Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Joanna Ballard's Landmark Of The Lost photo juried into Current: the Aesthetics of Contemporary Culture, Baton Rouge

In regards the photo which has won her a spot in a nationally juried show, Baton Rouge's Current, the Aesthetics of Contemporary Culture, artist Joanna Ballard says, "It is the old fire tower downtown. The practice one. The young man was at a minicine event at Tipitina's; no one here recognizes him so we think he might be one of the performers that came in from California for the event. I transposed the front of the building and popped out the graffiti on top of the side of the building and pulled the graffiti forward, thus the title of the work and the reason I put the front on there." See Ballard's work in the Meadows Museum of Art Triennial show as well as at:

Current / the Aesthetics of Contemporary Culture
A National Juried Show

Baton Rouge Gallery Center for Contemporary Arts
1442 City Park Avenue
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

June 4th - 29th
Opening Reception and Awards Ceremony:
Wednesday June 7th, 7pm-9pm

Jurors: James Gaddy, Associate Editor, Print Magazine, NYC
Donna McAlear, Director/CEO, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria CAN

A Day in the life of SptBlog: most visitors are from out of state and conducting research on you

Today I routinely do a Google search on almost everyone about whom I write. And across the world people are Googling *you,* dear reader. According to my free analysis tool, StatCounter, I know not only how many people visit SptBlog each day, I know what they're looking for.

Today they were researching Heather Peak Hooper, Alan Dyson, Britt Pitre, Leia Lewis, Red River Children's Choir, Robert Trudeau and, of course, Kevin Costner and the Mr Brooks production as well as James Burton. Visitors from both Atlanta and Fayetteville wanted to know more about Artspace.

Belly dance and Shreveport Music were inquired about. Dance Alive, Louisiana architecture, Mia's Pub, Lip Service, Arodasi Dance and Focus Communications were also of interest.

The inquiries came from Edmonton, Canada, from Kazan University, the Russian Federation, from Reston, Long Beach, Chicago, Brooklyn, Los Angeles and Rochester, among many locations. Less than half of SptBlog's visitors on a typical day are from Shreveport.

One of the things I like about SptBlog is that I am giving arts-related Shreveporters an enriched place in cyberspace. The names Artspace and, say, Leia Lewis, have been given detail and texture by this site.

SptBlog is the eye shadow on Shreveport's face. It's an anchor for those who miss the town and a foothold for those moving here. For me, however, it's more than a utility. I see SptBlog as an artistic construction. It is a new form of documentary. A locus for artful photography and upscale prose. While it seems to cover a range of topics, it remains a personal statement; it reflects an artist's point of view.

So I must say Thanks for reading.

Shreveport Summer Music Fest: string and bow meet Sun, June 4, Holy Cross Episcopal, 3 pm

Originally uploaded by dogseat.
Leonard Kacenjar has kept alive his musical commitment of 30 years again this summer. Kacenjar is the creator and producer of the Shreveport Summer Music Fest. The fest brings top Midwestern musicians to Shreveport so they can understand the musical experience within the context of Deep South heat and humidity.

Sidney Harth, Yale violin prof and global performer, returns to lead the fest. Fresh musicians arrive. A melodic feast is offered at several locations round the city. Urbanity ensues despite the critical mass of yahoos trotting blithely hither and thither. All hail Kacenjar. And hail Harth, for taking the job.

Summer Music Fest opening concert
Sun, June 4, 3 pm
Holy Cross Episcopal Church, 875 Cotton St.

Don't you love/hate that violin shot above, which is evidently from a Brooklyn wedding?

Allison Bohl documentary on students in animation workshops with Mr Bill creator Walter Williams Wed, May 31, Mickle Hall, Centenary College, 7 pm

“From Your Imagination to the Screen” is a 22-minute documentary film about a series of animation workshops that Chris Jay organized in January. During these sessions, “Mr. Bill” creator Walter Williams taught children from the Highland and Ledbetter Heights communities in Shreveport to create their own cartoons using a variety of materials – most prominently Play-Doh. Williams used Play-Doh to create “Mr. Bill.”

Jay says the film, made by student Allison Bohl, is "an insightful, fast-paced, and extremely well-made testament to the importance of art in education. For cinephiles “From Your Imagination…” calls to mind the work of Errol Morris (“The Fog of War,” “The Thin Blue Line”), bringing a very stylized, cinematic look and feel to a documentary subject."

Premiere and Q&A with filmmaker Allison Bohl
7 PM, Centenary College’s Carlisle Auditorium, inside Mickle Hall, beside the library.
Free. Film run time is 22 minutes. All ages appropriate material.

