Blues/Rock)
6:30 p.m. Earshot (Classic/Top 40)
8:30 p.m. HoneyTribe featuring Devon Allman (Rock/Country)

Eldroado Riverfront STAGE
6:30 p.m. Dirtfoot (Rock)
8:30 p.m. Benjy Davis Project (College Rock)

The Radio Group Depot STAGE
6:00 p.m. Jimmy "Mr. Lucky" Lynch (R&B/Blues w/ Ballroom/Swing)
8:30 p.m. The Lost Boys (R&B /Rock)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Buzzed-out indie film series to be presented by Robinson Film Center; first show is Half Nelson on Nov 2, 7:30 pm

half nelson 21
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The Robinson Film Center is going to be beginning, says Chris Jay, a semi-monthly series of one night-only film screenings at the Louisiana Boardwalk Regal Cinemas in Bossier City. It begins Thur, Nov. 2 at 7:30 PM. The series is going to be called “RFC Presents,” and will bring in "one major, buzzed-about indie film per month that would not otherwise play in Shreveport-Bossier City."

Kicking things off, says Jay, is “HALF NELSON,” starring Ryan Gosling as Dan Dunne, an inner-city history teacher who must overcome his own personal crisis to help a star pupil make a decision that will change her life. The film has raised an Oscar buzz for Gosling. And the trailer can be seen at www.halfnelsonthefilm.com.

The soundtrack was composed for the film by a band that I love, says the RFC's music man, called Broken Social Scene. The film is rated R, but Jay calls it "a rare, powerful film that you will talking about and thinking about long after you leave the theatre."

Tickets are $7.50, and may be purchased by visiting this link:
And clicking the “Donate Now” button. Just pay $7.50 for each ticket you would like to purchase.

If you purchase tickets, your name will go on the list of those who’ve paid, along with the number of seats you paid for. When you arrive at the theatre, just walk right in – no need to stop at the window. Inform the ticket-tearer that you’re there for “Half Nelson.” Individuals wishing to pay by check or cash can do so by calling (318) 424-9090. Chris says he wll literally come pick up your admission fees.

Marching society to be introduced at Culture Jam Breakfast Thur, Oct 12, Stone's Throw Cafe, 7:15 am

Second Line / Bedonna Magid-Wakeman
Originally uploaded by trudeau.

Second Linist Robert Trudeau will inaugurate his Blanc et Noir Marching Society at Michael Parker's Culture Jam Breakfast Thur, Oct 12. The dancing and carnival careening will commence about 7:15, says Parker. The breakfast site is A Stone's Throw Cafe, 729 Jordan St.

Trudeau will offer the dirty details of the society, offer a critique of local folkways and mores and additionally announce a new air service with direct flights from Shreveport to Frierson.

The Tuna Helpers on Jackrabbit Lounge menu Sat, Oct 14, 8 pm, with Chris Alexander and the Peekers

The Tuna Helpers
Originally uploaded by Carmen S.

New album, costumes, puppets, extensive cosmology, gothica: the Tuna Helpers, based in Austin, have an elaborate show. From their purply site, thetunahelpers.org, comes helpful explication:

"Two odd, yet delightful sisters and their odd, yet delightful long lost sister are eager to spread their tuna tales across the world and enlighten those who are in need of an oceanic fantasy revelation.

What is their recipe for fairytale nightmares? Cut out patches of your childhood terrors, the grandmother that soothed them, your first pair of teenage thigh-high stockings and the sound track that played in your head when you plotted the death of your first love...stitch them together with guitar strings and lace... stuff it with corn syrup blood and rotten fish guts and you've created a TunaHelpers doll of your own. This doll will sing to you with an operatic voice, will teach you to waltz to sparse drum beats, will dazzle you with its puppet shows and American Sign language.

Here you will discover a tapestry of gothic stylings weaving the doctrines of girly power, gross-out contests and sophisticated musical achievement that encompass The TunaHelpers. Let them be your favorite doll."

Last year they impressed the audience at minicine, 846 Texas. This year they play the Jackrabbit Lounge, aka Lil Joes, on Sat, Oct 14, 8 pm.

Opening the show are big-voiced Chris Alexander as well as the Peekers, a John Martin project. Singing with Brittney on the winsome "Wings vs. Fins" Martin shows us that the Peekers are watchers.

Hear more on myspace.com/thetunahelpers, myspace.com/chrisalexandermusic (check "You dropped a bomb on me") and myspace.com/thepeekers.

For its refulgent flyness, hanging at this show would have to be Moment of the Month in Shrevedog.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Recommended at the Revel Tues, Oct 10: Mims and McCaa, as well as Professor Porkchop and, for something explosive, the American Tragedy

Darryl Mims
Originally uploaded by trudeau.

