Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Readers who care about Shreveport offer ideas on how to save the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra

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Whither the Shreveport Symphony? Unbeknownst to zooming blog readers the post featuring a statement by Shreveport Symphony management, principally board pres Margaret Elrod and executive director Scott Green, has garnered some 18 responses. Please visit that column to sift through the numerous impassioned and opinionated remarks to find some thoughtful and helpful statements on the nature of the crisis.

Also drawing responses (10) was the earlier post on the statements by OPUS, the Shreveport Musicians' organization.

Nor would I discourage you from continuing to post your responses.
I'm working on my own opinion, since I served on the SSO board for a couple of years and am a reckless - feckless - advocate for the orchestra and classical music.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping this thread alive.

trudeau said...

Shreveport and Columbus, Oh, are mentioned and insights into orchestra marketing are offered from a well-written blog called Daily Observations.

trudeau said...

Update on the negotiations from the Shreveport Times.