Thursday, March 06, 2008

New energy center in Shreveport's Highland: artists Dorothy Kristin Hanna and Bruce Allen have moved Arodasi Center to 555 Herndon St.

Writes artist, choreographer and therapist Kristi Hanna: "Bruce and I have moved from two places into one. We are now out of the Arodasi studio, Market St, and out of our house in Spring Lake. We now live at 555 Herndon, which is on the corner of Creswell and Herndon deep, deep,deep into the Highland District. I have claimed the downstairs for my business, which is healing through movement."

Kristi continues, "For Woman's Week, Monday with the YWCA, there is going to be an Arodasi Open House Social. You must call the Y If you are attending. I would love to see all of you. You may park across the street in the Noel Methodist Church parking Lot.

I will have a Dining Gallery Gift Shop that is somewhat ready for Monday. It has Robin Rothrock's paintings, Penne Mobley's dolls, Maria O'Brien's books, Shelley Prothro's scrapbooks, Steffi Chaffee's Calligraphy. Come have a cup of tea and something sweet, simply to socialize and I will share the house with you.

Bruce and I are living in a house that is 112 years old. We have been talking about an old house or an old building for 20 years and now we are doing it."

Please register for the Monday Arodasi Open House with the Y.W.C.A, at (318) 221-8601, or

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Kathryn Usher said...

I'm registered. Now I need to decide if I walking or riding my bike to it.