Saturday, December 30, 2006

Art & technology: Taymor's Magic Flute Metropolitan Opera live broadcast at Tinseltown 'jam packed'

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Artist-photographer Neil Johnson wrote, "Just returned from the Live From The Met broadcast at Tinseltown. A historic broadcast: big screen, HD image with wonderful sound.

First in the series was Mozart's The Magic Flute as interpreted by Julie Taymor (Lion King) and James Lupine. Fabulous. Multiple cameras used most professionally.

Best news: the theater was jam packed -- even at $18 ticket prices. Only theater in the state doing it so far, but I see this as a huge step forward in the partnership of the arts with technology. It can only grow and spread. The possibilities are endless!

Amazing: watching the best opera in America -- live -- and eating popcorn. How cool is that? 4 or 5 more operas coming up, and that's just through April. Hooray for Tinseltown.


Flickr blog image above is a Magic Flute production by Bangkok Opera.

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