Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Spoken Word Open Mic night at Multicultural Center of the South Thur, Dec 21, 8 - 10 pm

Valerie Gunn at MultiCultural Center
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"If you have a positive message you would like to present, please call 820-3674 to reserve your mic time," reads the promo card for Spoken Word Night at the Multicultural Center of the South. The audience is asked to Rsvp to 318-424-1380.

The event takes place in a huge, open room with windows overlooking Texas St. There are easels with art, chairs, refreshments and, says Multicultural Center director Valerie Gunn, "crowds have sometimes been 100 people; and they're all ages, too."

You may be surprised at the sumtuousness of the displays in the rooms devoted to the furnishings and art of the ethnic groups of Louisiana. The fabrics and statuary and musical instruments of India are on deluxe display, for example.

401 Texas St
Open Mic Night, Th, Dec 21
Open to all ages.

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Anonymous said...

"Positive Comments." Heh. There goes a lot of good prose and poetry sacrificed to bourgeois squeemishness.