Thursday, April 12, 2007

Step It Up photo part of national push for Congressional action on climate: Columbia Cafe, Sun, Ap 15, 2 pm

The National Day of Climate Action is aimed at pushing Congress to Step it Up and legislate a change to cut carbon emissions 80% by 2050, says Janet Mighell Creech.

Shreveporters who care about such change can meet at Columbia Cafe on Sun, Ap 15, at 2 pm for a photo session. The photo will be served to the appropriate members of Congress.

Janet Creech: 318-425-8018


trudeau said...

Mr. Eddy called me yesterday morning, wrote Janet Creech, after it had been approved, to tell me that I couldn't do it (have the gathering) there. Long story. However, Matthew Linn is letting us meet at Columbia Café parking lot. Same day same time: Sunday 2-3. If you want anything to eat or drink at the Café, keep in mind their Sunday hours are 10:00 am -2:00 pm. We will gather together, have a brief talk on the importance of reducing carbon emissions in the atmosphere (why and how), and then take our photo with our banner which shall be sent to congress. There will be a new press release in the paper. Mary Jimenez called, talked to me about it, and will be sending a photographer.

You can always check out and find details about our action.

Janet J. Creech
910 Kirby Place
318-425-8018 (H)

trudeau said...

Janet added, "Thanks for helping spread the word! Significant policy changes can only happen if massive public pressure overcomes the formidable resistance put up by oil and coal companies and their friends in Washington D.C."