Sunday, April 08, 2007

Not a generic assemblage of movies: third Carter-Falbaum Moviesauce Film Fest to be held at Robinson Film Center Dec 28-29

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"We have three categories this year: Feature, Short, and Louisiana," says Evan Falbaum, co-founder of Shreveport-based Moviesauce Film Fest. Below are Falbaum's updates on the third edition of MSFF.

Features: 50-180 minutes long of any type (documentary, narrative, animation, experimental).
Shorts: under 35 minutes, also of any category/genre.
Louisiana: any length film of any category as long it's made by a La filmmaker in La.

Acceptance is based on creativity, originality, and overall entertainment value. We didn't feel it necessary to have age categories for the local competition. Student filmmakers are encouraged to submit.

Awards: Best Feature, Best Short, and Hotsauce (for Louisiana). In addition the Features and Shorts both qualify for the Awesomesauce award, which is an audience-voted best in show.

Best Feature and Best Short are decided by the MSFF staff rather than a panel of judges as they are chosen to represent the style, heart, and philosophy of filmmaking that Moviesauce stands for. We think it's important to be somewhat biased in order to stand out from other festivals. If you try too hard to please everyone's tastes then you'll end up with a generic festival, and we don't want that.

We're on schedule to hold it this Christmas at the Robinson Film Center: Dec. 28-29, 2007. We intend to bring in some filmmakers for Q&A sessions and Panels on various aspects of filmmaking.

We recently gained bragging rights when last year's MSFF winner for Best Narrative Short, Binta and the Great Idea, was nominated for an Oscar.

The festival isn't until December, but we plan on keeping fans entertained with our new website. Upcoming features include short fictional videos of how Hunter Carter and I are literally building this film festival.

Also, we have a section called "ideas and recipes" where fans can submit their own ideas and recipes on how to use moviesauce.


trudeau said...

Me, I'm going to enter a couple of small documentaries. Is there anyone else with cookies in the oven?

Chris said...
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Chris said...

Actually, I just started a fresh batch last week- hopefully it will be ready in June.

trudeau said...

Film mavens can watch progress of Chris Lyons' film, Plummet, at - see links, please.