Monday, March 31, 2008

Christmas in the Sky kickoff party at Capri Theater, Tues, Ap 1, 5:30 pm; SRAC: Bring a friend!

On Tues, April 1, "Be the first to sneak a peek at the new Capri," says Pam Atchison. Lacking Mrs Atchison's imprimatur I might have suspected a fool's errand.

Still, Xmas in the Sky deserves a clever kick-off party. And we haven't seen the inside of the Capri since the salad days. Capri host is club impresario Charles Lombardino.

Bring a friend, says Pam.

Building a set for the fantabulous evening of constant cleavage can be a wickedly creative act She also says "Uncover the theme." Bring ideas for auction items. Register to volunteer.

Munchies and cash bar at 618 Milam Street.

The Sky date? Sat, Dec 13, 2008.


Tony Reans said...

Sorry we missed it. We can't be everywhere! (>.<)

How was it?

Anonymous said...

I'm sad, we missed it too...I bet it was a little weird to be back in the Capri.