Monday, April 30, 2007

Academy of Children's Theater presents Throughly Modern Millie on May 3 - 5, 10 - 12, 7 pm, at PAC

Bozenski, Kirton and Whitaker
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Some of the city's top young thespians will croon and hoof upon the First Methoodist PAC stage in the Academy of Children's Theater production of Throughly Modern Millie.

Playing the title role is Ansley Hughes, an actress with a smoky, tuneful and strong voice and flashing eyes. Backing her are Lily Whitaker, also gifted in song and dance, who brings sardonic humor to the stage. The group is anchored by journeyman actress Susan Kirton, a canny and appealing lass who has played upon many local stages.

Watch out for Casey Bozenski, a fluent singer and actor who can switch roles from bad guy to good within a backstage heartbeat. Also having proven themselves in numerous local productions in recent years are Angela Kang, also clear and tuneful of voice and possessed of deadly timing, and Tyler Northen, a fellow with many characters inside.

Millie is a tale of a flapper who would be a golddigger. However, in the Priscilla Hotel she discovers a white slavery ring operated by the property's proprietor and her two bumbling Asian henchmen. The ideal kidnapping targets are the attractive, flapper tenants.

When Millie realizes what is transpiring, she devises a scheme to save her friend from the slavers. Before long, her boyfriend, Jimmy, is in drag, her boss, Trevor, is drugged, and fireworks are exploding in Chinatown. Somehow the chaos leads to a happy ending.

The show dates are May 3 - 5 at 7 pm and May 10 - 12 at 7 pm, says director-choreographer Laren Ross. The box office opens at noon on Mon, Ap 30, says co-director Cynthia Whitaker.

Tickets are $20 for adults and $15 for students and children.

Box office: 429-6885.


Anonymous said...

To those of you who have never seen an ACT (Academy of Children's Theater) production, I can tell you that it can stand up to the best that community theater has to offer. This is one amazingly talented group of kids, and the adults who support them are some of Shreveport's finest talent. Do NOT miss a chance to see them.

Anonymous said...

You know, I have never read an Alexander Kent review that I could even follow, so allow me to say that ACT's "TMM" is a fantastic show that the entire family will enjoy. There is never a dull moment.