Friday, April 13, 2007

The Great Debaters casting call: Sun, Ap 15, noon, former AT&T plant, Mansfield Rd; director-star Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington licking
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Says John Grindley of the Robinson Film Center: “The Great Debaters”, a new feature film scheduled to shoot mid May in Shreveport, is hosting a city wide open casting call on Sun, April 15, from 12 am to 4 pm.

The Great Debaters will be directed by and starring academy award winning actor Denzel Washington.

Actors and Extras interested in participating in the movie should come out and meet the Casting Directors with photos in hand.

The open call will be held at:

The Old AT&T plant
9595 Mansfield Road
Shreveport, LA 7118
(318) 682 5645

If unable to attend please send photos to: The Great Debaters Casting, 9595 Mansfield Road Shreveport, La 7118.


trudeau said...

"Good to see you mention the Great Debaters," writes Phil Messinger. "I've been scouting locations for it since Feb. and have covered most of northwest La. filling in the blanks. If all goes well, it should be an important film. I still haven't run into DW, though.
You should show up for that casting call to be in the Harvard debate scenes, though there might not have been soul patches in 1935."

Summer said...

I have a daughter that is a 10 yrs. old African American little girl and she strongly desires to be an actress. She recently was an extra in "The Gaurdian" and made it into the movie during the classroom scene. I am interested in finding out if there is a need for a 10 year old female in "The Great Debate". I would love for her to have an opportunity to audition for a part b/c she was very sad that we could not make the casting call. Please let me know where I can send her photo's. My email address is Thanks!

Summer said...

I meant 10 yr. old!! Sorry :)