Thursday, December 28, 2006

Twenty-three years of trouble: David Egan sings at Sharpies Fri, Dec 29, 10 pm

David Egan / photo Johnny Palazzotto
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Today David Egan is known far and wide as a writer of soul songs. Percy Sledge, Johnny Adams, Joe Cocker, Etta James, Mavis Staples, Irma Thomas and Solomon Burke have recorded his tunes.

But in Shreveport, his home, he is known as the keyboard player for the band A Train, founded by his life-long friends Bruce and Buddy Flett and John Howe.

For a number of years he traveled the world and recorded discs with the Cajun band File'. Long a resident of Lafayette, LA, he took up with another bunch of hairy Cajuns after leaving File' . His principal group is another widely-known South Louisiana band. It is called the "swamp-pop super-group, Lil' Band O' Gold."

But Egan is also a solo artist in this era. To sit near his piano and listen to his growl and watch his fingers do the fandango across the keyboard is to be in the presence of a considerable artist. Egan is a droll master of the Louisiana song form.

His solo album is "Twenty Years of Trouble," and for me it's a collection of songs and piano riffs that have a timeless quality. I highly recommend it.

Tonight he returns to Shreveport via a chair and keyboard at Sharpies. Welcome home, Monsieur Egan.

David Egan
Sharpie's (for Sharpie's myspace please see blog list), near the corner of King's Hwy and Youree Dr , at 3104 Youree Drive
10 pm

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