Directions or more information: Chris Jay at (318) 424-9090.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Martin DJ Quickie Mart Arceneaux: spinning in a circle from New Orleans to Bonnaroo Music & Arts Fest, again

"What's Good People?!" says our friend Martin Arceneaux, aka Dj Quickie Mart ina recent email. He waxes on, " Looks like June is a busy month for eveyone.....The vinyl y'all have been sending me is slammin! Sorry If I haven't got back on some feedback lately, but I've been on the road and givin it mad burn. Coming up, I'll be on the Fish Can't Carry Guns Tour, and performing @ the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival for the second year in a row."

For the scene etiquette that governs b-boys today let's check a Crescent City description of a Mart show last summer: "The White B**ch presented Tampa Hip-Hop group Red Tide at The Circle Bar Sunday night. He acted as MC throughout the night, playing songs here and there and sitting in with each artist. D.J. Quickie Mart, who has the highest profile among D.J.'s in New Orleans, showed up as a fan. The White B**ch wanted to make sure Red Tide was introduced to Quickie Mart because he felt they were the best in their cities.

Apparently the meeting went well. D.J. Quickie Mart played an unannounced set before Red Tide hit the bar's living room. It's always fun to watch D.J. Quickie Mart because he plays stuff I've never heard before. I didn't recognize one of the songs he played, which doesn't say much for my knowledge of underground Hip-Hop. Still, in being introduced to fresh things, ignorance was bliss.

Quickie Mart cut the records with majesty. Restraint and style. At times, though, he seemed to show off a bit more than usual. Maybe for the sake of Red Tide, who were looking on. He increased the pace of the cutting, keeping the pace while spinning around, going underneath his leg, and using his elbows.

Most D.J.'s seem to concentrate long and hard on matching beats, but it wadn't no thang for Quickie Mart. Before I had enough time to realize he was matching, the next song was upon the audience."

QM says he'll return to Shreespote no later than Fr, June 30. See him at Fatty Arbuckles. Talk to this busy boy at Super Mart Produce, Media Darling Records, New Orleans, LA
504-715-3415 C. 504-866-6321 O.

Artists Lindsay Barr and Tony Reans juxtaposit their work at Prima Tazza; reception Fr, June 2, 6 pm

Tony Reans' paintings are full of reds, yellows, greens, dots, slashes, hard edges, flight, wit and nudity. He has shown recently at Fairfield Studios, at Marjorie Lyons Playhouse, the Gamble Gallery and other sites. The West Edge Artists Co-op, in which Reans is active, is in the process of showing art in every possible place across the city. Yet one of the most relaxing places to enjoy his art is in Prima Tazza, a Teutonically cool Ashley Ridge coffee house.

See more at and

Skybox, Mosquitosophagus and Chris Alexander compunction at Java Junction, what's your function, Fr, June 2, 8 pm

Chris Alexander: B-i-i-g voice and guita-a-r strums and lord knows what from his bag of media tricks.

Mosquitosophagus: restless experimentalist Eric Dean along with Destiny Toro and Peter Fetterman.

Skybox: Tempe, AZ, adventurepopsters who sound a bit like The Big Positive. With titles like Batman on Crack and Various Kitchen Utensils you know this quintet must be a lot like post-Beatle Sleepytime Gorilla Museum-types. Grok under my favorite categories: shoegaze, psychedelia and turntablism.

Also, (I love the sonic swoop in Mudge, among many moments) and for Monsieur Alexander.

Java Junction, corner Kings Hwy and Alexander
8 pm

Monday, May 29, 2006

Wacked, eclectic indie entertainment at Moviesauce Film Fest June 2, 3 & 4 at LSUS University Center

Judging the animation side of Moviesauce Film Fest was like fingering a rusty spoon. One of the entries was David Firth's Salad Fingers, episode 6. For a fan of Edward Gorey, the Salad Fingers' humor and darkness - "Hello, um, Hubert (pause) Cumberdale." - is welcome contrast to the jubilant consumer society around us. Also to be evaluated was Fly Away, a cheery romp through Toyville, and Home Delivery, a very dark tale about a fisherman's wife.

Moviesauce Film Fest is a worthy development for North Louisiana. The teenage producers of moviesauce are Evan Falbaum and Hunter Carter. Grads of Caddo Magnet HS, they are in college today but are expanding the producer work they began in high school.

I asked Falbaum for a listing of the Moviesauce offerings by parent-minded ratings. He said:

"Shorts Program 2 is the only completely Child Safe (PG) program.
The others depend on the kid, and the parents (i.e. pg-13 to R).

Actually here's a list of the rating I think they'd get. The problem is that in a lot of cases like program 1 we have a PG movie with an R movie...we tried to mix it up like that.

