Saturday, April 14, 2007

Photographer Greg Pearson debuts Life Eyewitness at

Greg Pearson Self-portrait
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"I've finally succumbed to the mighty keyboard and joined the ranks of bloggers. I must admit, once upon a time a looked down on the blogging nation with a "tsk, tsk" sort of attitude. But things have changed, and exposure to numerous area blogs and the search for information in the fields of photography and photojournalism have changed my mind. In addition to posting blogs for my day job as a staff photographer for The Times, I have also created my own blog," writes Greg Pearson.

"I hope to provide viewers with photography and photojournalism resources, advice, tips and techniques, behind-the-scenes looks, and plain ol' daily rantings about my work and the things I see around me...thus, I've aptly named my blogging adventure, Life Eyewitness. You won't find any poltical ramblings or highly controversial entries (I find blogs of that nature attract intolerance and ignorance), but you Will find opinions on photojournalism ethics in addition to thoughts regarding my images and work."

Pearson adds, "I've enjoyed your blog and efforts to let SB folks know of the art scene that surrounds them. Thanks for the mention of my web site by the way. I just noticed it today. We've been tracking hits to The Times photo blog (The Big Picture) and know folks are visiting and returning (many linking from your blog site), but we hope to get more interaction in the way of comments in the future, as I hope to get the same on my personal blog."

Greg Pearson
Staff Photographer
The Times


trudeau said...

Greg, Your blog is vibrant and thoughtful. Primo self-portrait!

Welcome to a wired community that is growing more expressive and connected each week.

Greg Pearson said...

Thank you's good to be here...I cant help but laugh at what I used to think of blogging and the fact that I was up at 8 a.m. Saturday morning posting!!!!