Sunday, April 15, 2007

Downtown photo shot from atop Horseshoe Hotel loaned to Mayor Glover by photographer Neil Johnson; will appear on business cards, the annual report

Shot in high resolution from the roof of the Horseshoe Casino Hotel is an image of Shreveport presented by photographer Neil Johnson to the mayor.

"The framed print shown has been loaned to the office of Mayor Glover for the duration of his administration and will hang behind the Mayor's desk. The image is extremely high rez and you can easily see details in things like the Mega-Mural," says Johnson.

"The same image was printed as a 10-foot-long "gallery wrap" (printed on canvas and displayed on a stretcher frame) and will soon be put on display in City Hall's conference room. Additionally, the image (or part of it) will be printed on all new business cards of City department heads and will be added to the City web site, as well as grace the cover of the 2006 City annual report."

Johnson, from a family known for quiet volunteerism, told the City Council, "I love this city and I hope this image reflects that as well as a single image can."

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trudeau said...

Neill adds, "Only the print for the Mayor's office is a loan. It replaces another loaned BIG print that has hung behind Hightower's desk forever. Other uses are paid for.

Shot on my Nikon D2X. Three images stitched together in Photoshop.

Robert Baillio at Lytles did the canvas wrap print and the stretcher frame construction. I highly recommend him for this kind of project.