Chris McCaa and Daryl Mims should be called something like the Seducers because their Louisiana R & B is so soft, sweet and persuasive. Journeymen musicians, they know what works with regional audiences. Think of McCaa's pseudonym of Professor Porkchop as something charming from the turn of the century.

11:00 a.m. Shreveport Opera Express (comedy, costumes & coloratura)
12:00 p.m. Mims and McCaa (Jazz & Blues)
5:30 p.m. Amelia Blake & Old Horses (Folk rock/country)
7:30 p.m. Groove Agents (Pop/R&B/Funk)

Eldorado Riverfront STAGE
5:45 p.m. Vicki's Dancers (Jazz/Hip Hop/Lyrical)
6:30 p.m. Shreveport Dance Academy Jazz and Tap Ensembles (Jazz and Tap)
7:30 p.m. The American Tragedy (Crunchy hyper rock)

AmSouth Café STAGE
5:30 p.m. Professor Pork Chop and the All Stars (Louisiana Jazz & Blues)
7:30 p.m. The Unknown Giants (Jazz)

At the Revel Mon, Oct 9: Louisiana Dance Theater and quite a bit more dance and music

Louisiana Dance Theater: ready for the Strand

Recommended at the Revel Monday, the free admission day:

11:00 a.m. Bill Bush Combo (Variety)
5:30 p.m. Aisling String Trio (World/Americana/Contenporary)

Eldorado Riverfront STAGE
6:00 p.m. Power & Grace School of Performing Arts (Ballet/Tap/Jazz)
7:15 p.m. Louisiana Dance Theatre (Mixed repertoire)
8:30 p.m. Escaped Images Dance Company (Modern, Jazz, Tap, Ballet)

The Radio Group Depot STAGE
5:30 p.m. Terrance Simien (Zydeco)

Here's a personal message from LaDanceTheater's Carol Anglin:

"Please come and support Alexander and Bailey Anglin
and the newest members of Louisiana Dance Theatre and
meet our first-ever Trainee company! We have a great show planned - not to be missed! Admission is free and you can get dinner near the
stage! We are soooo proud of all of our dancers!"

Call to artists: Art for non-human Animals 2006

A for A Poster_2006_Final Flyer_11x17

"Hello Artists! Please take a moment," says Karen Guerin, " to check out Jeanne Reed's poster this year. It has a fabulous Louisiana theme and all of the animals are taken from photos of local pets! Thanks to those of you who have looked at the prospectus on the website: www.lartforanimals.org and responded enthusiastically. Please remember that this is a real sale and you set your price!
So, if you haven't responded, please consider doing so. Katrina and Rita showed us how important our animals are, too, and these groups that have given assistance to the homeless and abandoned ones deserve a helping hand.
Thank you again and see you there! It's a party!"

Sun, Nov 19
5:30 - 8 pm
Semolina Restaurant

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Kermit Poling, conductor, violinist, arts administrator, named acting general manager of Red River Radio

Kermit Poling intros the Premier Quartet
Originally uploaded by trudeau.

Kermit Poling has been named acting general manager of Public Radio station KDAQ and the Red River Radio Network, says redriverradio.com. Poling has been the classical announcer for the public radio network since the summer of 2005 and is the long-time host of Red River Radio’s regional symphony broadcasts.

Poling’s association with Red River Radio goes back 20 years as a volunteer and includes being a former music director. He has more than a quarter century of experience in nonprofit administration.

LSUS operates the Red River Radio Network, four radio stations affiliated with National Public Radio and Public Radio International and licensed to the LSU System Board of Supervisors. KDAQ (89.9FM), which signed on the air two decades ago, originates from studios on the LSUS campus and broadcasts to more than 2 million residents of the Ark-La-Tex. The other three radio stations broadcast to listeners in parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Mississippi, as well as other parts of Louisiana. The four station network combines to cover the second largest geographic area of any public radio network in the country.

A virtuoso violinist, Poling is in his 21st season as concertmaster of the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra. He has also had a long association with the Shreveport Metropolitan Ballet and the South Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, as well as orchestras in North Louisiana and East Texas.

SptBlog applauds the hard-working Poling. We also wish the network success in the fall fund drive.

SptBlog humbly suggests that steady listeners consider upping their contributions by 10 to 20% to offset shortfalls suffered by KDAQ post-Katrina. I hereby pledge myself to the tithe. It's easy for those of us for whom in-depth news and elegant music are religiously important.

