Sunday, October 28, 2007

Memorial for artist Willard Cooper, former Centenary College art prof, to be held in Shreveport in Spring, 08

"After much discussion and contemplation, says the late Willard Cooper's daughter, Arden brink, "Hans, Mom, and I have decided to have a memorial service for Daddy in Shreveport in the spring. We'd originally intended to hold a service within this first couple of months after his passing, but we've found ourselves wanting to wait until spring for several reasons.

Daddy always loved spring in Shreveport, so right there it seems like the right time. We have a few people who couldn't come until then and wanted to be there. We want to put together a slide show CD celebrating his life and wanted to give people time to get pictures together and then create the show. And, finally, there's some discussion about having a final show of his work and that is taking some time to contemplate.

Your many loving thoughts, wonderful memories, and kind words have meant so much to us over these past two months. We've been very touched to be reminded of how much he was loved. We will continue to keep you posted on when the service will be so that you can plan. And we look forward to spending some time in Shreveport in the spring to hopefully see many of you and enjoy celebrating a life that meant so much to so many."

See Centenary College's remembrance collection on Cooper.


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