Feature 1 would be R
Feature 2 would be PG-13
Shorts 1 would be PG-13 (maybe barely R)
Feature 3 would be PG-13
Shorts 2 would be PG
Feature 4 would be PG-13
Feature 5 would be PG-13 (maybe R)
Shorts 3 would be a light PG-13 (but the Awakening would be boring to kids)
Feature 6 would be R
Feature 7 would be PG-13 (maybe R)"

Tickets ($6) are available online (Fr, June 2 through Sun, June 4), as is the schedule and other pertinent info: Moviesauce lineup.

See more about animator David Firth and Salad Fingers at

Hand drum workshop with Yulsuvvy at danceworx, Bossier City, on Sat, June 3, 2 to 4 pm

Dumbek and djembe time has arrived, percussion lovers. The Port Belly Project is sponsoring a hand drum workshop on Saturday, June 3rd, from 2 to 4 pm at Danceworx Studio in Bossier. The members of Yulssuvy, a semi-professional group of performers from Tyler, Tx, will lead the class.

They will cover the basics, as well as tips and tricks to use when performing live music for dancers or participating in community drum circles, says dance teacher Kathy Fontaine. All ages are welcome. Bring a drum, finger cymbals or your favorite percussive piece if you have one (a box will do, in truth). "Yunyk" says he will bring as many drums as he can purloin.

Danceworx is located in The Airline Center, 2387 Airline Dr. in Bossier City (above Planet Fun). The cost of the workshop is $20 per person, payable at the door.

Questions? email dancer Kathy Fontaine through

Tipitina's Music Co-op sponsors musicians' forum Mon, June 26, 7 pm, Caliente Restaurant

An evening of networking with musicians and music-related entities (Barney?) has been by ta-da'ed by Tipitina's Music Co-op.

Monday, June 26 at 7:00 p.m.
at Caliente Restaurant, 601 Texas Street
(drinks and chips provided free of charge; dinner may be purchased prior to start of meeting, so please go lightly on the chips)

Tipitina's mission is to assist musicians in erecting their careers one brick at a time (hums Another Brick in the Wall). Tip's is a sort of center for musical masonry.

The laudable goal - which sounds like it was borrowed from Texas, circa 1991 - is "to make Louisiana - the Music Industry Capital of the South."

Dan Garner, Tipitina's Music Co-op: 934-0000
or Julia Foley at (318) 402-2398/email:

The main thing about Tip's is that networking is a day-to-day thing at the Tex St office. No matter what your age, your level in the industry, your type of music, I can vouch for the camaraderie to be found there.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Gonzo Art Collective melds supper, wine, paintings, video, music and dance Sat, May 27, at Mia's Pub, 6 pm - 2 am

People who don't consider gallery receptions appealing are Dirk Miller's target. He wants to offer them an art experience in a pub. Miller is gonzo about connecting a wide audience with artistically prepared food & wine, music, paintings and videos.

So he will offer a 3-ring circus of sensory material Sat night at Mia's Pub, on Market St near the corner of Stoner and Centenary, 6 pm to 2 am. The tariff is $10 and gets you food, music - a never-ending platter of sounds - paintings and videos.

Guaranteed goodies:
* Jr III: Weldon Stutes, Curtis Joseph and Stanton Dossett. Trippy blues with expert foot and stick by Joseph. About 9 pm.
* Elsah: roots rock from a touring indie band.
* The String Quartet, based around a group of Centenary students.
* A Couple of White Chicks Seeking Nirvana thru Urban tribal Beledi, my satirical documentary of graceful dancers Rebecca Nesbitt and kathy Fontaine.
* Port Belly Project: Fontaine has a new belly dance partner: Jamie Goodrich.
* Photography above by student BJ Wheless. He's just come back from Paris with ideas galore.

Info from Dirk Gonzo Miller: 288-0932 or

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Mudbug Madness weekend brings Zydeco, Cajun and R & B bands to North Louisiana; "Allons danser!"

Originally uploaded by Ms. Pants.
Once upon a time people across the entire globe ate crawfish. Russians, Persians, Swedes, Chinese; the mudbug is common to almost all the world's streams and lakes, says Glen Pitre in The Crawfish Book.

But in many nations only the little ones remain today. So the nations who adore ecrevisse, like the French, often find themselves importing this basic little protein source. Often the biggest and best Louisiana crawfish are packed and shipped to Europe, says Pitre.

But the bountiful Atchafalaya basin means that so far we don't have to worry about our supply. Or do we?

The Mudbug fest indirectly pushes us to address our wetlands problem. Is the salt water incursion into America's last great riverine swamp a serious concern? Are public officials addressing the problem adequately? Of course not, according to National Geographic and many scientists and authors. So what do we do?

a) Email politicos to impress them with our concerns.
b) Explore, alongside your children and companions, the proposed solutions.

