Saturday, October 06, 2007

What to do when the Revel's gone: SciPort's iMax Theater has undersea movie narrated by Depp & Winslet

coral reef
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The big-screen film Deep Sea is now playing in a three-month run at Sci-Port Discovery Center’s three-story IMAX Dome Theatre, says Jennifer Tuxen.

Viewers without snorkels might be a bit shaky as they dive beneath the ocean to seek its most slippery creatures. The 70-millimeter movie is narrated by a glistening Johnny Depp and dripping Kate Winslet.

Creatures like the giant pacific octopus, squid, wolf eel, the rarely seen ocean sunfish, sand tiger sharks, fried egg jellyfish, coral and countless other amazing creatures are the featured cast in this spectacular film - which might make parents awfully hungry.

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