Friday, May 30, 2008

Dirt Meets Technology

Shreveport Farmers' Market Myspace
Shreveport's Farmers' Market now has a MySpace page. It gives market manager Noma Fowler-Sandlin a platform to keep local foodies informed. "I'd love for everyone to friend the market so you'll always know what's going on. I'll send out bulletins twice a week so you'll know what's happening that day," said Noma. You can even listen to the nifty song Down the Red River Again by Louisiana Dan (he'll be performing at the market June 3). The market opens at 7 am tomorrow at the Festival Plaza pavilion, 101 Crockett St., between Spring and Commerce streets.

Blogs, MySpace pages and Facebooks are no cost ways for organizations and artists to create a web presence. Not only are they free but also easily maintained. If you have enough computer skills to send emails, you can blog. No need to wait for a webmaster to slap your freshest info into the Internet. Once a page is created it's a snap to link with interesting places to get publicity. For instance, a visitor to the Shreveport Bossier Fun Guide would be able click through to a page with pertinent information about the organization or artist sponsoring a listed event.

Guest Editor's note: Mr. Trudeau is recovering nicely after his Tuesday morning heart surgery. Keep those cards, letters, texts, and emails coming. Most importantly, get out and enjoy SB Land this weekend!


Pan's Pantry said...

In addition to befriending the market on myspace, I certainly hope folks will venture into real time and the tangible world and visit the Shreveport Farmers' Market, particularly on its opening day, May 31, and on Tuesdays for a happy hour shopping experience with live music.
Come on out and support local farming!

Unknown said...

Noma reports 2,355 folks made it to the first day of the market.

It runs through August 30. Tuesday afternoons 4 - 7pm and Saturdays 7am - Noon.