Sunday, April 15, 2007

Newcomers' Guide to the Arts in Shreveport-Bossier

Lampton Enochs and daughters
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Welcome to the gentle but stimulating world of the arts in the Red River region. We think you will find your niche in Shreveport-Bossier whether you are . . .

* nuclear family looking for cultural education
* go-getter, volunteer-minded
* young or young-thinking, looking for the underground
* ready to get better acquainted with the arts but don't have a lot of background.

The links section of this blog is your menu. This selected list contains sites of individual artists and organizations who will welcome your inquiry. It's not unusual locally to make contact with arts-related people in advance of moving here and develop a correspondence that leads to early and productive friendships.

Spt-Bossier (SB) is a region working hard to do a more complete job of ethnic integration in the arts. Overall, we see the best ever multi-ethnic presence and cooperation in the region.

Along with a great orchestra and opera and rock scene and video and movie scene - to mention a few - there are problems to be addressed. That's where you come in. The more fresh ideas, the better the chance to make progress with the obstacles that face the area.

Please don't hold back. Call or email organizations or individuals to ask for advice. We will be happy to hear from you. I personally get a steady number of emails from people headed in this direction. I am delighted to say Hello and point them toward promising connections. For one thing, if you wish to volunteer as an writer or photographer for ShreveportBlog or ShreveportFaces I'd welcome your contributions - and comments.


Bienvenue a Louisiane, cher!

Above is Lampton Enochs and his daughters, Dallas and Agnes, attending the Shreveport Symphony. They moved here from New Orleans in the course of producing the movie Harold & Kumar II.

He recently wrote, "Enjoyed your blog about the symphony. I’m ready to take up the gauntlet for integrating the film and music industries in North Louisiana. Can’t see any reason why we’re not doing some recording here for film projects. Maybe we’ll have Michael Butterman conducting for a soundtrack one of these days… preferably soon.
Glad you are out there pushing the arts." That's an exemplary response from a newcomer. Now, we look forward to your Hello.

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