Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dmonstrations: rockin' from Brooklyn to Santa Ana with Shreveport en route; show Sun, Dec 17, 8:30 pm, Cooper Manor

Dmonstrations @ 2609 33rd St.
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What hath Capt Beefheart wrought? It is called Noise Rock and is a demoniacally powerful, anarchic force. In Shreveport the home of noise rock is Cooper Manor, 122 E Dalzell (some have complained to me it is an unfindable address but that is a ruse meaning 'I didn't really want to drop off my teens on that side of Highland,' I believe).
The latest road-excited bunch of noisers to hit town are up Sunday at Cooper manor.

"Dmonstrations are a ridiculously fun and crazy garage-noise-rock trio, with two-thirds hailing from San Diego California, and the remaining one-third (singer/guitarist) hailing from Tokyo, Japan," says house concert producer and mathematician Alec Holland.

The dmonstrations' myspace site has their motto as "Mutagen Pills in the River." You probably know that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were created by means of mutagens. In fact, those of you knew that ought to attend the show. The rest of you are free to go as of now. Find your Lou Reed and Ramones albums and your pacemaker. Maybe hang up your Chucks.

Opening is Rock And Roll Spanish High School. Holland admits that the opener produces "Loud, almost danceable noise rock from...well...Shreveport."

Sun, Dec 17th
122 E. Dalzell
8:30 PM

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