Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Nunsense at East Bank Gallery: two more performances and one valedictory speech for cast member Jessica Maxey

"We've got additional performances of Nunsense on Sat and Sun," said Anne Susman of the Bossier Arts Council. "But there's no performance Friday night because the youngest sister, Jessica Maxey, has her high school graduation that night. She's finishing as valedictorian of her class at Loyola."

The cast:
Sister Mary Amnesia, Emily Mwakitawa
Seva May, Sister Mary Regina
Sister Mary Hubert, Terra Tatum
Jessica Maxey, Sister Mary Leo
Reagan Cassanova, Sister Mary Robert Anne.

Sat, May 17, 8 pm.
Sun, May 18, 2 pm.
East Bank Theatre, 630 Barksdale Blvd. in Bossier City.
$15, adults; $11, students, seniors and active military.
(318) 741-8307.


Anonymous said...

Kudos to Seva for supporting and participating in community theater again. Good job.

Anonymous said...

Why the congratulations? Seva's ALWAYS been a supporter of community theatre. Just because she's chosen to raise her game and work more exclusively in a professional situation as of late doesn't mean that she's turned into a "bad person" or "the enemy." It just means that she wants more from theatre than it being a hobby with uneven results.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I was merely congratulating her. What is your problem? It doesn't always have to be an "us vs. them" does it?

Anonymous said...

To the second poster...everyone knows who you are. It is so obvious, because in every interview about every show you do, you have to mention that your shows are "so much better than all the little shows done by bad actors who do it for a hobby." Don't forget that for most of your career, you did "hobby" shows as well. Stop being such a snob and just do your shows for your audiences of 12 or 13 people a night. Your act is so tired.