Saturday, January 20, 2007

Zack the Rookie & confreres at 516 soundstage Sat, Jan 20, from 1 pm

Zack the Rookie, 516 soundstage
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Zack the Rookie is a trio of screamo-punk road warriors.

Their tune "buried & breathing," on their site, indicates that they've got longer legs than most of their class. As does their considerable touring schedule.

Catch them and a bracket of their brethren at 516 soundstage in a 40-minute-apiece showcase of young talent Sat. from 1 pm.

And they got artist Leland Strebeck to paint this poster for them. Hm.

Leland's show at Prima Tazza is the most intriguing art in Shreveport this month. There's effective contrast in the pairing of Strebeck's art with that of Conchita Iglesias-McElwee. Her images are big and colorful; his are tiny and most are black and white.

Strebeck has not lost a child's sense of play. On quick view, his small-scale illustrations are simple & cute. On further exploration, though, there is a dark core inside each one.

Youth, they seem to want it all, and now. Scream to a whisper in their tunes. Growl to a smile in their art.

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Kevan Smith said...

Leland is good. I met him and his wife a few years back when they were interested in vegetarianism. They were nice people. I hope they stuck to being vegetarian.