I'm afraid Louisiana's attitude of laisser les bon temps rouler implies that we will dance on the levees until they crumble. But a few of us should be able to dance and think at the same time.

And the weekend's dancing schedule will be found at

Monday, May 22, 2006

Kevin Costner & James Burton will Suzie Q the Municipal Auditorium on June 9 at 7 pm

"We have made two films now in Shreveport and Bossier City and everyone has treated us incredibly well, opening up their hearts, their homes and their businesses to us," said actor-producer Kevin Costner in announcing a June 9 Municipal Auditorium benefit concert.

Costner said he would be joined on what was once the Louisiana Hayride stage by mondoguitarist James Burton. Costner, a guitarist and a singer, will perform a selection of original rock 'n' roll music along with songs written by his friends and featured in his films, said Municipal Auditorium honcho Johnny Wessler.

"The proceeds of the concert at the 3,000-seat auditorium on Elvis Presley Avenue will go toward local nonprofit groups selected by Costner, whose current local film project, "Mr. Brooks," wraps in June. They are the Friends of the Municipal Auditorium, James Burton International Guitar Festival, Hal Sutton Foundation and the Robinson Film Center," said Times writer Jennifer Flowers.

Tickets: $25 and $50. For reservations or more information, call the box office at (318) 220-9434

Shreveport Symphony Orchestra entertains half a jillion at Riverview Park in Picnic Pops concert

"It feels like San Diego. Look at the water, boats, orchestra, laid-back crowd, the amphitheater effect," said Rick Larsen from the top of Shreveport's Riverview Park. Indeed, the people I interviewed were heartily enthusiastic about the combination of park and orchestra at the SSO Picnic Pops concert on May 20.

"The city gave us the extra funding required to produce this concert," said SSO manager Janice Nelson. "Ordinarily we would perform at Expo hall. But the city sold Expo Hall so that it could be developed as a movie facility. We hope they will continue to support the symphony in this outdoor concert in the years to come."

Arriving at the show by bicycle were teens Destine Toro, Peter Feterman and Victoria Ordonez. "We pedaled up from Highland," said Toro. "It's a perfect day for the bikes."

Though the fountains at Riverview plaza were not active, the vivid lights embedded in the plaza offered stimulation to pedestrians and photographers. Kids played in the lower basin and threw footballs in the grassy area under the railroad tracks.

"The sound was terrific," said John Mark Wilcox. Speakers in the audience capably reinforced the orchestra's acoustic instruments.

In a vivid blue shirt was the symphony's new conductor, Michael Butterman. He will be the full time music director next season, said Scott Green, SSO marketing director. .

Those feeling symphonic about Shrevetown might ring up for tickets. The SSO is at 227-8863. There's also

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Live for Today: A concert for Scott Griffin Sun, May 21, Fairfield Studios; shows at 2 p, 5 and 8 pm

Melody Moore
Originally uploaded by mikerosebery.
"Nine hours of music," said John Gayle, one of the organizers of the Scott Griffin and friends concert Sun, May 21. "It's going to be amazing."

An enormous amount of goodwill and moxie are propelling this show and it's largely because of Scott Griffin's moscocious karma. With his health in a crisis the creative community has stacked up a mondo show.

One reason to attend is that most of the 3-part concert (the last song of each act) will be recorded for a video and audio snapshot of the scene in 2006. Be there to clap and be seen as well as to inhale the performances.

Please see an earlier post for the schedule. Tickets are $15 per session. More info: 318-459-2626. And I hope to see you at 2 pm.

Photo of Melody Moore singing at the Tribute to Leadbelly by Mike Rosebery.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Champagne & comestibles on the lawn: Shreveport Symphony Pops concert at Riverview Park Sat, May 20, 7 pm, under an evening sky upon the serene Red

The Picnic Pops concert by the SSO has been hugely popular in recent years. But it has been performed inside the Expo Hall. This year they play under the stars. They will be below the terraced area betweeen the river and the water jets. Ooh la la.

With these factors in mind, we must beg of you . . .
* Arrive as early as possible. Nor can we.
* Bring chairs or cushions. No whoopee cushions, please.
* Bring an epee so you can duel with the agile mosquitos.
* Fried chicken livers or fattened French goose livers? You'll know which.

Parking: relax; the El Dorado parking garage is capacious and free. Then there are slots around SciPort. Bon chance, mes amis!

* 7 pm
* Free.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Lorna Dopson, Michael Blake Powell in Caught in the Net; comedy is extended at Shreveport Little Theater

Sex and confusion are mainstays at Shreveport Little Theater, where Director Bobby Darrow has won an extended run for his British farce, Caught in the Net.

