Saturday, January 20, 2007

Tubbs Hardware & Cajun Gifts: a cornucopia of Crescent City Carnival caparisons

Don Tubbs with Venetian mask
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Tubbs Hardware & Cajun Gifts' high energy proprietor Don Tubbs has worked for years to make sure local aficionados will have a Carnival cornucopia on Benton Rd.

Beads of divers shape and color combo, fringe and flags, goblets and escutcheons. You name it. Books about every phase of the frivolity and hats - all shapes - and numerous sizes of umbrellas. One of Tubbs' strengths is his collection of the classic R & B, jazz and zydeco recordings. Somehow his music distributor and I agree almost entirely on the essential carnival CD's.

And of masks there are many varieties, including spooky, historic Venetian masks.

One of his specialties is shipping King Cakes. The King Cake of my youth in New Orleans was a simple coffee cake; today it is an x-treme feast. People seem to favor that growth: "We sold about 6500 of them last year," he said recently.

Tubbs Hardware & Cajun Gifts
615 Benton Rd
Bossier City, LA 71111
(318) 746-0311

From I-20, exit Benton Road. Go North 1.5 miles. It's across the street from the Bossier Civic Center.

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