Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dirtfoot's new album, Entertain Me, to be discalced at Noble Savage during vespers on Sat, Dec 23

Matt Hazelton: "Entertain Me"
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"Just wanted to let you know that the CD is done and the release will be held at Noble Savage on December 23rd," wrote J Bratlie. "We are planning on a big event with a lot of fun, new merchandise, as well as the long awaited, much anticipated, full length debut album, "Entertain Me."

At Eric Gardner writes, "Dirtfoot's first full-length, professionally recorded studio album,"Entertain Me" is finally here. You've never heard the boys like this before. It will be available for only $10 at the Noble Savage.

If you would like to reserve one or several copies, email us at or contact us through or through"

On Friday the 22nd their calendar says the sextet is playing Lil Joes / Jackrabbit Lounge.
Dec 31: Chicago Downtown (formerly Club Isabella), 118 Texas, Shreveport.

Young visitors home for the holidays might well consider this gathering the primo event of the holidays. Going early wouldn't be a bad idea if you're a fan or simply if you want to check the tight sound of their danceable, rockin' gypsy music.


Anonymous said...

It's a long time coming! I'll promise to come to the release if Hazelton will promise to bring some copies to Disc Daddy. You hear me, Hazelton?

Anonymous said...

Dirtfoot's a good name for a band. One that I thought of this morning is Lily and the ThorHammers. One L in Lily, and no space between Thor and Hammers.

So, you musicians - feel free to use that!