Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Bill Joyce and seven additional artists to create visuals based on Holst's The Planets; work debuts at Shreveport Symphony and Artspace May 3

Bill Joyce at work, Shreveport
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Pam Atchison says, "We are proud to announce that the following Juried Roster Artists are being commissioned to create new works based upon their interpretation of Holst's The Planets. The exhibition opens May 3 at Artspace and will be on display until June 14." The exhibit, called artspace spaceart, was one planned by artist Joyce and Shreveport Symphony music director Michael Butterman.
The artists:

1. Nadine Charity - Saturn
2. Jane Heggen
- Uranus
3. Don Alexander
- Mercury
4. Laura Noland - Harter
- Neptune
5. Michael Harold
- Jupiter
6.Bill Joyce
- Mars
7. Mary Louise Porter - Venus
8. Thomas Little - Front Window

"SRAC hopes to do calls such as the Holst Planets project on a regular and consistent basis. One of the incentives to becoming a member of the Juried Artists Roster are opportunities such as this one," added Atchison.

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