Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Louisiana USAD victors, Caddo Magnet High, will represent state in National Academic Decathlon competition Ap 30, Garden Grove, CA

Caddo Magnet High School's US Academic Decathlon team will be competing in the national tournament in Garden Grove, California from April 30 - May 4, says Mary Rounds.

Funds to support the team's cross-country foray, in which they will represent the state of Lousiana, are being solicited by coach Leslye Gilchrist.

Among Magnet's standouts in their recent state championship victory, said Gilchrist, were Eszter Szentirmai, top honors in speech and essay, the Spirit of Decathlon award and Decathlete of the year. Alex Young, best overall in interview. Parker Leeth medaled in nine of the ten awards and won a Spirit of Decathlon award. All of the students came home with several medals, said Gilchrist.

The scholars:
Eszter Szentirmai
Andrea Lin
Amanda Foy
Parker Leeth
Kate Ryland
Stephen Xue
Trey Mire
Brianna Porter
Alex Young

Photo Carrie Anderson.
Funds for Scholars / Leslye Gilchrist:


John said...

Congratulations Caddo, from Moorpark California!


Anonymous said...

Why does this picture can not printed or copied?