In the cast is a Brit, Jane Ryder, and stage mavens Joe Todaro, John Daniel, Michael Blake Powell and Sonia Lowe. There are also lovely ingenues in Lorna Dopson and Tyler Krieg.

See more at or call (318) 424-4439.

Photo by Gene Cassanova.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Live for Today: A musical & spoken word concert for Scott Griffin Sun, May 21, Fairfield Studios; performances at 2 pm, 5 and 8 pm

The Concert for Scott Griffin lineup has been announced by Alan Dyson and Dana McCommon:
"This event will be divided into three 2.5 hour sessions. Sessions commence at 2:00, 5:00, and 8:00. Approximately 100-120 tickets and reservations are available for each session.

Please note: Seating is limited for this live studio concert recording, so please have your fans visit the following to make reservations:

RSVP @ 318-459-2626"

The musical sets run 16 minutes and poets take the stage (there are 2 stages) for 6 minutes. All performances will be recorded in video and audio.

Session 1

2:00-2:05 welcome by MC / announcements
2:05-2:21 The Symphonic Jazz Summit
(Matt Harris, Chris Allen, Daniel Breithaupt)
2:21-2:37 Dave Famous
2:37-2:53 Kathryn Hobgood
2:53-3:09 Melody Moore
3:15-3:31 Chris Craig
3:31-3:47 Lip Service
3:47-4:03 Chris Alexander
4:03-4:09 Carlos Colon
4:09-4:25 Jr. III
4:25-4:35 Scott Griffin
4:35 close by MC

Session 2

5:00-5:05 welcome by MC / announcements
5:05-5:21 The Johnson Brothers
5:21-5:37 Don Friday
5:37-5:53 Russ Brabham & Hominy Ranch
5:53-6:09 Buddy Flett
6:09-6:25 Dan Sanchez Band
6:25-6:31 Joanna Ballard
6:31-6:47 Amelia Blake
6:47-7:03 Tim Marshal, Joe Osborn, Darren Osborn
& Denise Spohn
7:03-7:19 Michael Susano, Joe Osborn, Darren Osborn
7:19-7:35 Scott Griffin & Michael Susano
7:35 close by MC

Session 3

Welcome by MC / announcements
8:05-8:27 Alan Dyson & David Lewis
8:27-8:43 Pat McCoy
8:43-8:49 Shirley Campbell
8:49-9:05 Michael Westbrook
9:05-9:21 Dirtfoot
9:21-9:27 Noma Fowler-Sandlin
9:27-9:48 Michael Barker
9:48-10:04 Planet
10:04-10:25Planet Unity Orchestra: Dirty Redd,
Gordon Nurse, Pat McCoy, Greg Williams, Alan Dyson, Michael Barker, Blue Martin, Lane Bayliss &
George Nelson
10:25-10:45Scott Griffin with Planet Unity Orchestra
10:45-11:00Jam session
11:00 Closing by MC

Tickets are $15.00 and only 100 tickets are available per session. Light food and beverage included.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Gonzo artists will Hunter S. Tomato and Ralph Steadman Thyme themselves at Mia's Pub on May 27, 6 pm to 2 am

Originally uploaded by buriednexttoyou.
The Gonzo Artist's Collective performatorium
May 27, 2006
Mia's Pub (corner of Stoner and Centenary)

"Basically the idea is," says producer Dirk Miller, "to have an art and music show that is 'for the artist.' There will be a chef cooking food, artfully, and passing out cards. Similarly, Wine Country will be having artistic tastings. A minumum % will be charged to visual artists for their sales to keep the show running. A dozen musical acts will perform and push merch, while we take 0% of their sales. Artists are encouraged to try and get deals going, somehow."

It is a networking opportunity for formal as well as snaky artists. Miller says "It also focuses on the artists being in charge of their own show. We don't tell them where to put things or how to make it look, or even suggest a price."

"Last time we did the show we were on Morning Edition with Adam Giblin and we were on the cover of the "Preview" section of the Shreveport Times. We had over 300 people there and the show was a great success. We hope to get much more attention this time." Miller may still be open to proposals. See below, please.

Dirk Miller
Miller Productions
643 Rutherford
Shreveport, LA 71104

Without music, life would be a mistake.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Friday, May 12, 2006

Dirtfoot at Lil Joes Fr, May 12, in Ruston at Rabb's on May 13

Hazelton & Bratlie of Dirtfoot
Originally uploaded by trudeau.
If you've seen the folksy but rockin' sextet Dirtfoot you'll enjoy the wonderment expressed in this excerpt from an article by Jess Peregoy for the La Tech's online Tech Talk.

