Friday, March 28, 2008

Al Bohl's workshop for kids and adults, Be Animated!, opens Sat, Mar 29, at SciPort, Shreveport

Al Bohl: Be Animated at SciPort
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Sci-Port has a new exhibit area all about animation, says Jennifer Tuxen.

Be Animated!, was conceived and designed by Sci-Port’s art director, Al Bohl. It opens in the second floor technology gallery Sat, Mar 29.

Bohl attributes his inspiration for Be Animated! to the increasing popularity of this scientific and technologically-driven art form. “Year after year, the top ten grossing motion pictures are dominated by either animated films or films that rely heavily on animation for special effects,” said Bohl.

Be Animated! features three sections:

2D—Uses computer software to help crate art in motion.

Stop motion—A camera takes a number of pictures of lifeless objects that are moved by hand at a very small distance. When the individual frames are played at a continuous sequence, the objects appear to move like they are live.

Draw! Draw! Draw! (Flip Book)—A simple form of animation consisting of a sequence of drawings or photographs, that when "flipped" through by the viewer, create the illusion of motion.

Bohl is an internationally recognized cartoonist and author who has worked on over 70 books for various publishers. His textbook, Guide to Cartooning, of which one chapter deals exclusively with animation, is being used in many schools throughout the U.S. He is also writing the script for a new video game, Conquest of the Coastlands, for a game company.

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