Monday, October 08, 2007

Michael Smith, folkie genius, to sing at Fairfield Studios, 7 pm on Sun, Oct 14 in Shreveport

MICHAEL SMITH in Shreveport
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"If you have or haven't been to a House Concert lately you can't miss
this one," says non-sequiturian Sandra Odom. "His songs have been some of my favorite hidden jewels for years but I didn't know it was Michael Smith that wrote them. From the wacky "Dead Egyptian Blues" to the extraordinarily sensitive "Dutchman", Michael can hit you from any direction. An entertainer's entertainer, his soft-spoken manner will fool you into thinking he's mentally laid-back, but, HA! Just you wait! He was a Kerrville smash last May. I
happened to run right into him after his performance (literally, and in the rain). Asked if he'd ever played Louisiana: "No!"
Would he be interested? "Yes" He's ours for one night. Come see
this man. You'll be a fan for life."
$15, including celestial listening environment

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