Port Belly Project, SSO, Steve Allen jazz at Revel Sun, Oct 8

Shaking the Tree: the Port Belly Project and friends at Artspace / photo Susan Fontaine

Sunday at the Revel, SptBlog recommends that you imbibe the following along with your choice of libation:

2:00 p.m. New Dimensions Brass Quintet (Jazz/Light Classic)
4:00 p.m. Shreveport Symphony (Pop/Classical)
6:00 p.m. Nuttin' But Stringz (Classical Hip-Hop)
7:30 p.m. Irma Thomas (Jazz)

3:00 p.m. Trout Fishing in America (Fish Music)
4:30 p.m. Port Belly Project (Tribal-style Middle Eastern Dance)
6:30 p.m. Terrance Simien (Zydeco)

AmSouth Café STAGE
7:30 p.m. Steve Allen Jazz Quartet (Jazz & Orig. vocals)

More at redriverrevel.com

Friday, October 06, 2006

Beatles tunes with Beatlemania and the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra Fri, Oct 6, 7:30 pm, Municipal Aud

Aphex Twin and the Beatles meet Dylan
Originally uploaded by bigaldavies.

Beatles songs: it's what my generation loves. And it brings us together with the other generations, because they love the lads from Liverpool, too. Like the tunes of Bob Dylan and Neil Young, this music contains the DNA of contemporary life.

Join the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra - new director Michael Butterman is a symphony survivalist - and the group Beatlemania at the Municipal Auditorium Fri at 7:30 pm for the Classical Mystery Tour concert.

Tickets are $15, 25, 35 & 40 for this special concert. Beatlemania is not part of the regular subscription series. Call 318-227-8863. MoInFo at shreveportsymphony.com.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

An arts institution returns - get ready for Artport 2007

' Untitled ' / Oil on tile, 1995

Kalmbach Smith Meadows is back with Artport 2007; the call to artists who have shown at Artport is out. Below is the call for artists yet to show at the event.

Thanks to Lewis Kalmbach, the Artport committee and the agency, the halls of Regional Airport will again resonate with the sound of oil and acrylic, stretched canvas and paper. There will be tiles to paint, too, but for the moment painters and sculptors may inquire about the entry process and fees and guidelines.

New artists must submit, says Travis Eck of KSM, 2 or 3 samples of work for the jury process. Email jpg or pdf files to kim@goksm.com or mail or deliver print-outs to Kalmbach Smith Meadows, 1530 Fairfield Ave, Spt, 71101.


The tile in the illustration was painted by Talbot Hopkins for the 1995 Artport. She discovered and purchased it at an estate sale, we are happy to report.

Burning Man: Beyond Black Rock filmmaker Michael Wilson will screen the movie and offer Q & A at Centenary College Sat, Oct 7, 4 pm

burningman-2005-ryanhayes - 38
Originally uploaded by Ryan Hayes.

Centenary Film Society, The Robinson Film Center and Columbia Café present
“BURNING MAN: Beyond Black Rock”
Sat, Oct. 7, 4:00 PM
Kilpatrick Auditorium at Centenary College
(Located inside the Smith Building, on King’s Hwy.)
Featuring a Q&A with filmmaker Michael Wilson after the film.
Free Admission & complimentary coffee from Columbia Café.
See Clips from the film at www.beyondblackrock.com
The film is rated PG-13.

“Burning Man: Beyond Black Rock” is a documentary film chronicling the history of one of the world’s most unique arts festivals, BURNING MAN. The film explores the past, present, and future of the festival. Burning Man participant Matthew Linn will host a Q&A following the film, says Linn.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Alex Kent's new Louisiana Movie Blog, Glamour with Gumbo: inside dope from a fellow who likes A Confederacy of Dunces

Alexandyr Kent & Kate Archer

On his new louisiana movies blogspot site Alexandyr Kent, Times writer, tells us a bit about himself. He's a well-educated, erudite fellow who will, I hope, give readers something more than a rah-rah Times product.

Kent lists his favorite movies as O Lucky Man (someone remembered!), Woman in the Dunes, Ravenous and Grosse Pointe Blank. Favorite music: Phillip Glass, Jeff Black, and Mike Doughty. Books: Short Stories of Theodore Sturgeon, The Wind from Nowhere and Kafka on the Shore. As well as Confederacy of Dunces.

And, as I correctly guessed once, he has written at least one movie script. In becoming fashion he described his movie as "Overlong and generally execrable." Charming lad.

Based on his favorites in the profile, I'm guessing he'll have at least a dozen sympatico readers. People at Barnes & Noble - nor Maxwell's Market - are not likely to lay in a fresh supply of Theodore Sturgeon.

