Saturday, March 08, 2008

Blog and meetings for A Better Shreveport offer room for diverse community activism, says Demerath and friends

At the new blog A Better Shreveport, editor and sociologist Loren Demerath offers numerous work sites for the secular utopianist. At recent Better Shreveport meetings I've seen people ignoring the legendary stasis of Shrevetown and examining inspiring news from communities across the globe. The meetings have drawn recently-arrived people as well as those with extensive backgrounds, such as Skip Peel.

A veteran of Shreveport 2000, Peel has a detailed and inspiring plan for a multi-use site at the Cross Bayou / Red River intersection. Read more about what Peel calls Rivergate at Demerath's Remaking Downtown Shreveport blog.

Says Demerath about people finding their turf: "One of the ideas that came out of the last meeting was that some of us can head up "teams" that would work on stuff of a common interest. So, for example, April Dahm might be working on the remaking downtown blog, and recruiting anyone interested to collaborate with her, Jon Soul might do the same with community gardens, Leia Lewis with community art and performance, Loren Demerath with networking etc."

Me, I'm enjoying the wealth of material at Greenways, Bikepaths and Bayous, aka A small personal
crusade is commuting to work via bicycle.

And looking forward to the next meeting.

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