Thursday, May 01, 2008

ArtBreak 08: here's how to find parking from Fri, May 2, through Sun, May 4

ArtBreak 08
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ArtBreak is a festival so big – spanning more than 100 schools, including more than 50 hands-on art activities, featuring 100 school and community performances, and exhibiting more than 2,000 works
of art by students - that it needs to be housed in the biggest site in town: The Shreveport Convention Center.

Activities will take place from Fri, May 2 through Sun,
May 4, says Julia Foley.

Admission to ArtBreak is free; there is plenty of free parking surrounding the Shreveport Convention Center; there is a free “Yellow Bus Trolley” transporting festival-goers from the AmSouth Bank Parking Garage to the Shreveport Convention Center.

Those who wish to park in the Shreveport Convention Center Parking Garage located between Spring Street and Market Street at Caddo Street will pay $3.00 per car to park.

Kid Friendly menus and pricing will be found in the concessions booths, says the Shreveport Convention Center.

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