Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve for the terminally illin': the Noids at Big D's BBQ, Common at Caddo St

The Noids: Hayden Camp, Paul Garner, Jessie Gabriel, Conner Davis
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The Noids are classic teenage, off-hand rockers. They're also off-kilter and they're artists. Lead singer Paul Garner is a gifted creator of posters and paintings. Guitarist-singer Hayden Camp is a keeper of the flame of Leadbelly tunes. Both have a love affair with the absurd.

Drummer Jessie Gabriel is a protean stickman, able to swing, romp, funk or thunder.

New Year's Eve they're at Big D's BBQ, where DJ Chris Brown likes the sweet potato pie. Big D's is a landing pad for punk and art rockers swiveling through Shreveport on tour. Bring a jacket, ok?

Noids / Big D's BBQ
101 Common St (Common at Caddo St)

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