Monday, May 19, 2008

Brady Blade, Jr, drummer and producer, added to Mayor Cedric Glover's economic development team

Brady Blade, Jr, is going to be selling the city of Shreveport to businesses alongside Mayor Cedric Glover and Rick Seaton. I cannot imagine a better situation for the city.

Having known him since his high school years at Caddo Magnet High, I believe him a fellow of impeccable honesty and reliability. He is a graduate of Centenary College.

His personality is magnetic. He was born with a golden smile and laugh. When Brady, Jr, enters a room, the vibe goes up 2 or 3 notches.

As a drummer has won spots with EmmyLou Harris, Steve Earle, Jewel and the Indigo Girls. I remember seeing him on Saturday Night Live a few years ago when he handled the kit for Dave Matthews & Friends.

He has also swum with the sharks in the record industry's production offices. He has managed artists and repertoire (an "A&R man," when things were good for record companies), and run his own company, Brick Top Recordings, LLc. He has opened an internet-based musicians' enterprise along with Dr. Kirk Labor, former Shreveporter, says

Brady is an extremely well-spoken fellow whose global travel will serve well in economic development. In recent years he has resided in Stockholm, Sweden.

There's his acclaimed family to consider , too: Blade's father, Pastor Brady Blade of Zion Baptist Church, is a community leader. His brother Brian is a also a drummer, one in the highest ranks of jazz music.

Blade's artist-businessman profile is highly appropriate for a striving Bayou State city. Whether in tourism, digital services or entertainment-related activities, having Blade aboard will certainly put Shreveport ahead.

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