Sunday, October 21, 2007

Another area entry in the Insomnia Film Fest: Centenary College students present Harvest

Insomnia Film Fest / Centenary
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From the Apple Insomnia film fest tag for the 3-minute movie Harvest -

Team: The Commies / Submitter: Jason Kay
Current School or University: Centenary College of Louisiana
Description: "We got a strong group together, brainstormed for days, and came up with some of the most bizarre imagery we could think of and implemented it into a film that comments on many different aspects of our society. We painstakingly worked all night on costumes, make-shift sets, and final ideas. Setting out with our Panasonic DVX100's and loads of other equipment, we labored all day in the hot sun. Our actors were superb and were patient beyond belief while we worked out the various kinks on set. Editing through the night on our Mac G5's with the latest version of Avid Express Pro loaded on them and brand new DV/DVD decks, we at last saw the end of the journey."
Technologies Used: iMovie,GarageBand,

See an earlier post on the Perennial Media entry, under the aegis of Bossier Parish Community College; it's entitled Days of Winter.

To vote upon the 3-minute video entries you're going to have to register for the Apple Insomnia Film Fest site; that took me maybe one minute.

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