Friday, April 13, 2007

Ralph McPhail, director and scholar in matters Gilbert & Sullivan, speaks at Barnes & Noble noon Sat, Ap 14

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Upon my word: there's a published WS Gilbert scholar in Shreveport ready to speak to theater mavens between his directing duties for the Gilbert and Sullivan Society - see the show Mon night at the Strand. Says Leslye Gilchrist, "Join us at Barnes and Noble on Sat, Ap 14, at noon to hear an entertaining and informative lecture by Ralph McPhail, Jr., Professor ot Theater Emeritus, Bridgewater College, Artistic Director, Austin Gilbert and Sullivan Society."

Since McPhail's learned in regards Rosencrantz and Guiderstern, 1874, I've run a photo from Rosencrantz and Guidernstern are Dead, probably 1974. Peachy, right?

Rob and Leslye Gilchrist

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