Tuesday, May 20, 2008

NY Times profiles Shreveport: "Son of a gun, Hollywood has big fun on the Bayou"

The NY Times opens with: "There is a backlot feel to Shreveport, tucked in “Ark-La-Tex,” the nexus of three states where the piney woods encircle sloughs and bayous. Its post-boom downtown — the oil and gas petered out in the mid-1980s — has plenty of fine old buildings, not many people and, along with a bit of dissipation, an air of expectation, as if the circus might suddenly crest a hill and bring all manner of hoopla. "

NY Times writer David Carr has profiled the city and the work we do. It is witty, frank and a useful mirror for our purview.


Jon Schleuss said...

this is great! read it last night, per chris jay's entertaining midnight tweet

Chad D. Morgan said...

Between the movies and the newly discovered shale, maybe Shreveport has another boom coming up...

-chad morgan