Saturday, April 21, 2007

All ages show at 516 Soundstage Sunday afternoon, Ap 22, features Chris Alexander, Kern Courtney, the Peekers and Dirtfoot

"The Tommy Welch benefit Sun, Ap 22, at 516 SS is a tribute to Tommy, an artist in every sense of the word, who passed to spirit in late February. This event serves," says Amy Guendelay, "both the community's need to gather in Tommy's honor and as a benefit to ease the financial burden to his family."

2:30pm - Chris Alexander

3:30pm - Kern Courtney

5:00pm - the Peekers

7:00pm - Dirtfoot

See more about Chris Alexander as well as Dirtfoot in the SptBlog Links.

"It is also a one-day art exhibition featuring the work of artists Micah Harold, Courtney Manning, Ashley Harold, Joanna Ballard, Amy Guendulay, James Clements, Chris Stripling, Brandon Jenkins, Mike Paul, Savannah Porter, Thomas Little and others," added Guendelay.

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