Watch him evolve as a blogger at louisianamovies.blogspot.com

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Alas, arts writer Jennifer Flowers has moved to NYC, says the Times' Kathie Rowell


"Jennifer Flowers was with the Times a little over 2 years," said Times Living editor Kathie Rowell. "I knew from the beginning that she was smart and ambitious and that she would be moving on. I thought we'd be lucky if we got 2 years with her."

Flowers brought an enormous amount of energy to the arts beat. Typically she authored 5 or 6 stories in the Tuesday paper and regularly wrote a thoughtful interview for the Friday magazine. Her questioning was informed and analytical. She had a Bachelor's degree in art and a Masters degree in journalism.

"She went to NYC to get a job with a magazine," said Rowell.

Artists and art lovers will surely join me in wishing her well.

Hairy Matt Hazelton & Dirtfoot headline Red River Revel, not the 2 girls with big, open lips; see Dirtfoot Thur, Oct 12, 6:30

Dirtfoot / post Krewe of Highland Parade 2006

In a surprising move the Red River Revel has decided to put its beef behind a regional act, the folk-boogie aggregation called Dirtfoot. "Dirtfoot is the Real Deal; their artful flair represents what the Revel ought to be selling," said Kip Holloway, RRR director. The group's appearance on Th, Oct 12, has been named Dirtfootie Day in Shreveport.

"We hate to be headlining the Revel when they could have had those two girls singing commercial country-rock - the girl whose lips are insured by Citibank and her photogenic partner - and to tell the truth we're all sweaty and irreverent," said Hazelton.

SptBlog's Recommendations have been bought and paid for by the following acts:

Sat, Oct 7

Centenary Suzuki School (violinists on motorcycles)
Lee's Kung Fu & Tai Chi Center (martial ballet)
BlueBirds (sink hole blues)
Trout Fishing in America (frock, funkedy)

Sun, Oct 8

New Dimensions Brass Quintet (elegance & bell tones)
S'pt Symphony Orchestra (rockin' pneumonia)
Port Belly Project (tribal fusion belly dance)
Terrance Simien and his Mallet Playboys (bayou water zydeco)
Steve Allen Jazz Quartet (look out)

Mon, Oct 9

Power & Grace School of Performing Arts (from ballet to jazz)
Louisiana Dance Theatre (integrated Anglicization)
Escaped Images Dance Company (moderne all the way to tap)

Tues, Oct 10

Shreveport Opera Express (hard rock)
Mims and McCaa (down home blues)
Amelia Blake & Old Horses (folkrockcountry)
Groove Agents (Poppy funk)
Professor Porkchop (toxic swamp water)
American Tragedy (crunchy symphonic rock)

Wed, Oct 11
Inter City Row Cultural Arts Institute (Classical ballet)
Dorothinia Kristin Hanna & Arodasi dance (improvised Classical ballet)
Shreveport Metropolitan Ballet (Pointshoe ballet)

Th, Oct 12
Dirtfoot (eclectic gypsy whipsy)
Benjy Davis Project (uptown college rock)

Fri, Oct 13
Gordon Nurse and Phone Book (calypso junkanoo)
Betty Lewis & The Executives (blues & rhythm)
"A" Train (Classical ballet)
Junior III (jues, blazz)

Sat, Oct 14
Symphonic Jazz Summit (Johnny Depp Jazz)
Kelcy Mae (girl w/ a guitar)
WindStorm (booty bump)
Dazz Band (r & funk b)

International Celebration (Bollywood)
Gospel (gospel, the real deal)
Intuition Band (r&b)
Shreveport Regional Jazz Ensemble (tap & ballet)
A.J. and The Two Tone Blues Band (mayoral candidates)

Mo at redriverrevel.com

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Beatles tribute with the group Beatlemania and the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra Fri, Oct 6, 7:30 pm, Municipal Auditorium

Stockwood AKA Mini Beatles
Originally uploaded by iplayairguitar.

The Beatles, their lives and, mostly, their songs: it's what my generation loves. And it brings us together with the other generations, because they love the Fab Four, too. Like the tunes of Bob Dylan and Neil Young, this music is the matrix of life as it should be.

Join the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra - new director Michael Butterman is an enormously sympatico chap - and the group Beatlemania at the Municipal Auditorium - a righteous venue - Fri at 7:30 pm for the Classical Mystery Tour concert.

Tickets are $15, 25, 35 & 40 for this special concert. Beatlemania is not part of the regular subscription series. Call 318-227-8863. MoInFo at shreveportsymphony.com.

If you see me there, say hello and let me snap your buoyant faces, please.