“I’ve heard of Dirtfoot before, but I never expected the show to be like this,” Jennie Concelli, a junior merchandising and consumer affairs major, said.
“It was so much fun.” People stood dumfounded at first by the six piece’s original sound. It featured everything from pots and pans, a saxophone and an upright bass. However, soon the crowd would be dancing along.

It seemed as if the audience became an instrument in and of themselves for Dirtfoot, as many people in the crowd shook the shakers. No matter how a person seemed to walk into the tavern, the energy of Dirtfoot absorbed them.

Soon many people began ordering drinks. Grabbing a shaker was next on the list. The smoky bar was filled by the band’s second set. By this time, people began to sing along and make the way up front to get in on the action."

Catch the bangalongs at Lil Joes Fr, May 12, and Sat at Rabb's of Ruston (, where, early, you might observe the dumbfounded of Ruston.

Tribute to Leadbelly fest Sat, May 13, noon to 6 pm, outside the Municipal Auditorium

Saturday May 13th
* Tribute to Leadbelly fest: Outside (noon to 6 pm; 2 stages)
* Inside (6pm to 9pm) The US Air Force Jazz Ensemble "Dimensions in Blue;" Performance begins at 7pm.

Arts & crafts booths all day.

* Outside: Stage 1
The Shreveport Sound Syndicate Showcase:~ emcee is singer Michael Barker.
Noon ~ Steve Wilson
1PM ~ Don Logan
2PM ~ Melody Moore
3PM ~ Diddly Squat/Robert Ivey
5PM ~ The Bluebirds

Outside: Stage II ~ M.C. - James K. Carely, Comedian.
12:30PM ~ Lee's Kung Fu and Tai Chi Center
1:30PM ~ Lead Belly Society from Caddo magnet High School, including the rockin group The Noids!
2:30PM ~ A.J. and the Two Tone Blues Band
3:30PM Ever Ready Gospel Singers
4:30 Betty Lewis and the Executives
5:30PM SASH, female blues quartet
6:00PM The Tillman Franks Revue

Kids Activities: Space Walk, Face Painting, Music Workshops, Storytelling.

This intimate but musicially rich fest is produced by Ron Hardy and D'anna Michelle (see photo).

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Jason Hollis & friends trip the funk at Java Junction, Shreveport, Sat, May 13, 8 - 11 pm

Jason Hollis is a rhymin' chunk of churning funk, if you'll pardon my Phoenician. He describes his style thusly: "I could say it's this, I could say it's that, but basically it's funky soul-driven psychedelic trip-hop rock. See what i mean?"

He has been a member of the funk band Brown through their 10-year odyssey, which centered around New Orleans and Shreveport. That means we can expect to see Hollis joined by Brown family members Christian Harold and Michael Welch and maybe even DJ Quickie Mart. Check his recorded sounds at and at

JJ's Cristal says this show is a free one; 8 - 11 pm.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Tribute to Leadbelly: little music fest in funky downtown on Sat, May 13, all day

Originally uploaded by trudeau.
Another hella poster from Paul Garner of the Noids; re their appearance at the Tribute to Leadbelly Fest outside the Municipal Auditorium, Sat, May 13. They appear with the Caddo magnet High school group of writers called the Leadbelly Society at 1:30 pm.

Leadbelly Society was formed by Rachel Hill and myself as a way to combine writers and musicians. It is dominated by efective writers like Hill, Monika Kumar, Caz Verbois and Meredith Maines.

The musical personages scheduled for the 2-stage fest is as vivid as a basket of ripe avocados. I'll post them later; you might make plans to support it with your jivin presence.

Hot young pianists hammer giant pianos with a super orchestra behind them Sat, may 13, 7:30 pm, Civic Theater, Shreveport

Tatiana Michko Tessman, pianist
Originally uploaded by trudeau.
Tatiana Michko Tessman and Ji Yeon Shin are petite women with laser minds and arms of steel. They were the winners of the 2006 Nena Plant Wideman Piano Competition, one of Shreveport's success stories.

Having heard some of the competitors from 10 feet away and having experienced a mini-concert by a finalist, I can tell you that my exaggerations are very little inflated.

Tessman is a Russian who goes round the world winning piano competitions, based on Googling her, and Shin is a Korean performer based at Oberlin College, a school with a world-class group of performers.

To win the Wideman today is to establish yourself in the front rank of classical performers.

Sat's Wideman performance with the Shreveport Symphony begins at 7:30 pm at the Spt Civic Theater. There's a rehearsal Sat morn that you can attend.

It's the last SSO concert of the season. It has been a series marked by great crowds and substantial performances.

Get your tickets at 227-8863. And if you plan on living in this region for another year, don't neglect SSO tickets for next season.

