Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Orleans, Bayou State music, cooking, interviews to be sold globally via and Louisiana Digital Network, says Bob Vernon is now part of, says Bob Vernon. The brand is being marketed around the world as a digital destination point for high quality content delivery to internet, IPTV and cell phones.

The vision of NOTV.TV is to provide the global audience with the very best in Louisiana music, food, culture and heritage as we create the Louisiana Digital Network™.

Of great importance to all artists, producers and creative entrepreneurs is our ability to monetize their content. Whether you’ve got downloadable music, video performances, documentaries, films or cooking shows, we can help you monetize your content and we may provide major corporate sponsors to tie-in to the marketing campaigns.

We’re equally as honored to work with DestinationNetwork.TV co-founder Lamar Berry of International Marketing Systems in New Orleans ( Lamar’s incredible marketing history and understanding of Louisiana create diverse new avenues for the marketing of Louisiana music and culture through cross-branding, multimedia marketing and topic relevant overtures.

Robert G. Vernon
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las vegas 702.577.2033
mobile 925.550.1254
Louisiana 318.742.9090

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