Sunday, January 25, 2015

Brian Blade to sing and play guitar in Mama Rosa session at Bears Fairield, Shreveport, Fri, Jan 30

Brian Blade

Touring Europe and the US continually, Brian Blade is at a pinnacle of recognition as a jazz drummer. Blade's group, the Fellowship Band, is up for a Grammy for the album Landmarks. He's a steady partner to jazz legend Wayne Shorter. He even had a part of the Antonio Sanchez drum score for the movie Birdman.

But when he performs at Bears this week - seated, with an acoustic guitar in his lap - people in the Shreveport audience will see Blade the singer-songwriter. It will afford Blade fans a window to his soul - after, all Mama Rosa is a song about his grandmother and about Shreveport.

Blade also gets to show the audience the broader world of music he inhabits. Guitarist Mark Griffith reported from rehearsals that they will do a Link Wray tune as well as a Dylan number. That's in addition to an entire suite of folk-rock, mid-tempo tunes penned by Blade. His vocal partner will be his Shreveport comadre of many years, gospel singer Monica Blake Mickle. Expect to see Shawn Stroope on bass and Lane Bayliss on drums, says Griffith.

It's not going to be a night of dance, though from time to time crescendos will be thunderous, says Griffith. "Maybe a few hippie chicks swaying to some of the tunes," went the joke at the Blade rehearsal.

When last he performed the Mama Rosa session - Naked Bean Cafe, Line Ave, 2010 - the waves of energy that rolled out from Blade and group were like sonic surf at midnight.

All that and no smoking, too? Last week Chase Boytim declared Bears to be a full time no smoking zone. Hats off to Boytim, a serious student of entertainment and how to bring it.

It's a family and soul night for Blade and Shreveport. Highly recommended.

Tickets are $15 online and 20 at the door. "It will sell out," says Boytim. Locals may also drop by Bears this week to buy a ticket for 15, no handling charge, says Boytim.

Please see singer Maggie Koerner's reminiscence about Blade's 2010 show at Naked Bean.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Chill cellist returns to perform with Shreveport Symphony Orchestra on Sat, Jan 24, 7:30 pm, Riverview Theater: rising star John-Henry Crawford

John-Henry Crawford, Shreveport Symphony Orchestra

Handsome and young, expert and serene, John-Henry Crawford, guest cellist with the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra on Sat, Jan 24, brings palpable pleasures to the audience.

Highly recommended.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Citizenfour, a best documentary, at Robinson Film Center, Shreveport; talk session Thurs, Jan 22, 6 pm, with Times editor Alison Bath

"Snowden: Thanks for the truth," Nine Elms Lane, London, opposite the construction site for the new US Embassy

“Every border you cross, every purchase you make, every call you dial... is in the hands of a system whose reach is unlimited but whose safeguards are not.”

RFC hosts a Q&A screening of Oscar-nominated documentary Citizenfour at 6 pm, Jan. 22, with guest Shreveport Times Executive Editor Alison Bath. The film "dramatically straddles the divide between art and journalism, cinema and reportage," says The Guardian, and plays as "the most chilling thriller of the year."

Also speaking: Chief Technology Officer of Enterprise Computing Services Ken McCoy. McCoy has worked in IT for both large and small customers across the country as well as on government contracts, specializing in security. He has many top IT industry certifications and is one of the few Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts in Louisiana, says RFC.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

From train bums to skate punks, photographer Bill Daniel one of America's coolest social historians; exhibit at 846 Texas Ave on Tues, Jan 20, 7 pm to 10 pm

Bill Daniel, David Nelson, Shreveport

Image-maker Bill Daniel is an art fox. Affable, handsome, caring, he shoots film and moves on - without his subjects having noticed. Daniel is considered one of America's coolest documentarians. Exhibits of his work have been seen recently at the Berkeley Art Museum, the San Francisco Art Institute and MOCA Los Angeles. A winner of a Guggenheim fellowship, he exhibits coast to coast and in Europe.

The Daniel show to be exhibited at minicine? on Tues, Jan 20, is Tri-X Noise.

Also presenting at minicine is New England Home Movie Tour. Among its handmade shorts is work by Luther Price, a major American artist whose work at the Whitney Biennial 2012 was considered tout le tout.

minicine?, a creation of David Nelson, has produced most of its exhibits and concerts of recent years at 846 Texas Ave. Regrettably, building code issues were the impetus to close 846 Texas Ave some 2 years ago and end that phase of minicine history.

Does this show represent a return of the salon on Texas Ave? Says Nelson, "The space @ 846 is not officially reopening at this time. No updates have been made to make regular programming possible. A fire inspector has been hired to be on hand for this event in order to comply with city requirements. For the last two years, the space has been turned into more of a working studio and now everything has been pushed to the corners for this event. So the space has been cleared out particularly and especially for Tri-X Noise and the New England Home Movie Tour. No future programs have been scheduled."

Doors open 7 to 10 pm; films roll at 8 pm. Donation: $5 or $10.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Service opportunity on MLK Day: Anderson Bayou Cleanup adjacent to Zeke Dr, 9 am to noon

Anderson Bayou playground on Zeke Dr, Shreveport

'We will be picking up litter in and around the Anderson Bayou area on Mon, 9 am to noon," says Jon Soul. "Canoes (and life jackets) will be available for litter collection on the water."

Cleanup equipment and snacks provided.
Bring your work gloves.
Meet at the Zeke Drive playground at 9AM.

Info: 572-4080.

A related cleanup effort is beginning at Valencia Park / Community Center at 9 am, says Shalon Lewis. The Valencia volunteers will work their way toward Anderson Bayou, the two groups meeting at the bayou, says Erin Berry. Valencia Community Center cleanup project

Please see photos of the volunteers, the bayou and the work done on Mon. at

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Baroque Artists performance Sun, Jan 18, 2 pm, Anderson Auditorium, Centenary College

Baroque Artists of Shreveport Coffee Cantata, Shreveport

Exquisite chamber music by the region's best and most dedicated musicians, performed at Centenary's Hurley Music Bldg, Anderson Aud, 2 pm, Sun, Jan 18.

No charge to the public. All are welcome.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Crescent City brass band the Soul Rebels at Bears Fairfield, Shreveport, Sat, Jan 17, 10:30 pm


Dance party. Mardi party. Stand too close to the Soul Rebels front line of horns and you risk seeing your hat fly into the crowd behind. You also risk finding a new set of muscles from the dancing you will be doing.

The Soul Rebels are a big band, have a big rep and they play tunes that the crowd knows, from "Happy" to "Sweet Dreams." Check a Soul Rebels video if need any further impetus to live your life as though you were in New Orleans.

Tickets, $15.