Monday, May 08, 2006

West Edge artists on Line at Gamble's Gallery; reception Mon, May 8, 7 pm

Art-On-Line, an exhibit and art sale, is not on line. No, like much of Shreveport, Gamble's Gallery does not yet have a web site. But they are featuring local artists in the West Edge Artists' Co-op, and the WEA have a site (see below).

Reception, Mon, May 8, 7 pm.
Show continues May 8 through May 12.
More information, call (318) 227-9341 or
(318) 221-6961.

Also, original artwork created by West Edge Artists' Co-op member artists - such as the talented and accomplished Ellen Soffer - will be featured at Columbia Cafe' during the merry month of May, says Debbie Engle. All works may be taken home by those with cash, says Engle. Purchase them at Columbia Cafe, which is at the corner of Creswell Avenue and Kings Highway.

Gambles Gallery
(318) 227-9341
2032 Line Ave
Shreveport, LA 71104

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Gerald Ortego's sculpture, Reverie, at Meadows Museum's Triennial exhibit

A world of highly-accomplished regional artists - I like Albino Hinojosa, Jerry Wray, Ellen Sofer, Callie Baldwin, among others - have been collected at Meadows Museum of Art as part of the Triennial juried show.

Gerald Ortego's sculpture, a feral piece called Reverie, is a representative sample.

Please see or call 869-5169. Closed Mons. a medium for art sales as well as coffee mugs and folderol: see work by Byron Gates, Jr.

Photographer and designer as well as writer, the clever and soulful Byron Gates, Jr. is using Cafe Press to offer some of his work to the world.

Looks quite appealing. While cafepress takes a substantial margin, the system might work for many artists, craftsmen and other producers.

Enjoy work by Byron Gates, Jr and see if you like

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Late show at Mia's Pub, Sat, May 6: The Big Positive and Ghost Town Flood, 10 pm
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Instead of the highly-wrought but charmingly raw recordings uploaded by the Big Positive to their site, you might consume their mass market radio interview prior to checking them live Sat. Who knew that Tom Pace, aka Mister ArkLaTex Radio, 1340 on your dial, would work out so well with John Martin, Michael Stephens, Carter Sutton and Chad Leger?

Another myspacer is Ghost Town Flood's bassist, Brett Roman Stampley. I'd suggest the GTF site and a listen to the tune Zombie Party, followed by a visit to the acerbic personal site.

Choices; that's what it's all about today. You want to cocoon and consume them digitally? Or do you want fresh milk across your upper lip? Your call, fellow insects.

Paintings, prints, photos, singing, dancing: Artbreak at the Civic Theater on the Shreveport riverfront, May 6 & 7

Christine Shipp is one of numerous award winning student artists whose work is to be enjoyed at Artbreak. Here the Caddo Magnet HS senior poses with her award-winning teacher, Shirlene Alexander.

Parking? One place is the free Hollywood casino parking tower. It's a short walk from the Civic Theater and hall where the performances and hands-on activities await.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Arodasi Dance, 327 Market: Moving Art / Fr, May 5, Sat, May 6, 8 pm

With a history of experimental forays into the hipness and thighness of movement, choreographer Dorothinia and Arodasi Dance troupe always provoke and mystify. This group is a perennially opening magnolia bloom, ever restless, ever luxuriating in tantric wonder.

Arodasi presents one more weekend of Moving Art danced to the songs of Neil Young.
* 318-861-6721 for reservations.
* Fri, May 5, Sat, May 6 at 8 pm.

Arodasi Center is also a hangar of art, including the Back Room Gallery and Bistineau Gallery.

Hunter Carter & Evan Falbaum bring Shreveport an exploding event: Moviesauce Film Festival, June 2-4, LSUS

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When young filmmakers Hunter Carter and Evan Falbaum finished their 4 years at Caddo Magnet High, they were the toast of the town. They won big awards in the Louisiana Film Fest and started their own festival, Moviesauce. They packed Fairfield Studios with teen videographers and their teen fans.

This year their fest has leaped from the local to the international. Entries for Moviesauce have come from across the entertainment ether. The fest is now a big-time, 3-day event, to be held in the University center at LSUS.

Tickets and a look at the array of offerings?

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

ArtBreak family festival at the Riverview Convention Hall & Civic Theater May 5, 6 & 7

Oil City Dance Line
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ArtBreak, the award-winning free family festival, has split. It has moved to the Civic Theater/Convention Hall site on Shreveport's riverfront.

You'll find a plethora of plectra and plenty of hands-on art activities, says director Pam Atchison. The best student art from the region will be displayed. There are dance and musical performances each day.

May 5, 6 & 7
AmSouth free yellowBus shuttle.

Jonathan Ferrara and paintings from his New Orleans gallery at Artspace; open late Th, Fri, Sat

Behind Artspace guest curator Jonathan Ferrara are Mary Jane Potts' paintings. Ferrara is a downtown New Orleans gallery owner, painter and innkeeper. His paintings are also on display at Artspace.

