Friday, October 12, 2007

Shake it up, baby: Radiohead makes twist and shouts with downloadable In Rainbows

Sziget festival_Radiohead
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Last night on, 91.3, the young dj's were all playing In Rainbows, the Radiohead album which is the coolest daisy growing on the planet.

Radiohead made history Wednesday when they issued their seventh album as a "pay what you think it's worth" digital download.

First of all, the album is a solid, fun piece of work. Radiohead fans will be happy, I think, and new listeners will be stimulated. Secondly, it reminds the world that artists sometimes do more than work their artful ouevre.

Bucking the fusty mainstream is something you can try when you're at the bottom or the top. The fellows in Radiohead have sold some 20 million albums worldwide and are bloody rich.

On the other hand, the album is meticulously crafted and is the product of 2 years in studios. Only musicians can begin to imagine the amount of work represented in the tracks of In Rainbows.

There is a controversy over the sonic quality of the download. But what I heard on Kscl last night seemed quite listenable.

The adventure begins here.


Workman said...

I've listened to little else since the album hit the internet on Wednesday. It rewards multiple listens.

As for sound quality, I haven't had any problems.

Jen said...

It is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

yoooo here is bakinpowder thanks for writing my name under the pic ;), the concert was the bomb, i havent followed that much the news of the band cuz been busy with life. I think soon i have to get back on track with the mainstream.
;;;;;Rock on dudes!!!;;;;;;;