Saturday, January 06, 2007

When we had a sense of style: Hermasillo & Ross cherry-pick regional couture on Sat, Jan 13 at Artspace, 4 to 8 pm

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Once upon a time the Good People of Shreveport dressed up to go shopping downtown. The country cousins were also expected to wear a dress & heels or sport coat in order to shop respectably on Texas and Milam Streets. If your mom, dad or grandparents were among that set and you've managed to save any of their nicer clothing, your time in the sun has begun.

An Antique Couture Road Show featuring clothing consultants from Saks Fifth Avenue will visit Artspace on Sat, Jan 13, from 4-8 pm, says Pam Atchison. Fashion mavens from Northwest Louisiana are respectfully requested to present their vintage gowns and downtown clothing to be photographed and evaluated by the Saks team.

Curator Mark Hermasillo will review the photographs and call on the people with the clothing that fits the show. Additionally, a slide show of all the outfits and accessories that are brought to the Antique Fashion Road Show will be produced.

The Artspace fashion exhibit at the end of this process, In Fashion, The Art of Style, will open Fri, Feb 2. The show will feature regional couture discoveries from the Saks review (1940's to 1970's) as well as Hermosillo's collection of fashion and design.

Steve Ross will join Hermosillo in producing the show. Hermasillo and Ross are the Los Angeles-based interior design team for Bill Robinson, benefactor to Chimp Haven and Robinson Film Center, among several local institutions

Antique couture road show: Sat, Jan 13
In Fashion exhibit opens Fri, Feb 2
Pam Atchison: 673-6500

Don't look for an earlier post I made from an In Fashion PR post card from SRAC. My first article missed the tone of this event by a plaid suit.


Anonymous said...

Ok. So you revamped your article about the 'style' show at artspace. Does that mean we have to revamp our earlier comments regarding same? After all, a horse's ass by any other name is still a horse's ass.

C'mon, Trudeau, where's that backbone?

Robert E Trudeau said...

The sting of your tart, non-PC responses is something I appreciate, even if I grimace at and worry about the sometimes coarse attack. Edgy responses is partly what blogging the news is about.

And I believe you're mostly jiving me when you ask about my backbone. No offense taken.

But, in truth, my backbone comes largely from the fact that I sign every post. And I stand publicly accountable for all of my articles.

Until you have the courage to sign your name and to face the effect of epithets on the feelings of people, real humans, in the community, I'd have to say you're the one who might do a backbone check.

Anonymous said...

I'll say it: you're a bit of a bourgeois burgermeister. But I love you for it. In fact, you were the one who taught me the word bourgeois!

SRAC does good things to bring arts to our community. Unfortunately, they don't always respect local artists. Nevertheless, I think the whole city benefits overall. It's a tough call, because I do think local artists need more encouragement than SRAC provides them. A punk DIY ethos can only go so far.