Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sara Herrington invites you to the Metropolitan Planning Commission's public meeting in downtown Shreveport Wed, May 21, 5:30 pm

Sara Herrington, an articulate woman with a solid track record of community service, invites the public to the Metropolitan Planning Commission public meet Wed afternoon, 5:30 pm, at 505 Travis St (ground floor), aka Govt Plaza Chamber.

Herrington is one of the nine members of the Planning Commission. Also involved are a seven-person MPC staff and the 12-person Caddo Parish Commission. See all those names and phone numbers at the www.csi.shreveport.la.us site.

If you are like the A Better Shreveport coalition and the artists I know and appreciate, it is to your advantage to be there. For a long time such planning has been guided by the pressures brought to bear by vested interest parties such as real estate investors. Today, we can try to head off such distortions by being visible.

Kathryn Usher sent this message yesterday: "I have a friend who lives in Highland. She is a new resident of SB Land with "dual" residency in Shreveport and Austin. She came up with this slogan tonight: 'Shreveport - Affordable Austin.'"

That slogan, brilliant - if over the top, is what will drive my participation.

If you cannot make this meeting, go on record by writing a letter. If you're emailing, send it to mpc@csi.shreveport.la.us


Robert E Trudeau said...

The Times has an excellent piece recommending this meeting as well as thoughtful remarks by readers. Please see the Times editorial.

Anonymous said...

On May 21 I attended this "Master Plan" meeting put on by the Metropolitan Planning Commission for Shreveport. The meeting gave anyone in the city the opportunity to publicly tell policy makers their "vision" for Shreveport and what the master plan should include. My vision...a dog park! I had forwarded them the petition interested Shreveporters have signed, www.shreveportdogblog.blogspot.com, info on Lafayette recently opening "Laffy Dog Park", info on the NOLA: City Park interest in one, and mentioned that Baton Rouge has one and is planning more, at the request of its citizens. I ended my 3 minute talk with "... why not Shreveport?!" They seemed interested. We're back!