Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Louisiana indie film I Always Do My Collars First to air on LPB Wed, March 12, about 8:20 pm

Allison Bohl and Connie Castille have a hit in their first film; it's about Cajun women and their ironing and is called I Always Do My Collars First.

It will air on LPB Wed, Mar 12, about 8:20 pm, says Al Bohl.

Castille is from Breaux Bridge; co-director and cinematographer Bohl was raised in Bossier City. She's the daughter of illustrator and SciPort artist Al Bohl. He says of the film, "It deals with the domestic lives of four Cajun women. It is positive, uplifting and funny."

From the collarsfirst.com site:
- Collars First_was an official selection to the Hot Springs Documentary Festival.
- Collars First_won a Special Jury Prize at the 2007 Port Townsend Film Festival
- Directors Win Louisiana Filmmakers of the Year at the New Orleans Film Festival
- Film Premier at the Bayou Bijou drew over 700 attendees.

And, it says, I Always Do My Collars First is now on DVD: "Get the acclaimed film, behind the scenes footage of the women, plus a humorous look at domestic life in the past."

Above: cinematographer Allison Bohl teaching local students in a Robinson Film Center program.

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