It's all part of a traveling show called New Orleans Artists in Exile and it is highly recommended. Please see There's a link at an earlier SptBlog post.

Also showing at Artspace is work from the Arthur Roger Gallery (see earlier post - includes Clyde Connell reference) curated by Crescent City painter Jaqueline Bishop. This one' called Made in New Orleans. Altogether, it's a tide of fine work.

Info: 673-6535 or 673-6500.

10 am - 9 pm Th, Fr
10 am to 6 pm Sat

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Benefit for Scott Griffin to be held at Fairfield Studios on Sunday, May 21; call to performers from Alan Dyson

Scott Griffin is a guitarist, composer, designer, photographer and filmmaker. Writes his friend and frequent musical partner, Alan Dyson, "Many of you may be aware that Scott has been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. He is presently doing well as he undergoes radiation therapy and learns to walk again on account of a sudden hip replacement. He is maintaining an amazing attitude and outlook - proving to be an inspiration to all around him."

"In order to provide an opportunity to help him through this challenging time," continues Dyson, "we have scheduled Sunday, May 21st, at Fairfield Studios in Shreveport as a time of musical and spoken word performance to benefit Scott and cancer research."

"Our plan at this time is to record the entire performance, and edit the content into a product that may provide some continued income for his medical expenses."

"Please respond to this," Dyson wrote today to his friends, "with a pledge to perform or provide other support for one of the best friends and collaborators any of us could wish to have. I will keep you updated as more information on this performance, donation opportunities, or other events is made available. In the meantime, please keep him in your thoughts and prayers."

Griffin has been an artistic mensch of this area in recent years. He has photographed and designed covers and visual layouts for magazines such as Forum, has collaborated via his recordings and guitar talent with Arodasi Dance troupe and Alan Dyson and others. He has produced spoken word CD's - Noma Folwer-Sandlin's Unsounds among them - and shot and edited documentary films. He has made jazz with his nylon-string guitar alongside Michael Susano, Dyson, pan player Gordon Nurse (above, at Artspace), Dyson and others.

I have found him a man of unusual good will as well as talent. It is gratifying to know that Griffin's friends have responded to his illness with food and visits and gifts. Let us continue to aid the melodic Griffin and his family.

Alan Dyson: 424-9690.

Folmer and Folmer direct Are We There Yet? at East Bank Theater May 5, 6, 7

Shawn Dion, Reagan Cassanova, Amy Williams and Josh Talley leap and duck in an attempt to elude the slings and arrows of existence, says Richard Folmer, director of Are We There Yet?

The play takes place at Bossier Arts Council's intimate upstairs room, East Bank Theater, on May 5, 6 and 7.

Choreography is by Ginger Folmer, partner to Richard and half of the hardest-working couple in show business - in the Shreveport-Bossier vicinity. For more info, see the BAC website, please.

The art game as successfully practiced by painter Zhou Tiehai, Shanghai

Zhou Tiehai, Shanghai
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The New York Times says, "For more than a decade, his work has mocked the art scene. In an era when every leading Chinese artist seems to have a recognizable brand, a series of obvious signature pieces, Mr. Zhou slyly appropriated Joe Camel from the American cigarette ads and transformed it into his own improbable brand. (Many people here refer to Mr. Zhou — pronounced Joe — as the Joe Camel guy.) Now important collectors boast of owning his paintings. His works, which command prices as high as $100,000, have been shown in New York, London and at the Venice Biennale."

More at

Chinese Artist Zhou Tiehai Proves the Emperor Is Naked By DAVID BARBOZA

RedNek: the art of Dennis O'Bryant at the Marshall Visual Art Center; reception Th, May 18, 5 pm

REDNEK e-vite
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Dennis O Bryant gave SptBlog this background on his show at the Marshall, Tx, Visual Art Center: "I called my friend Brooks Little, Director of the Marshall Visual Art Center, because she had been under the weather and I wanted to see how she was feeling. In a weak voice, she said 'I had been meaning to call you. The artist that is up for the next show at MVAC is sick, too, and is going to cancel.' She said, 'I need a show up for several reasons - special visitors from Poland will be touring the facility and the Master Artist work shop will going on for two weeks - I need art in the gallery - and there is only a few days to pull it all together.'"

"She knew I had inventory. If you remember, that was the best advice Clyde Connell ever gave me. In one week I pulled together the work, inventory list & labels. But there was one thing that neither of us had funds for: invitations. I said let's use the power of the internet (and friends) - we can send more out and follow up throughout the show."

The reception is Th, May 18, 5 to 7 pm.

More at &