Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Magik Markers, Clipd Beaks, Green Milk from the Planet Orange: Alec Holland videos from Cooper Manor have new home at archive.org

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"Have begun to upload my shows," says Alec Holland of Cooper Manor concerts, "onto www.archive.org. It's an online archive site for the public in which I can upload a huge amount of content for free viewing and download. I am currently putting up the entire Green Milk set from the other night."

"Oh yeah, check these archive.org spots for clips you have yet to have see:the Clipd Beaks show and the Magik Markers.

Holland also has opened a blog called The White Lodge. "Not sure what I'll do with it other than post house show dates and videos from said shows."

He ruefully supposes, " No one will really read it, I'm sure, but oh well. If anything, it helps ME remember what shows are happening here."

Beyond shows, he has uploaded a selection called Movies You should See before You Die.

Alec Holland: young Cineaste. And Storage Maven.

Thanks to Kevan Smith for freezing the Magik Markers at 122 East Dalzell.

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trudeau said...

Alec wrote a moment ago, I just uploaded the great Yip Yip performance here: