Sunday, October 14, 2007

ArtScare at Artspace on Fri, Oct 26: dust off the mask & fishnet hose for a downtown evening of dance and duplicity

Halloween vest & fishnet
Originally uploaded by trudeau
Artscare, billed as a devilish fundraiser for Artspace, draws a mix of midnight boa types as well as the proud-of-their-cleavage and legs sorts of lassies and laddies. Then there are their minions and the gawkers. In short, expect a healthy Halloween at Artspace.

Artscare is Fri, Oct 26. It opens at 8 pm.

You may ditch your heels at the witching hour, say the chairs, who are Donna Poimbeauf and Karen Courtman.
Tariff is $50 per capita.

It features, amidst the masked marauders,
Boo Boxes
Silent Auction, featuring skeletons from the attic, both art and artifacts.

Reservations: 673-6500


Anonymous said...

Mssr. Trudeau, you are absolutely ruining my tough-girl image by keeping this photo in our collective conscience.

Btw, Pam Atchison was wearing the SAME COSTUME that night! Only she had better nose makeup, dangit.

Robert E Trudeau said...

Thanks for wearing the Whole Nine Yards to the last Artscare, Debbie.

According to your legs have legs. Some 649 views of this photo have been recorded.

Anonymous said...

Oh my.

Alan says, that's what I get for being so d*mned militant.